Want to stand out from the crowd? Make your business more sustainable

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Want to stand out from the crowd? Make your business more sustainable


Renewable energy supplier SSE Green has undertaken research that proves that consumer expectation is growing for businesses to put planet and people above profit.

Alice Pritchard

Fri 13 Oct 2017

Certified renewable energy provider SSE Green has undertaken regional surveys across the UK, discovering that most consumers will choose a sustainable business over a non-green company and acting responsibly towards the environment matters when retaining long term business.

Nine out of ten people in Scotland and the Midlands agree that it’s important for business to act responsibly both by being eco-friendly and paying the correct amount of tax.

A third of businesses felt it was more important to demonstrate they are a responsible business than it was three years ago, that rises to 45% when companies in London were asked the same question.

Robin Baker, founder of Robin Baker Architects in Perthshire is driven by the values of sustainability both through his business and in the community.

“Achieving sustainability means living within the limits of the earth's capacity to provide the materials for our activities and to absorb the waste that our activities generate. Buildings in their construction, use and ultimately demolition have a huge impact on material and energy consumption and architects have a responsibility to consider their impact.”

SSE Green sustainability report - Robin Baker

Robin Baker considers the eco-impact of his architectural designs in Scotland

In London, Source London is the city's leading electric vehicle charge point network and it plans to triple its 850 charging points in the next few years,

Christophe Arnaud, CEO of Source London, said, “As a company looking to help clean up London’s air, this made perfect sense for us. Our customers have made it clear that they wanted to be charging their electric vehicles using renewable energy. We were the first charge point provider in London to guarantee that our network delivered 100% renewable energy and this really sets us apart from our competition.”

SSE Green sustainability report - Makermet

Makermet now offer a range of sustainable consultancy services to meet consumer demand

Over in the Midlands, branding and design agency, Makermet, has moved to offer more sustainable consultancy services in response to consumers expecting a greener approach from businesses,

“Businesses with clear goals and policies relating to sustainability are better placed to win the trust of customers and employees. Being sustainable doesn't mean we have to stop doing what we love, or selling what we're good at, it simply means that we consider the cost of what we're doing beyond figures on a profit and loss sheet,” explains Alex Traska, Makermet’s founder.