Why this new sauna is egg-cellent

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Why this new sauna is egg-cellent


Is it a sauna? Is it an egg? Is it art? New public sauna art installation, the SOLAR EGG, has been hatched in Sweden’s northern town of Kiruna.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 17 May 2017

Swedish artists Bigert & Bergström have made the working sauna out of 69 pieces of gold-plated stainless steel that reflect the area's otherworldly landscape. It is meant as a conversation starter and to represent the Arctic town’s rebirth.

Solar egg at dusk

Saunas are a places of conversation and community, even if they're in a gold egg

Sustainable developer Riksbyggen, who commissioned the artwork, has started construction on new residential homes that will have views of the Arctic fells and starts Kiruna down a new greener path as a town. Entire city districts are being moved after serious ground subsidence has been caused by decades or iron ore mining.

“SOLAR EGG captures Kiruna’s fantastic spirit and its sauna traditions,” says Mathias Sandberg, Riksbyggen sales and marketing director. “It symbolises the sun as catalyst for creativity, care, hope and togetherness.”

The egg is a working sauna and can be booked here so get cracking. It can also be seen in Paris at the end of this year at the Swedish Institute.

Step inside the egg

Image Bigert & Bergström