Will you be good for nothing?

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Will you be good for nothing?


Enough with the despondency, the despair and the sad face when you read the news over and over again. It's time to do something and be good for nothing.

Alice Pritchard

Mon 26 Jun 2017

Good For Nothing is a new network of community events happening all over the UK. It's set up chapters of creatives, doers, thinkers and makers who all want to come together to help achieve a socially good idea. It could only take a few hours of manpower and great ideas, or it could be a longer project. It's about putting our heads together, zone in one thing and get it done.

How Good For Nothing works

So far over 4,000 people have got involved through 43 chapters across the country. This week it's the turn of Exeter and Birmingham to get Good For Nothing. Get involved, gift your time and get creative.