Wool and the Gang and Friends of the Earth launch the #GreenGang, with help from Vivienne Westwood

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Wool and the Gang and Friends of the Earth launch the #GreenGang, with help from Vivienne Westwood


The coolest knitting store Wool and the Gang has got together with Friends of the Earth to create a new range of yarn, Heal the Wool (which raises money for the charity) and the pair have launched the #GreenGang - a collection of mighty female, fashionable eco-warriors.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Mon 20 Nov 2017

Heal the Wool's yarn is made in Peru, out of gathered excess wool fibers that are usually placed in landfills. It is then hand sorted into colours, combed, then finally it is spun with its twist onto a cone and then balled up and packaged. This 100% recycled offering has saved over 48,000 litres of water from not having a re-dying process. 

Wool and the gang launch Heal the Wool

The Heal the Wool range comes in different colours and 30% goes to support Friends of the Earth

From each ball 30% of the profit goes to Friends of the Earth and it's a soft chunky wool perfect for a scarf or a first project. There are also a dozen project kits that come with Heal the Wool for those needing inspiration, including the Stand up Hat and the Seen It All Scarf. Wool and the Gang have a range of free helpful videos that can get even the most nervous knitter up and clacking.

Alongside this, the sustainable, maker movement style knitwear company has gathered together fashion friends near and far to create the #GreenGang - a series of influential women who want to help change the fact that fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world and help consumers combat climate change.

So, who's in the Green Gang?

Seriously it's the coolest gang in town.

  • Vivienne Westwood needs little introduction for her incredible work to raise awareness of climate change and sustainable fashion advice from the Climate Revolution platform.
  • Young British menswear designer Bethany Williams believes that social and environmental issues go hand in hand and through exploring the connection between these issues we may find innovative design solutions to sustainability.
  • Orsola de Castro is an internationally recognised opinion leader in sustainable fashion. Her career started as a designer with pioneering upcycling label From Somewhere, which she launched in 1997 until 2014. In 2013, with Carry Somers, she founded Fashion Revolution, a global campaign with participation in over 95 countries around the world.
  • Tamsin Blanchard is a British fashion journalist, author, and lecturer. She is particularly known for her work on sustainability and ecological issues in fashion and has joined the Fashion Revolution team ahead of their five year anniversary next year. 
  • Elizabeth Farnell better known as Glacier Girl, is a visual environmental activist raising awareness about climate change by adapting  aesthetic of eco-friendly to appeal to the InstaGeneration and<> uncountable generations to come. She was recently selected as one of Dazed and Confused 100 to watch.
  • Jade Harwood is founder of Wool and the Gang and is passionate about sustainable design and connecting communities to create change for future generations to bring back values, skills, and community.
  • Selina Donald and Ruth Weldon founded Bulb, the UK’s only B Corp events agency, that works to create sustainable awareness in the events industry - from banning straws through to identifying sustainable suppliers.
  • Shahnaz Ahmed is founder of Knit Aid, a charity that helps knitters help others which was set up in 2015, when she decided to use up some of the quality yarn she'd been hoarding to knit up hats and blankets to send to refugees living in the Calais ‘Jungle’.
  • Liz Hutchins is  Director of Campaigning Impact at Friends of the Earth, and a passionate campaigner for climate issues, her work at the charity raises awareness of key issues that are a real threat to our planet.
  • Lucy Norris is a fashion Writer and Women's Coach who believes that self-expression and creativity can go hand-in-hand with protecting our beautiful planet. As a fashion commentator and academic lecturer, she uses her position to lobby designers and fashion students to engage with sustainable working practices.
  • Sisters Ella Grace Denton & Jemma Finch are behind Stories Behind Things, a fast-growing community of over 13,000 eco warriors headed up by well-known blogger & musician, Ella Grace Denton and fashion guru, Jemma Finch. The girls host a plethora of community events; from clothes switching to up-cycling workshops, both online and offline, they are paving the way for young people championing innovative and sustainable ways of consuming.