80% of British people concerned about single use plastic

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80% of British people concerned about single use plastic


Have we reached peak plastic? A new poll suggests 80% of us want to see urgent action on the single use plastic problem.

Alice Pritchard

Mon 3 Sept 2018

To celebrate Zero Waste Week, the environmental campaign that is concerned with single us plastic, has commissioned a new poll. The results are crystal clear. 

The British population wants swift change to combat plastic pollution, with four-in-five Britons admit that they are concerned about the amount of single-use plastics generated.

While the younger generation is often crowned the most eco-friendly, the poll reveals that it's pensioners who are most concerned about plastic waste - at 87% of those surveyed. Men and women are both equally concerned across the age groups.

Zero Waste Week is in its 11th year

Are you taking part in Zero Waste Week this year?

Zero Waste Week Founder Rachelle Strauss said: “It’s clear that the Great British Public is growing more and more concerned by the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfill or at the bottom of the ocean.This year millions of people around the world are coming together to rethink our over consumption of single-use plastics, look for alternatives and increase pressure on manufacturers and suppliers for more sustainable solutions.

It’s vital that businesses, governments and citizens come together in a bid to call time on the ticking time-bomb that our over consumption of single-use plastics is having.”

Natalie Fee, founder of plastic pollution campaign group City to Sea, said: “There’s never been a better time for shop-owners and supermarkets alike to respond to consumer demand for plastic-free products. The growing trend for zero waste shops and loose produce is testament to the rise in awareness of the problem of plastic pollution and people’s preference for shopping with less plastic."

Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder of A Plastic Planet added: "The public reaction to the plastics crisis we have all created is unprecedented. This huge environmental issue is being driven from the ground up and we need to realise the significant power we each hold to make change happen.We must vote with our wallets, championing those businesses and brands that are using alternative materials. Plastic is the tobacco of our generation with the same smokescreens and denials hiding the true impact to the health of our oceans, our soil and future generations."

Zero Waste Week takes place until 7 September. Find out more information here.