Suncare Supreme: The Best Organic And Natural Suncream Brands

What if wearing suncream is worse than peeling unprotected under the glare? The non-toxic and organic suncream brands below build their formulas from a foundation of natural, mineral dense, plant based ingredients instead of coral reef harming chemicals.

We independently research all featured brands and products. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The suncream companies featured here are proudly employing the power of products that are: 

  • Naturally derived
  • Mineral dense 
  • Organic 
  • Plant-based 

These are potent protectors. Since your skin is your biggest organ, what touches it should be organic.

Free from all the unnecessary, unnatural ingredients that can cause irritation and itching, these brands have concocted some clean suncreens that care for skin and coral reefs. 

Why is it so important to opt for an organic sunscreen? 

Isn’t the point to top up your tan as safely as you can? The evidence is irrefutable: sunscreen is a must when the summer heat hits.

Still, a sunscreen can quickly become a sun scream…

  • Many big brands use all sorts of nasties that can negate the ‘protection’ they promise. 
  • Chemicals, toxins and fragrances can creep into bottles.
  • These can penetrate and pollute your skin and your planet. 
  • Many suncreams contain a substance called oxybenzone to block out the blaze for instance. Not only will this mess with human hormones and allergies, but it can cause barbaric coral death and bleaching too.

It’s unlikely that this was on your summer holiday shopping list, so slap on one of our best eco-friendly alternative suncreams instead.

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1. Green People

The list of products that Green People DON’T use (parabens, petrochemicals, propylene glycol….) is longer than the list of what they do. Green applies to their packaging, their product and their processes. These People use plant-based bottles made from renewable sugarcane, which is recyclable and carbon neutral. Everything in them, from the UV to the UVB to the UVA protection, is vegan. 

Their plant-based sunscreen is sustainable and fairly farmed as well. Reef-safe and water repellant, you and your ocean will be taken care of together. 

Green People also donate 30p of every full sized marine friendly suncream to the Marine Conservation Society. 

Buy a bottle here.

2. Organii

Organii are out to care about the everyday consumer. A lot of luxury sunscreen can really pull at the purse strings. Luckily, for the frugal fair-skinned and eco-friendly Organii is fun and affordable. 

As the name suggests, this is fully organic suncream. It gives you extra value for money in that it’s vegan friendly too. On top of this, Organii’s sunscreen range is rocking certification by some big names in sustainability. This means that as you seal your skin against the sun, you will be wearing a product with either the ICEA, Ecocert, Soil Association, or Vegan Society seal of approval. 

Buy Organii here.

3. Ren Skincare

Vegan and made from naturally derived ingredients, Ren Skincare’s Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30 offers all the eco-friendly protection you could ever hope to find in a skin-care formula. 

UVA, UVB and blue light will all bounce right off you but won’t bombard anyone else, since Ren make many of their creams mattifying. The shine will not show, but you’ll still glow in their silicone-free mineral suncream.

A number of powerful natural ingredients, like passion fruit extract, go into their tubes to provide your skin with antioxidants as well as protect it from pollution, irritation and itchy patches. It’s not only you who will feel and see the benefits of this clean product. Ren’s packaging is 100% recyclable, refillable and their bottles are made from reclaimed ocean plastics. They are also working to clean up beaches as well as beauty, by working towards a waste-free world. 

Buy REN’s silicone free mineral suncream here.

4. Yaoh

Hell Yaoh! Stop yourself from turning red in the rays by sampling this sunscreen from Yaoh, made from 100% natural ingredients. One of the UK’s original Hemp companies, Yaoh are based in Bristol and proudly produce products that all boast the Vegan Society trademark. Not only is the contents of these bottles 100% vegan, but no animal products are used in the making of their pots or labels either. That includes inks, adhesives and plastics. 

Every drop of their elixir is ethically sourced and non-GMO. They also stock sunblocks with SPF 30 that are suitable for your kid’s sensitive skin. Whilst all their packaging can currently be recycled, they have aspirations to abolish plastic pots altogether and go for glass jars and sugar cane based bottles.  

Buy Yaoh’s organic suncream here.

5. Delph

Delph deem sunscreen an essential, not an extravagance. That is why their product is gentle on purse strings and skin alike. The sun is the only thing that Delph sets out to block, because it has been specially designed to let your pores breathe. Whilst it’s waterproof, Delph hydrates as it holds off the heat. 

With a fresh and fruity lemon fragrance, you won’t be bogged down by this sunblock’s carefully developed laboratory formula. As it’s vegan and prevents UVA and UVB damage, you can rest assured your giving your skin cruelty free care!

Buy Delph’s sunscreen here.

6. Caudalie sunscreen

The creatives behind the Caudalie suncare range, Mathilde and Bertrande, are convinced that compromising between skin and planet protection is not a prerequisite for suncare. Their sunscreen is a delight for the senses and sustainable for the earth. Their sprays shields your shoulders from the rays with maximum UVA/UVB blockage. Meanwhile, the beautiful vineyard they call home acts as inspiration for their ingredients. 

Organic grape water makes their mixture soothing and moisturising, and adds to its summery frangipani flower fragrance. It’s highly biodegradable and non-toxic antioxidant complex offers maximum protection, powerful anti-wrinkle action and does not make marine ecosystems murky. Water-resistant and rich in goodness your skin will love its glamorous French glow. 

Buy Caudalie sunscreen here. 

7. Bare Republic

Bare Republic was born out of California. Apparently it’s pretty hot over there, so the three friends who began the business wanted to make sure everyone could enjoy the sunny lifestyle without any cloudy consequences. That is why they revolve their suncream business around building products that are safe, effective and accessible. 

With a natural coconut vanilla scent and lightweight application, their clean creams will help you keep cool even under the strongest sunbeams. This tough tincture contains no chemical actives, no synthetic fragrances and no parabens. With a broad spectrum of UVA/UVB coverage and 80 minutes of water resistance you can safely bare all under the beams.

Buy a bottle of Bare Republic mineral sun cream here.

Is non-toxic sunscreen really better? 

Not only could certain sunscreens wreak havoc on your hormones, but chemicals found in some suncare lotions have actually been proven to accelerate the rate of certain skin cancers. 

Why is Zinc Oxide bad for the sea?

Zinc Oxide might be ok for us but it’s not for sea creatures. Heat and sunlight can cause the release of zinc ions into the water, which are toxic for fish, plants and sea mammals so you might be poisoning the very sea you’re enjoying. 

These sunscreens may be more ethical, but are they effective? 

Doing your own research and rubbing in the right thing for your skin is paramount for foolproof protection. Still, all the brands above are serious about the science behind suncare. They have ensured that their products really do prevent sun damage. Moreover, because ethical ethos is important to them too, they are transparent about what their creams contain, and honest about their claims. 

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