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The Sea Change: Feeding Ourselves

Come with us on a journey into permaculture, sustainable food and farming systems.

Welcome to the Sea Change

pebble wants to take you on a journey every three months, where we learn, share, empower and take action to protect our environments.

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pebble’s ultimate goal is to help more people leave the world a better place.

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Person collecting produce in field with wind turbines in the background

Feeding Ourselves

Our first Sea Change journey takes us into the food and farming systems in modern Britain and beyond.

Some of the things you'll learn in pebble's Sea Change journey

  • What we can learn from permaculture and regenerative agriculture to help us feed ourselves in a better way.
  • Why is soil health so important for the future of the planet
  • How can you grow and garden at home to help a more localised food system
  • What are regenerative agriculture farmers doing in the UK?

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Feeding Ourselves: Food & Farming Systems

Permaculture, Farm Shops and Soil Health. Check back for a new article each week or subscribe to our Sea Change newsletter for each week's content in your inbox.

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