3 Seasonal Raspberry Recipes: From Super Salads To A No Waste Ice Cream Cake

Say hello to vegan friendly, easy to make recipes where summer raspberries are the star of the show. Check out these low waste seasonal summer recipes, made exclusively for pebble by Plant and Plate.

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Plant based food bloggers, Cara and Brendan from Plant and Plate have shared their super seasonal raspberry recipes with us this month.

Whether you’ve been out foraging, you’ve grown your own raspberries, picked them from a farm or bought them in a supermarket, make the most of one of summer’s sweetest bounties.

Check out these three low waste, vegan friendly recipes from a simple syrup to a sumptous cake.

  • Summer Charred Apricot, Peashoot and Fennel Salad with Raspberry Vinagrette
  • Best Ever Seasonal Raspberry Syrup
  • No Waste Apricot and Raspberry Ice Cream Cake

Summer Charred Apricot, Peashoot and Fennel Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette

This salad is incredibly fresh, using the raspberry syrup to create a punchy vinaigrette. The ingredients contribute to a diverse range of seasonal flavours and textures. It’s a real celebration of summer, and will no doubt be the hero of your barbeque. Now who said salads are boring?

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Best Ever Seasonal Raspberry Syrup

This seasonal raspberry syrup is so versatile and will add a splash of summer fruitiness to your cocktails, salad dressings, bakes, you name it.

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No Waste Raspberry and Apricot Ice Cream Cake

This Raspberry and Apricot Ice Cream Cake is the ultimate vegan dessert for sunny evenings. It uses up the leftovers from the raspberry syrup, meaning no food waste so that you can have your cake and eat it too! It has a cookie almond base, a creamy raspberry and apricot vegan ice cream centre and a fresh, tangy apricot puree to top it all off.

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Why is it important to use up leftovers?

Did you know that the amount of food waste we waste annually is worth £13 billion? And that’s just what we waste at home.

From throwing out stuff before its best before date to not meal planning, we have become a nation of buy and binners, when we should be working out leftovers we can freeze, work into other recipes and use up.

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Loved the recipes?

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