Tights Recycling Scheme Launched By Snag Tights

Ethical and inclusive hosiery brand, Snag Tights, has launched a recycling scheme for old tights, turning the tide on one of the most disposable items in fashion.

Don’t you just hate it when a pair of tights rip?

They’re effectively useless and you end up having to throw them away. Another load to end up in landfill – but not anymore.

In terms of garment waste, tights are one of the most disposable items in the industry.

As many as 8 billion pairs of tights are manufactured and thrown away each year across the world.

Snag Tights is the first in the industry to help you recycle your old snagged hosiery so it ends up having another life as permanent industrial components.

Snag’s new tights recycling scheme is part of the brand’s ongoing dedication to ethical and sustainable practices.

Snag’s commitment to sustainability

The scheme wouldn’t be possible without Snag’s commitment to the environment throughout the lifecycle of the tights.

The brand’s production process is carbon neutral and the dyeing system uses recycled water.

In fact, the dyes themselves are vegan and most of the range is animal free – except the organic merino wool from New Zealand.

No single use plastic is used in the production of the tights right through to dispatch and Snag uses recycled materials where possible.

It’s also been busy in the clothing department, launching a brand new clothing range made from a sustainable viscose which is derived from wood and pulp.

How the tights recycling scheme works

Gather up all your old and damaged Snags, post them back to headquarters using either Royal Mail or Hermes and Snag will take care of the rest.

The old tights will be turned into industrial components.

The brand is currently working on a way for customers to send them back for free.

If you have other pairs of tights you want to make use of, or if you want to get creative with your Snags, then check out the brand’s new series on social media which demonstrates fun ways to repurpose old hosiery.

Brie Read, founder of Snag says: “We are proud to be leading the way and demonstrating to other retailers that it is fully possible to be a successful brand that is sustainable, ethical and inclusive.

We know there is more work to do and so we will continue to invest in developing sustainable solutions for the business as we grow and develop.”

For more information go to Snag Tights.

Better tights for all

The brand is proud to be ethical and inclusive too. Everyone in the production process is treated fairly and paid a living wage.

You can also find clothes and tights from sizes 4-38 to cater to people of all genders, abilities, ethnicities, ages and styles in every aspect of their business from design through to marketing.

All these commitments allow the brand to bring their tights full circle and close the loop, setting the bar for the way such items are disposed of in the industry.