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Welcome To pebble's Sea Change!

We want to take you on a journey where you learn, share, empower and take action to protect your environment. That could be your home, your work, your park, beach, town centre, village, road or housing estate.

pebble’s ultimate goal is to help more people like you, leave the world a better place.

From understanding why peatlands are essential to the climate fight to spearheading a local rewilding programme, whatever ripples you want to create, large or small, pebble is here beside you every step of the way.

Get ready for a content journey, curated by sustainable experts, into trending topics, reshaping and relearning as we go.

We are all individual pebbles working to shift our local landscapes.

Think global. Act local. #pebblesmakeripples

Are you ready?

seagrass in the ocean with light shining down

The Sea Change - July-September 2022: British Conservation - Our Island Paradise

Over 12 weeks our expert team at pebble will be taking you on a journey into conservation efforts across the UK and beyond.

You will learn about some of the issues, and how we can embrace the solutions coming our way, such as peatland restoration, seawilding, why seagrass might be a superpower, why wildflowers rock and where to dive into the best bits of nature wherever you are.

Across the 3 months we'll also be flagging up how you can help push these things forward and be more sustainable at home.

Conserving and protecting our unique landscape, is such a huge issue for every country, so this is something everyone can tackle in some way.

Together, we’ll learn:

  • Where the best forests in the UK are

  • What wildlife to find over the summer

  • The best nature reserves to visit this summer

  • Why peatlands are essential for the UK's fight against climate change

  • How to make sure tree planting and offsetting really works

  • Brands that really support conservation efforts (and we don't mean just planting a tree)

  • The best conservation documentaries for inspiration

  • Where to find seahorses in the UK

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