Seaweed fabric sleepwear is here and it’s amazing

Seaweed has snuck into our conscioususness in terms of superfood and even skincare but did you know it can also be made into fabric? Leticia Credidio’s new loungewear uses seaweed as its secret ingredient in its new ethical clothing collection that celebrates the ocean and slowing down.

Biodegradable fabrics beyond organic cotton are becoming more common. Bamboo yoga clothing, Tencel – or – lyocell clothing is made from wood pulp, and other natural fibres are seeping into eco-fashionista’s wardrobes because of their chemical free, long lasting and low impact qualities, but did you know you can make fabric from seaweed?

London fashion designer, Leticia Credidio’s new loungewear and sleepwear collection is not only dedicated to the ebb and flow of the ocean, but it’s made from sustainably sourced seaweed.

I caught up with Leticia to find out how seaweed ends up as first fabric and then as her sleepwear.

How did you find out that seaweed can be made into fabric?

LC: I’m constantly researching about sustainable and smart fabrics. Especially smart fibres that have a sense of wellbeing, that are vegan and produced in Europe. 

Last year I came across a weaver in Germany who blends sustainable and certified seaweed (SeaCellTM) with OEKO-TEX modal. The beauty of this environmentally friendly fabric is that it releases a substance in our skin that is calming and moisturising. Seaweed has some amazing properties and active agents like amino acids, healthy minerals – magnesium, iodine, potassium and vitamins B, A and E. Even mixed with another fibre, this fabric contains nutrients and has a healing effect on the skin.

Where does the seaweed come from?

LC: The seaweed is sourced and treated by SeaCellTM and it comes from the pure fjords of Iceland.

Is anyone else doing this? 

LC: Yes, some brands are using seaweed (SeaCellTM) blended with different types of fibres like organic cotton and silk. I think the reason many brands aren’t using this fabric more is because of its availability and large scale production. The minimum quantities, prices and lead times that are quite extensive. As our sustainable loungewear brand is dedicated to slow living, we could get away with it.

What’s the focus of this new collection?

LC: The focus of all our collections is to unleash the power of sleep, self-caring and slow living. The Ocean collection is also to honour our beloved oceans and coral reefs. It is a reminder for us to protect these, to consume less plastic and polyester. We have to appreciate and respect our oceans. 

Your collection is for sleeping and lounging in – can people wear it outside too?

LC: Yes, definitely! Our garments are flexible, comfortable and made to last. The authentic designs are crafted to make people feel good, either indoors or outdoors. The Ocean collection has two unisex pieces – the Whitewater Oversized T-shirt and the Seawater top and shorts that are perfect to exercise in.

How can your seaweed fabric collection help people get a better night’s sleep?

LC: In a world where overwork and busyness are the status quo, taking time to sleep, to embrace slowness and be present in the now are acts of defiance.

Our brand is on a mission to unleash the power of sleep, the essential ingredient for a life better-lived. Our garments and products are designed for people to wind down and to allocate time to sleep and to relax. The concept is to switch off to switch on.

What’s your ideal sleep routine?

LC: My ideal sleep routine is quite simple. I believe a good night sleep starts during the day. Even if I have to attend late events I avoid checking my emails and mobile after 8.30pm. I find it beneficial to exercise outdoors, have a quick shower before bed, meditation with our new essential oil candles (Before Sleeping) or simply doing nothing. Our mental health plays an important role when it comes to sleep. So doing things that makes us happy during the day and evening can only helps us to sleep well.

Check out Leticia Credidio’s seaweed sleepwear collection here.