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Slow Travel

Slow down and enjoy the journey not just the destination on your next holiday.

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10 Simple Ways To Be An Eco-Friendly Diver In 2020


Whether you're staying in your own country or going further afield, reject rushing around trying to fit it all in and Instagram-powered bucket lists, and slow down...enjoy the journey and the experience and look for ways to avoid travelling by plane.

What is slow travel?

Simply slow travel means taking your time and appreciating every aspect of your travel journey rather than jumping on a plane and trying to cram in as many experiences as possible into a weekend break.

Slow travel is about not flying, useing slower means of transport such as trains, bikes and your own feet and experiencing the journey as much as possible.

Slow travel also prioritises the connections you make with new cultures, local people and places and appreciating the differences that travelling with an open mind brings.

Slow travel experiences focus on wellness, mindfulness, rebalancing, rewilding and connecting to nature to find peace, calm and gratitude.

How bad is flying for the environment?

We're not going to lie, plane travel is one of the biggest carbon emitters and increases your personal carbon footprint a great deal.

While travelling is something we all love to do, deciding where and when to fly is increasingly becoming a difficult decision for those that care about the planet.

  • Globally in 2019, 2% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions were from flying.
  • The carbon dioxide that a plane emits adds to our greenhouse gas problem, heating up our environment, and contributing to climate change. Simply put, the more emissions, the warmer our world gets, which triggers eco-system breakdown as our seas, wildlife and landscapes are no longer in balance.
  • Flying return London to New York emits the same amount of CO2 per person as a year's worth of CO2 for someone in the developing world.

Can I fly sustainably?

There are ways to reduce the carbon impact of your flight:

  • Carbon offset it with a reputable carbon reduction company
  • Fly direct as most emissions are emitted on take off and landing
  • Pack light to reduce weight of the aircraft
  • Choose a more eco-friendly airline. Skyscanner for instance, tells you when choosing a flight which airline and airplane model is more eco-friendly as some as greener than others.
  • Reduce the number of short haul flights you take when there are other options such as trains
  • Don't fly business class (or by private jet)

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