This New Media Impact Foundation Wants To Fund Change

5 Media is a new philanthropic platform that wants to use storytelling and financial aid to create long lasting sustainable change.

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5 Media has emerged as an usual voice in the fight against climate change.

A philanthropic fund it wants to support conscious capitalism and projects that harness ‘nature’s calling’ in finding solutions to the man-made Climate Emergency.

5 represents a shift away from traditional philanthropic models which haven’t always wanted to play a front and centre role in the causes they promote and fund.

5 (like pebble) believes in the power of positive storytelling and connection to help drive long lasting cultural change which supports the shift to a new conscious capitalist model, built around the circular economy and sustainable growth.

“Our overall ethos is ‘the power of many’ and for this reason, inspiration and storytelling is a key part of our approach,” says Mie Dahlquist, Executive Director of 5 Media.

“Through constructive, high-quality journalism in the form of articles, podcasts and video, we highlight impactul stories that address the importance of sustainable solutions, and we also explore the context of the problem to be solved.

We believe that people inspire other people, and for this reason, changemakers play an important role in our storytelling. Our role is to highlight the people behind these solutions, and to outline how we can engage our community to help.”

“We elevate initiatives through storytelling, we connect people, resources and skills to accelerate the impact of sustainability initiatives, and we offer financial support in the form of grants”

But unlike traditional media platforms, 5 has a more impactful purpose as well. It is looking to support practical change and innovative changemakers with more than just coverage and click throughs,

“We are not traditional media, because our work involves more than storytelling, nor are we a traditional charity foundation, as we spend a lot of time and resources building our media platform to inspire and engage motivated individuals to join us in taking action,” says Dahlquist.

“Our support is based on three elements. We elevate initiatives through storytelling, we connect people, resources and skills to accelerate the impact of sustainability initiatives, and we offer financial support in the form of grants.”

Currently Five Media is looking for initiatives to support with up to £100,000 each a year,

“We offer grants to support sustainable initiatives on their impact journey. We are looking to collaborate and support initiatives that offer solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges related to the environment.

Our focus is on how ‘conscious capitalism’ can respond to ‘nature calling’.

The initiatives we are looking for should be scalable and have the ability to inspire and move others. They should have a proven track record of success (however big or small), have a community mindset, and also be open to collaboration,” explains Dahlquist.

And 5 Media doesn’t want to stop there. They know time is short to create the catalyst for change that can positively impact our planet.

“In five years from now, 5 will be a community of empowered solution-holders and action-takers with the means, abilities or willpower to act on the climate crisis.

We will be a platform for solutions, co-creation and collectively building and telling stories of change, as well as a hub for knowledge, resources, ideas and skills supported by constructive journalism.

We will be a recognised catalyst for change and we will have supported solution-oriented projects who have successfully scaled and are making significant and lasting impact.”

For more info go to 5 Media.