How To Sustainably Upgrade Your Phone

reboxed apply a circular model to the secondhand phone market to save the world on e-waste.

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Did you know e-waste is a growing problem in the UK? That’s right – electronic waste, ie your old tech – is increasingly ending up in landfill.

Globally we generate 50 million tons of e-waste every year which is predicted to rise to 120 million tons by 2050.

reboxed want to tackle this problem through closing the loop on the secondhand phone market.

Its circular model sees phones rehomed, reboxed and repeated in a way that’s easy for consumers, transparent and trackable. Their goal is to rehome 100 million devices by 2030.

A better way to upgrade

If you want to upgrade your phone but not buy new your choice has been limited up to now. reboxed want to take the worry and inconvenience out of that decision.

Each of their phones goes through a 70 point TechCheck to make sure they’re as good as new, is guaranteed by a 15 month warranty, your phone comes in eco-friendly packaging with a sustainable case and it will be 40% cheaper than the price of a new phone.

Phil Kemish, reboxed co-founder, says “People have a growing need for quality tech without the long contracts and costs associated with buying new. This, mixed with our need to make smarter choices for the planet, make reboxed a better way to keep up-to-date with the latest tech while helping to fight e-waste .”

Close the loop

It’s not just about selling phones either.

To close the loop on secondhand devices, reboxed will also buy your secondhand phone as well. You can get an instant quote and payment in minutes at the reboxed store in Brixton or through its doorstep collection service, currently being trialled in London.

Having launched in the last couple of weeks, reboxed has bigger plans to recover the 40 million old devices languishing in our drawers and rehome them.

There will be a sell your phone service, the first on-demand recommerce service in the UK.

Get an accurate price for your phone in minutes using the reboxed TechCheck® app, then sell instantly by booking a collection from home or pick-up or in-store.

This will be accompanied by a swap on-demand service, allowing customers to upgrade from the comfort of their home

As well as keeping e-waste out of landfill, reboxed will also plant 10 trees per device sold and offset the carbon emissions of the phone for its lifetime.

It’s also committed to 1% For The Planet, a commitment to give 1% of gross sales each year to approved environmental non-profit organisations.

Exclusive discount

Get £15 off any preloved phone over £200 from reboxed by using the exclusive pebble code PEBBLE15.

To make sure as many people as possible can have access to a smart phonee, reboxed are offering an iPhone 7 for £179 which will run the NHS Track & Trace app.

What do you think? Would you buy a secondhand phone to help save the planet? Let us know in the comments below.