Waste into wallets: Britain’s first micro-tannery opens

Bringing tanning back to the Midlands are childhood friends Jack Millington and Rory Harker who have opened Billy Tannery, a micro-tannery specialising in goat leather.

The pair decided to tackle the issue of waste in leather after connecting with award-winning goat farmer James Whetlor, who runs Cabrito Goat Meat. They were instantly persuaded that their tannery should be used to #promotethegoat.

“After decades of decline, we believe that it is time for some fresh thinking in the British leather industry. We are passionate about taking this unwanted waste product and transforming it into unique and entirely British leather products,” says Billy Tannery founder Jack Millington.

Billy Tannery is the first tannery to open in Britain for many years and converts goat hides into warm leather goods like wallets, backpacks and notebooks with vegetable dyes and a very hands on process. It’s running a Kickstarter campaign where you can pick up the debut collection at a discounted price, until 22 June.