All present and correct: 5 easy reasons to shop ethically

If you’re buying gifts, it’s the perfect time to shop ethically. There are thousands of wonderful artisans out there recycling, upcycling and creating, but even if sustainable shopping is second nature to you, ethical store, Be good. Shop., tells us why when it comes to shopping, being mindful goes a long way.

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Be a part of someone’s story

We all love getting compliments – it could be a new bag, bracelet or a pair of shoes. How much nicer then, to be able to tell someone the story behind your favourite thing. It could have been upcycled from old materials, recycled by a Fairtrade co-op on the other side of the world, or made locally by an independent designer who treasures you as a customer. Do not underestimate the joy of feeling just a little bit smug. And if you’re buying an ethical gift, then you get to pass the story on for someone else to tell. 

Help others succeed

Buying sustainable, small batch products is a great way to support entrepreneurship whether here in the UK or abroad. It’s pretty brave to try to start your own company, but when you’ve got a passion, you just can’t ignore it. So get out there and make sure independent designers, artisans and creators can stay in business.  Many of these smaller companies are social enterprises as well, meaning they give back some percentage of their income to charities or programmes that help others.

Because we all know we need to take care of our planet

It’s the only one we’ve got, right? Most people consider themselves to be good people, so taking care of the planet and the people on it should be pretty high up there on our list of priorities. Supporting small businesses that operate responsibly and sustainably is an easy way to do that. Spending money with ethical and Fairtrade companies like the ones on Be Good. Shop. rather than unethical ones is a powerful way to show big business the right way forward.

Reward innovation

Some of the most forward thinking design and invention is being done by companies who are recycling and finding sustainable ways forward. Play a part in that and invest in brands who are driving change – it could be buying a bag made from pineapple leather or a belt made from old fire hoses, without your support these creative innovators couldn’t push things forward.

Stand out from the crowd

Whether you’re treating yourself or buying ethically for someone else, make sure whatever ends up in your basket is unique and different. By choosing not to buy mass produced items you can ensure your gifts, or your wardrobe, stands out from the crowd.

Ethical gift ideas – find something for everyone

Be good. Shop. has a huge selection of ethically produced homewares, accessories and gifts, no matter who you’re looking for. 

Eco Bird Cake KIt

From green designers ashortwalk comes this DIY recycled bird feeder made from old yoghurt pots and all the ingredients to make the bird cakes to see our winged friends through the winter. A great holiday activity to do with the kids. See how many birds you can spot tucking in.

Nathalie Bond Lemongrass Liquid Soap

Nathalie Bond’s Lemongrass Liquid Soap features a vegan friendly blend of organic oils and lemongrass and it’s gentle enough to be used on your face.


Jazzy socks ahoy. Not only are Stand4socks made from 100% biodegradable and antibacterial bamboo but they support different causes such as clearing landmines or providing education (represented by different emblems) so picking out your socks for the morning suddenly becomes a lot more meaningful.

Just Trade earrings

Who doesn’t love a pair of pretty earrings, especially in on-trend brass? These gorgeous Fairtrade spiral ribbons are made in collaboration with Just Trade and the Hope Jewellery Project in Lima and each piece can be traced back to the artisan women who made it.

Be Good. Shop pop up in London

Come and discover Be Good. Shop.’s ethical brands for yourself. The ethical shop will be hosting a pop up at Froth & Rind in Walthamstow from 11-13 August.

Discover brands like What Daisy DidTweedmill, ashortwalk, Nathalie Bond and Stand4socks and get a sneak peek at Be good Shop’s latest ethical retailer, Hiro + Wolf before they go online.

Plus pick up a Be good. Shop. organic cotton tote bag at the cafe before then and get 20% off everything.