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Looking to reach conscious consumers? Well you’re in the right place.

We can help you across our magazine, through social media and our events.

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If you are looking to:

  • Show how your brand or service makes a meaningful difference
  • Reach conscious consumers who shop their values
  • Support positive media

...we're the platform you need.

Our audience

Our fast growing audience are the early eco-adopters and conscious consumers who look to their brands to match their sustainable values and want them to lead the way in putting the planet first.

  • 89% want brands to actively avoid plastic and help the environment
  • 84% say brands aren't doing enough to tackle sustainability
  • 84% want brands to be transparent about their supply chains and material sourcing
  • 67% say they're happy to pay more for sustainable brands
  • 65% want to help influence others to live more sustainably
  • 65% want to share sustainable brands they discover with others
  • 65% want a brand to have a purpose bigger than selling a product

We surveyed a number of our audience in August 2020, in partnership with Telltale Research, who have written an indepth report on what conscious consumers want, what the prioritise and how they want brands to talk to them.

Get the full report on Conscious Consumers here.

Telltale Research interviewed some of our readers in the summer of 2020

"I find myself coming back to Pebble over and over again, whether I'm researching sustainable brands, looking for vegan recipes, or just want some fun and helpful content. In so many ways it really is my one-stop-shop for conscious living"

Over the last 4 years

  • pebble has become the leading platform for stylish sustainable living information
  • Our content has been viewed and shared millions of times
  • Our events have been flagged up in mainstream press as must-do’s
  • We’ve built a loyal audience who trust us to help them make sustainable swaps in every area of their life. They buy because of what they read in pebble.

We create shareable, positive, sponsored content, social media posts that engage and email marketing and advertising campaigns that get results.

The pebble team has over 30 years experience in media, marketing and branding. Meet the team

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What our clients say...

‘pebble has proven to be a great partner. High quality blog content, Instagram campaigns and lead gen promotions. When you need quality content and like to reach a green and social responsible consumer, pebble magazine is definitely the place to go.’


‘I had a blast. It was a great opportunity to talk to so many like-minded people, and I was really impressed at how engaged everyone was there, gives me a lot of hope!”

Abel & Cole

‘I was beyond impressed at how slick and incredibly organised pebblefestive was. Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet our target demographic and we would definitely love the opportunity to work with you in the future pebblefests.’

From Belo

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