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Giving Back

How we give back

As with all sustainable companies, pebble works hard to make sure there’s a strong giving back element to everything we do.

In 2019, we donated £1 / 10% from every event ticket sold to a range of charities including Feedback, Fashion Revolution and Marine Conservation Society.

We’re so proud to share that in 2019, we donated 1% of our TOTAL REVENUE to charity.

We support a huge range of charity campaigns with editorial and social media coverage, sharing pledges, as well as speaking at festivals, conferences and events.

Help us plant a pebble forest

As of 2020, we are working with tree planters and carbon calculators, Treedom,, to offset the carbon emissions created by events and by generally running the magazine.

We work with Treedom because they plant fruit trees in countries near the equator where carbon sink measures have the greatest effect. The trees provide an extra income to many families and farmers and each one is measured and tracked throughout its lifetime.

  • For every 100 sign ups to our Friday pebble post newsletter, we will plant a tree (and gift it to the 100th person to name and keep).
  • For every £10 / month Patreon subscriber, we will plant a tree (and gift it to person to name and keep). Find out more about our Patreon subscriber programme.
  • We promise to plant enough trees to make each of our events carbon positive.

Our plan is to create a pebble forest in Kenya, where we can share the growth with our global community.

tree image inside a pebble shape

How are we sustainable?

As a digital company who don’t produce any physical products, pebble is a pretty green business.

We are purposefully an online magazine rather than a paper one, to reduce our environmental impact (which also makes sure our content is freely accessible to all).

Our sustainable actions so far...

  • pebble is hosted on a server powered by renewable energy.
  • We are a location independent, virtual team and our homes are powered by renewable energy.
  • We cycle, walk and take the train whenever possible (including work trips in Europe).
  • All of our events are single use plastic free (even down to not using cable ties).
  • We go above and beyond to borrow, share and reuse anything we need for events, rather than buy once and waste. We expect our partner venues to have forward thinking waste and recycling policies.
  • We are working on becoming a B Corp, which is the most sustainable form of a for profit business.
  • We aren't perfect but we're on a journey to keep on improving.

For more information on us, see About pebble.

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