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** A Temporary Note on this amazing community: Thank you for your interest in joining! pebble magazine has recently been acquired by Sustainable Jungle. We are currently working on refreshing pebble magazine’s content and while we’re not super duper active in managing the Ripples Community (per the description below), we do plan to revive it as it is truly a wonderful place to connect with likeminded people. If you’re interested in being part of it, please do sign up (it’s still free and easy to do so) and please bear with us as we get all our ducks in a row. **

Our online community, called Ripples, is welcome to everyone wanting to discuss sustainability, climate change, being eco-friendly and any other environmental issues in a friendly and private space.

As of 2021 we’ve been growing our community on a platform called Mighty Networks.

This has been met with overwhelming positivity from our community members looking to connect but wanted an ethical and safe place to do so (aka an alternative to FB).

Bravo for making the switch to a new #sustainable media outlet. It’s like a breath of fresh air on my phone this app. Well done pebble, making positive ripples as always.

– Catherine

The community was created as a place where like-minded people could virtually discuss the topics we raise every day at pebble magazine, ask questions, get tips, and delve into issues with other members.

Join Swell for free too

We also have a business community within the platform called Swell which is designed to help connect and collaborate sustainable business owners and ethical entrepreneurs.

What happens when you join?

Once you sign up for free you can access the network and join in conversations and post your own content and questions.

Each person gets a free member profile where you can link to your work, shop, blog or anything else and you can explain what you’re doing to be more sustainable whether at home or through your work.

We also have regular virtual events from welcome check ins, coffee mornings and panel discussions.

Each month we also focus on a particular eco-themed topic and delve deeper into that subject, with informative talks, a book and film club, articles and questions.

Love the pebble platform and meeting like-minded sustainably focussed people. These days, when you can’t meet people in the flesh, it’s nice to be able to meet them online on such a great platform. Thanks pebble!


Who are our members?

Not to boast but we have some of the friendliest and most interesting people on our site, they are a welcoming and supportive bunch.

They are people like you who want to make eco-conscious decisions and make a positive difference at home, at work, in their communities and networks.

Our followers and readers are entrepreneurs, employees, authors and activists, mums and dads, students and grandparents, but they all know deep down we need to change for the future of the planet.

We call it #EverydayActivism and everyone is invited.

I have really loved being a member of the pebble community! Being among a lovely group of like-minded people has been amazing and really helped to remind me how there are many wonderful people who care about the world and are doing their bit to help.

– Faye

Is the pebble Ripples community for me?

pebble’s Ripples community is for you if you…

  • Want to have less of an impact on the planet but don’t know where to start.
  • Feel eco-anxious about the future of the planet.
  • Are bored of liking and commenting on social media and want to help make meaningful change.
  • Want to share your sustainable successes – and fails – with people who get it.
  • Want to feel supported and encouraged in making changes at home and at work.
  • Want to network with other eco-minded entrepreneurs to grow your business and collaborate with other brands.

pebble’s community is a friendly family for anyone looking to make a positive impact on the planet.

We help you do more than just scroll…

  • Learn more on topics such as sustainable fashion, net zero and plastic alternatives across articles, events, group chats and downloadable ebooks
  • Take meaningful action on the issues you care about, from petitions to forming action groups.
  • Access our growing library of resources on key sustainable topics.
  • Join book, film and podcast clubs around key eco issues.
  • Share your expertise with our community.
  • Collaborate and network with other ethical business owners.

Sign up today for free!

What is the Swell Business Group and who is it for?

Ethical business owner?

We’ve got just the thing for you too.

  • Collaborate with other ethical business owners in our new B2B focused Swell group. It’s free! Sign up here today.
  • Find suppliers, advertise for jobs and find work opportunities
  • Network, problem share and get advice from our ethical business group.
  • Make friends who want positive change like you do.
  • Insider access to our team’s expertise.
  • Exclusive events with sustainable and business experts.
  • Host your own Power Hours and workshops within our wider community

See more, learn more, make deeper connections and help each other.

We are a real community of real people. We talk, listen, learn and share.

Come and join us! Sign up to the pebble Ripples community today!

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