Sustainable Wellness, Beauty & Personal Care

As your trusted guide to stylish sustainable living, at pebble we get asked all the time about clean and vegan beauty and personal care products, greenwashing around ingredients, how to have an ethical beauty routine and of course, the big packaging debate.

So we thought we’d put everything we’ve learnt together to help you make planet friendly choices more easily in your everyday makeup, skincare, bodycare and haircare routines.

Whether you’re an old hand at shampoo bars or whether you’re thinking about single use plastic in your toiletries for the first time, there’s something here for everyone – from us, beauty and skincare experts and we’ve listed our favorite sustainable skincare brands too.

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DIY Beauty

DIY Beauty is all about the natural look, that helps make the most of glowing skin and reduces the impact of mainstream beauty products and their packaging on the environment. Here we share DIY beauty recipes and homemade skincare ideas to help you make more products at home.

Organic Beauty & Personal Care

Organic skincare is typically more sustainable although it is often misunderstood and can be easily greenwashed. However many authentic organic skincare brands care deeply about the planet so strive to make their products positive for the environment. We aim to shine a light on these brands here at pebble.

Skin, Body & Hair

Personal care and beauty products like deodorant and moisturizer are a little different to buying one time, long lasting products like furniture. We may dismiss their impact because they’re small and seemingly inconsequential however, our choices add up here too… packaging and waste, raw material (ingredients) and production implications at scale really matter. So here we aim to present those brands and products who are moving the needle and changing the status quo.


Eco-anxiety takes its toll. Keep your cup full with these ideas for better serving your body and mind.