Best Sustainable Health And Fitness Brands: Buying Guide

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Want to make your health and fitness routines more eco-friendly?

The pebble team have put together a guide to help make shopping for sustainable nutrition and fitness products easy.

Whether you’re looking for vegan vitamins, all-in-one supplements, tonics and more, discover these top sustainable health and fitness brands that have a positive impact on the planet.

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Best Sustainable Health And Fitness Brands

See clearly

Suffer from dry eye syndrome? Stare at screens all day?

Put down the eye drops bottle and meet Peep Club, a hydrating portable humidifier that has been designed by expert optometrists.

Peep Club releases a gentle mist that works to replace moisture in the air around your bed and workplace. It’s portable and travel friendly.

Plus it’s safe for children and pets.

The humidifier is priced at £55. View on Peep Club.

Natural Smile

Brush up your eco-friendly smile with amaku’s plastic free toothpaste tabs.

Contained in a glass jar, these toothpaste tabs have a natural remineralising whitening formula to give your teeth a gentle and effective clean.

Ingredients include nano-hydroxyapatite (a bioavailable fluoride replacement), spearmint, orange oils, kaolin clay and sodium bicarbonate to strengthen and whiten teeth.

Order them as a subscription or one-off purchase.

From £12.50 for a month’s supply. View on amaku.

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Drink It

Want a simple way to keep on top of your nutrition?

Meet HUX, a powerful supplements drink that supports your nutritional needs in one easy to drink blend.

The Superfood Blend contains 20 servings of plant-based greens, nutrients and vitamins. No added sugar, artificial flavours or sweeteners.

This supplement blend supports brain function, immunity, gastrointestinal health, energy and more.

£58.00 for 600g Superfood Blend. View on HUX.

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Tummy Love

Give your gut some love with The Bath Alchemist’s Apple Cider Vinegar Wellness Tonic N°2.

Developed by a gut health specialist, the tonic contains organic, raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with natural ingredients including raw honey, turmeric and ginger. A spoonful a day can boost immunity and digestion.

Plus, it’s made in small batches from locally and responsibly sourced ingredients wherever possible.

From £12.95. View on The Bath Alchemist.

Get Fit

MunchFit delivers delicious and nutritionist approved meal plans specially designed for fitness and training.

The Green Plan is plant-based and made using 100% fresh ingredients.

Each meal is nutritionally balanced and packed with flavour. They all come ready-to-go so there’s no prep needed.

Plus, packaging is 95% plastic free and delivered in a 100% recycled box. Choose the Green Plan for plant-based fitness and beyond.

From £8.29/meal. View on MunchFit.

Feel Neat

Say hello to plant-based nutrition supplements, Neat Nutrition.

Designed to support a modern lifestyle, the range can help manage stress, boost immunity and promote recovery on the go.

You can also choose from protein powders and nootropics for sleep.

All of its supplements are registered with the Vegan Society, packaged in recyclable materials and formulated with nutrition experts from BHMA and BANT.

From £19.95. View on Neat Nutrition.

Stay Healthy

Going plant-based? Don’t miss out on essential vitamin B12.

Together Health has got you sorted the vegan way with its Vitamin B12 Shitake Mushroom Whole Food Supplement.

Soil Association Organic Certified, this supplement contains three natural forms of B12 that’s nutritionist-approved and easily digestible.

Just one a day can help improve vitality, bolster immunity and fight tiredness.

From £8.54. View on Together Health.

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