11 Best DIY Fashion Blogs For Crafty Ideas & Inspiration

These DIY Clothing Blogs Give You Endless Fashion Upcycling Tips

From patchwork jeans to handmade maxi dresses, DIY fashion blogs can help you revamp your closet with crafty and creative ideas to start upcycling clothes.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to develop your skills, there are tutorials, courses, videos and garment patterns suitable for all levels. 

Get Crafty With These Blogs For DIY Fashion Tips

Learn transferable sewing techniques, DIY garment hacks and accessorizing tips on A Beautiful Mess. 

Sew Liberated teaches you mindfulness through sewing and slow fashion skills in their collection of garment patterns and courses. 

Develop your DIY fashion skills with video tutorials and garment patterns for all sewing levels at Made My Wardrobe.

DIY fashion isn’t new. We’ve been upcycling and making our own clothes throughout fashion history. 

Now, the movement is growing again thanks to the increased visibility of creators online and on social media, highlighting the appeal of making one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else owns. 

Sewing your clothes empowers you to take ownership of your style and cultivate slow fashion in your closet. 

In fact, it’s the antithesis of mass-produced, poorly-made fast fashion

DIY-ing your closet helps you see the potential of your old, unloved clothes, giving them a new lease of life and keeping valuable materials out of landfills. 

It can save you money too as you don’t have to keep buying new. 

Read on to discover some of our favorite DIY clothing blogs and scroll down to the bottom to find out how we chose them. 

1. A Beautiful Mess

DIY Fashion Blogs by A Beautiful Mess
Images by A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess’ DIY Fashion Ideas 

A Beautiful Mess is a crafty lifestyle blog covering DIY fashion, recipes and decor. 

Built on the motto, ‘Stay home and make something,’ the blog was founded by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman to inspire readers to find their creative spark. 

They’ve since written three books and started a podcast.

This blog is the place to go for practical DIY fashion tips and tricks. Learn how to embellish shoes, tie-dye old t-shirts, add a built-in bra to a summer dress, or hem too-long jeans so they fit just right.  

You’ll also find tips on how to shop vintage, care for leather, and build a capsule wardrobe to make the most of your garments. 

2. Trinkets In Bloom

DIY Fashion Blogs by Trinkets In Bloom
Images by Trinkets In Bloom

Trinkets In Bloom’s Upcycling Tips 

Trinkets In Bloom helps you unleash your creativity by encouraging you to find unique ways to personalize your closet. 

The lifestyle blog by Cathy has practical guides on transforming old, unloved garments into fashionable pieces. 

You can also find tips on making statement jewelry, DIY old bags, seasonal costumes, and simple yet stylish embroidered embellishments. 

Have an old oversized t-shirt lying around? 

Turn it into your go-to dress this summer via their guide to making an oversized off-the-shoulder t-shirt dress with a feminine scalloped hem. 

3. Trash To Couture

DIY Fashion Blogs by Trash To Couture
Images by Trash To Couture

Trash To Couture’s Recycled Clothing Ideas

Founded by Laura Pifer, Trash To Couture is a DIY clothes blog helping you ditch mainstream mass-produced fast fashion for a slower and more sustainable closet. 

Built on the idea that upcycling can be just as fashionable as high-end labels, the blog features a collection of sewing projects that revamp old garments. 

You can start by browsing Laura’s embroidery tutorials or dive straight into making clothes like this DIY paper bag waisted skirt made from a men’s plaid shirt. 

4. Sew Liberated

DIY Fashion Blogs by Sew Liberated
Images by Sew Liberated

Sew Liberated’s DIY Garment Patterns 

Sew Liberated is an indie pattern company and craft blog celebrating slow fashion. Founded by Meg McElwee, the unique fashion blog focuses on how sewing can be a mindful, self-care practice. 

She also has an online course, The Mindful Wardrobe, which helps people connect with their style through slow fashion. 

Sew Liberated offers DIY fashion resources for sewers at every level from courses for complete beginners to garment patterns for confident crafters. 

Just some of the garments you can make include all-season comfy Chanterelle Pants and Shorts, a mid-weight Sylvan Jacket, and a pretty Hinterland Dress. 

All patterns come as digital PDFs with flexible sizing charts. 

5. Creative Fashion Blog

DIY Fashion Blogs by Creative Fashion Blog
Images by Creative Fashion Blog

Creative Fashion Blog’s Refashion Tips 

Lisa Mecham proves you don’t need a lot to create the closet you want. She taught herself to sew when she was pregnant with her first child and couldn’t afford to buy bedding for the crib. 

She started a small business selling upcycled accessories from scavenged junkyard scraps, built a fashion label, and launched Creative Fashion Blog

On her DIY fashion and beauty blog, find tutorials covering clothing, accessories, skincare, home decor, and seasonal crafts. 

There’s also a dedicated refashion section which has easy ways to upcycle clothes like making a blouse out of a loose-fitting dress.

6. Made My Wardrobe

DIY Fashion Blogs by Made My Wardrobe
Images by Made My Wardrobe

Made My Wardrobe’s DIY Fashion Resources 

Lydia Higginson only wears clothes she’s made and helps other women do the same on her DIY fashion blog, Made My Wardrobe

Resources include workshops, online video tutorials, and downloadable PDF patterns to purchase. 

If you don’t have supplies, you can also buy their recommended sewing machines and fabrics. 

Ambitious beginners and those at a more experienced level can try their hand at making comfy Greta Dungarees in UK sizes 6-24. 

Other projects include DIY bomber jackets, patchwork quilts, dresses, underwear sets, blouses, and yoga clothes.

7. Collective Gen

DIY Fashion Blogs by Collective Gen
Images by Collective Gen

Collective Gen’s Upcycling Inspiration 

Founded by Geneva, Collective Gen is an Australian blog filled with DIY and upcycling inspiration for both your home and closet. 

Browse her guides on crafting and sewing, get creative with all manner of DIY clothing ideas, or jazz up your home with renovating tips using upcycled materials. 

Collective Gen’s fashion tutorials are simple and beginner-friendly, teaching you handy techniques you can incorporate into other designs. 

Learn how to sew a waistband or perfect a pocket, find out which fabrics are best to use, or make clothes without any sewing involved. 

The DIY Linen Robe is a handy garment to practice your skills on. It can be worn as loungewear, beachwear or as part of an outfit. 

8. Whipstitch

DIY Fashion Blogs by Whipstitch
Images by Whipstitch

Whipstitch’s Sewing Tutorials 

Deborah Moebes’ Whipstitch is a blog with plenty of tutorials, garment patterns, and classes to get you started with your DIY journey.

If making garments is beyond your skill level right now (we all start somewhere!), Whipstitch takes you back to basics with a sewing course. 

You can also learn to quilt, pick up sewing tips on Deborah’s podcast, and join the online sewing community—The League of Dressmakers—for personalized garment tutorials. 

Members get access to step-by-step sew-alongs for maxi dresses, vintage skirts, Breton blouses, linen pants, and more. New videos are added monthly. 

9. Honestly WTF

DIY Fashion Blogs by Honestly WTF
Images by Honestly WTF

Honestly WTF’s DIY Fashion Hacks 

Honestly WTF is a lifestyle blog founded by Erica Chan Coffman that talks about fashion, art, travel, interior design and DIY. 

It’s a resource for high-end creative ideas—whether it’s styling your home or your closet. 

Jump into the DIY and upcycling clothes blog section to perfect the bleach ice dye technique or make jewelry. 

Find tutorials on jazzing up sandal straps with beads, making raffia fringe straw bags, or practising cross-stitch embroidery. 

Have an old pair of jeans you don’t know what to do with? 

Honestly WTF has a tutorial on upcycling denim with patchwork. It’s a cool way to use up old fabric and add personality to your denim collection without needing to buy new.

10. Sew DIY

DIY Fashion Blogs by Sew DIY
Images by Sew DIY

Sew DIY’s Versatile Garment Patterns 

Beth Wood founded Sew DIY to help make sewing easier and more accessible. 

The website has a blog featuring sewing tips alongside a sewing pattern shop and sew-along video tutorials. 

Beth also offers a self-guided online course on making patchwork quilts from fabric scraps so you can become a zero waste maker. 

Start by developing your skills with casual skirts and t-shirts before levelling up to maxi dresses and jumpsuits (perfect for summer garden parties!). 

The Tasi Robe and Jacket is a two-in-one DIY garment pattern with details on making a robe-style dress and a separate jacket. 

The patterns are flexible and fully customizable, giving you the freedom to play around with fabrics, lengths, and sizes. 

11. P.S. I Made This

DIY Fashion Blogs by P.S. I Made This
Images by P.S. I Made This

P.S. I Made This’ Crafty DIY Accessories 

‘Craft the life you want’ is the message behind P.S. I Made This

It’s the brainchild of Erica Domesek, who is on a mission to empower people to get crafty and feel pride in their creations. 

The blog covers lifestyle, beauty, recipes, and fashion, making it the place to go when you want to add some oomph to otherwise ordinary items and make them (and you) stand out. 

We’re talking about DIY fashion accessories like pom poms on sandals, embellished headbands, and ric rac patterns on a pocket tee. 

P.S. I Made This also teaches you how to make funky statement earrings using clay, tassels, and beads. Once you get the hang of it, you can make endless styles. Birthday presents sorted!

Our Considerations For Choosing The Best DIY Blogs For Fashion

There are many talented DIY bloggers in the online space, so how do we narrow them down to a single list? 

For us, the ones that stand out promote slow sustainable fashion in their craft. They offer accessible alternatives to fast fashion, favoring upcycling and recycling over buying new. 

Carbon Goals & Achievements: 

The fashion industry accounts for 2-8% of global carbon emissions, which these blogs seek to slash by inspiring new ways to repurpose and upcycle unloved clothing—which ultimately makes clothes last longer

We like to see them acknowledge their sustainable impact, whether it’s promoting eco-friendly fabrics, highlighting ways to use fabric scraps, or repurposing old clothes into new outfits. 

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: 

Getting crafty shouldn’t just be reserved for the few. We like to see blogs promote sewing patterns with inclusive sizing and materials that can be affordably thrifted or scavenged. 

Supply Chain:

While DIY blogs might not be promoting or selling finished products, we would still like them to have an awareness of where their supplies and raw materials come from. 

Fabrics should be sustainably sourced and blogs should work with ethical and transparent suppliers. 

Closing Thoughts On DIY Fashion & Jewelry Blogs

DIY-ing clothes is a fun way to inject some individual personality into your closet. It can also change our relationship with our clothes for the better. 

Understanding how they are constructed plus the skills and processes behind each step can help us find a deeper appreciation for what we wear.

The effort often involved also encourages us to think about the garment workers behind all your shop-bought pieces. 

Plus, making or upcycling clothes you already own is one of the best ways to reduce the demand for new production and decrease the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. 

Have a fashion lover or creative maker in your life?

Don’t forget to share this list of DIY fashion blogs to inspire their new project.