Shop Local: The Best Farm Shops UK Has To Offer

No matter where you are in the UK, you're never far from a local farm stall. These are the UK's best farm shops, as chosen by pebble's expert team.

Buying locally produced food is not only better for the environment because of the reduction in CO2 emissions and the positive impact on the local economy, but it also helps our sustainable farmers who tend to produce healthier produce.

As part of our Sea Change series about Feeding Ourselves, pebble has rounded up some of our favourite farm shops from across the UK.

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Shop Local: The UK’s Best Farm Shops

Best farm shops in England

1. Macknade (Kent)

With multiple outlets encompassing retail, hospitality, events, food services and farming, Macknade is a deluxe farm shop force to be reckoned with.

Their flagship store-food hall in Faversham offers refill stations alongside local fresh produce, and sustainably caught fish and meats.

They are partnered with Borough Wines, offering sustainable wine options with a bottle return service – and plan to have a Wine Refill Scheme to reduce waste. You can even pick up a takeaway pizza or have a drink on site.

Alongside an online shop and subscription service, they also run workshops and events around reducing waste and other essential tips.

Macknade is a shining example of how stunning sustainable farming can be.

2. Low Sizergh Barn (Cumbria)

Low Sizergh Barn’s farm shop is composed of three floors in a converted 17th century barn, where customers can enjoy home-grown vegetables and ice cream, as well as local art pieces and other goodies.

They also have a café, farm trail and an area to camp (including a luxury camping pod).

All of their produce, from gins to soaps and even the socks, are sourced and produced locally. Any non-perishable goods can be delivered from their website to across the UK.

3. The Little Dairy Shop (Norfolk)

The Little Dairy Shop in Norfolk mainly sells dairy products.

Predominantly raw milk from their cows, they are also an outlet for several farms in the area that produce cheese, butters, coffees, ice cream, jams and chutneys.

4. St Giles Pantry (Norfolk)

St Giles Pantry is an independent shop supplied only by local producers and suppliers within a 40-mile radius of Norwich. They sell St Giles Gin, Candi’s Chutneys, Norwich Porridge etc.

St Giles Pantry stock coffeewine, and ales produced by independent roasters/producers/microbrewers.

They also sell freshly baked goods, buying seasonal and fresh produce and host local events.

5. Daylesford Farm (Gloucestershire)

One of a series of connected, super duper farm shops, Daylesford Farm can be found a step away from Daylesford Organic’s award-winning café.

With fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs being picked each morning from the Market Garden, the farm shop offers an extensive list of goods – including a zero-waste pantry.

There are also several options for indoor and outdoor dining, drinking and activities including a Cookery School and Wellness Spa.

Daylesford Farm uses regenerative farming practices, and they ethically farm their animals.

They also provide an online farm shop, where you can browse their wide variety of goods – from hampers to organic skincare.

6. Organic Pantry (Yorkshire)

With a focus on restoration and conservation, the family-run Organic Pantry is Soil Association certified organic.

Providing both a veg box scheme, farm shop and being present at farmer’s markets, there are a multitude of ways to shop from them.

Supplied by independent farmers across the UK and Europe, they provide fresh produce, groceries, meats and fishes alongside drinks, health and beauty items and household goods.

7. Noel’s Farm Shop (Surrey)

Noel’s Farm Shop is supplied by as many local and small artisans as possible, as well as fruit and veg grown next to the shop.

The shop has recently expanded to offer zero waste products meaning customers can now choose from food like dried fruit, pulses etc., which are in gravity bins as well as environmentally friendly cleaners and refills. The produce is delivered to the shop in paper bags.

They also sell meats, baked goods, and deli products with ingredients for everyday use to more gourmet and unusual produce.

8. Eversfield Organic (Devon)

Award winning Eversfield Organic has three outlets in Devon, and works with local producers wherever possible.

They offer organic and plastic free produce, as well as meats, fish, and cheese. In terms of drinks, they offer organic wines, spirits, beers and ciders.

They provide fruit and vegetable boxes with nationwide delivery of produce, but prioritise local postcodes.

With respect to farming, they have a closed loop sustainable farming system as they farm regeneratively.

Likewise, they work with Rare Breeds Survival Trust in raising their native cattle (Aberdeen Angus) which are free to roam.

9. Railway Farm Shop (Suffolk)

Railway Farm Shop provides a mixture of home grown and local produce, as well as from larger organic certified Suffolk farms. They sell a variety of eggs (chicken, duck, quail) and honey from their bees.

They also do a vegetable box scheme that involves deliveries. Registered as CIC (community interest company), they also have a Community Enrichment Scheme – dig days, coffee mornings and free boxes to those in food poverty.

They are involved in a crowdfunding campaign to build an outdoor kitchen and convert a polytunnel to a shelter for community work.

10. Ben’s Farm Shop (Devon)

Ben’s Farm Shop in Totnes, is a part of the Riverford family of businesses.

The 350 hectare farm has been owned for over 60 years by the family. They have multiple farm shops, butchers, fresh vegetables, dairies, grocery, deli, plus the famous organic vegetable box business (began in 1986) and dairy – all separate businesses.

All produce must meet their criteria – not overly-processed food with most of the food being produced by themselves. They also have an online farm shop (which includes drinks, frozen, household, larder and gifts)

11. Lynne’s Organic Farm (Kent)

Everything sold in Lynne’s Organic Farm shop in Tonbridge Wells is produced on the farm.

They sell organic pork, eggs and seasonal fruit/vegetables. Also jams, honey, ice-cream and gluten free cakes. They are fully powered by onsite green energy, from their solar panels and wind turbines.

They do some courses and open days – including the Realities of Renewable Power as they have a power storage and conversion plant on site.

12. TEALS (Somerset)

TEALS offers a collection of local produce and fresh-name brands from the South West, mostly supplied by small batch, family-run, artisan and ethical sources. They have a butchers, bakery, cheese counter, deli and gift shop. They also have a bottle store as well as a restaurant that serves hot food and drinks.

This modern barn is a pending B-Corp, and was built using reclaimed timber to minimise waste, they are solar-powered and recycle water.

They also plant trees to offset the carbon produced and they’re big on preserving wildlife and sustainable farming, they use no pesticides for their vegetables and reused the soil from shop’s foundations to create new habitats.

13. Pick’s Organic Farm (Leicestershire)

The Pick family have worked on Pick’s Organic Farm for hundreds of years – at least since the early 1600s.

The current owner is an advocate of organic farming and natural methods, meaning there are no unnecessary drugs, hormones, additives, genetically modified inputs and pesticides.

They practice environmental stewardship, working with nature and raising animals on a 100% organic diet. Their specialty is meats, but also sell fruit, vegetables, pantry goods alongside organic wines, beers and spirits.

14. Hawthorne House Farm Shop (Dunkeswick)

Hawthorne House Farm Shop is family-run and independent, selling seasonal and organic produce.

They grow wheat, oats, beans and vegetables according to their Countryside Stewardship Scheme and Higher Level Stewardship Scheme – meaning that areas are dedicated to wildlife.

They also sell flour, eggs, dairies and other essentials from local suppliers.

15. Alligator Wholefoods (York)

Alligator Wholefoods mainly sells specialty foods, such as vegan, wholefoods and Asian ingredients to name a few. They are low waste and eco-friendly, sourcing their produce from local businesses like the local bakery, Acorn Dairy and Newfields Organics farm.

From local honey to vegan essentials, Alligator Wholefoods has impressive stock.

16. Abbey Home Farm (Cirencester)

Abbey House Farm is 450 years old, and has remained unchanged in terms of practises for 250 years. They are passionate about protecting natural resources, biodiversity, soil health and sustainable supplies of timber.

Passionate about public enjoyment and education, they host a multitude of projects including the Farm Project CIC, which hosts small groups of young people, mainly from disadvantaged and city areas, for a week-long residential stay.

They are certified organic (except their honey), and all of their produce is ethically sourced and local.

All their gifts are organic, Fairtrade, and recycled or reclaimed. What makes this shop unique is their furniture, textiles and folk art from India, providing extra intrigue and enjoyment when visiting.

17. Mill Farm Organic (Hampshire)

Mill Farm Organic offers locally sourced and produced products from cheeses, fruit, vegetables, juice, chutneys, honey, bread and ice cream from small and independent producers.

They produce the beef, lamb and pork under their own Mill Farm branding. Mill Farm Organic farms to Soil Association Organic Standards, with no chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

They also have a coffee shop onsite, alongside farm trails and walks. There are a multitude of farm activities available depending on the season, and education farm visits for children from local schools.

18. Gold Hill Organic Farm (Dorset)

Family-run Gold Hill Organic Farm sells their own grown vegetables and fruit, with over 80 varieties, as well as locally produce including meats, dairy, groceries and ice cream.

They make their own cheese on site alongside other niche products, like local crafts and gardening books.

They obtained their organic status from the Soil Association and a part of the Low Carbon Dorset as they provide green electricity to many businesses in the area.

The area is composed of a series of small courtyard businesses, including an art gallery, glass blower, dog salon and gym. This enables them to host local events.

19. Trinity Farm (Nottinghamshire)

Trinity Farm is the first certified Biodynamic Farm meaning they are self-contained.

They use green manures and are the third rated farm in the country for fresh produce.

They offer fresh herbs, fruit, vegetables and salads, alongside their box schemes. These are available online and in person. They also have an onsite café.

Trinity Farm is a part of WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and has a community feel due to the volunteers.

20. Cross Lands Organics (Durham)

Cross Lands Organics has won awards for its local food and drink from 2021 Countryside Alliance Awards.

They have an onsite organic restaurant, farm shop, traditional butchers as well as their online shop, offering national delivery.

In their shop they sell their own homemade products (including frozen meals made by the onsite chef) and support other local producers. They stock every item you’d need for a weekly shop, including a refill station for Ecover and Faith in Nature products as well as their own.

They also sell organic wines and local spirits and beers.

21. Manor Organic Farm (Loughborough)

Hosting a wide variety of animals on their farm, Manor Organic Farm gives them a free range and organic lifestyle.

Mainly providing their meats to the shop (beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, venison and homemade meat products) they also sell fresh product, dairy, groceries and alcohol.

With their onsite bakery, their baked goods are guaranteed fresh.

Manor Organic Farm embed themselves with the natural surroundings with High Level Environmental Stewardship. Since 1995, they’ve planted 1,800 trees and restored two miles of hedgerows.

22. Darts Farm (Devon)

Starting in 1971, award-winning Dart’s Farm was one of Britain’s first pick-your-own businesses with a focus on eating seasonal produce.

Their seasonal fruit and vegetables are sold at their shop alongside their onsite butchery and florists.

They also sell local produce both online and instore, and have a restaurant, deli, fish shed, drinks cellar and cider innovation house.

With refill stations onsite, rich pastures and vineyards managed holistically and thriving biodiversity, Dart’s Farm prides itself on their regenerative farming.

The site includes wetlands, heritage orchard, bee keeping and a nature trail, with bicycles available for hire. T

hey also donate surplus food to Foodcycle, and volunteers to make a three course meal for vulnerable people in the community every Tuesday.

The best farm shops in Scotland

23. The Heron Farm Shop & Kitchen (Lanarkshire)

As a part of the Lanarkshire Larder, a business that celebrates Scottish small, local and independent food and drinks, The Heron Farm Shop & Kitchen has an 800 year tradition of feeding Scotland. A family-run business offering a selection of home grown and regional produce, from fresh, chilled and frozen products.

Funded by the Scottish and European organisation, The Heron Farm Shop & Kitchen, helps Scottish producers thrive. They rear sheep, grow Christmas trees and are a part of a community beekeeping group – making them stand out.

Their produce is available online or in person, and at their onsite kitchen.

24. Locavore Grocery (Glasgow)

Locavore prioritises creating a local food system and provides both a vegetable box scheme and market garden as well as shops in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Kirkintilloch.

They pride themselves on their ethical and sustainable mindset, providing organic fruits, vegetables, dairies, grains, meats, cupboard products and eco cleaners – all supplied by local producers and businesses.

25. Sgriob-Ruadh Farm (Isle of Mull)

Sgriob-Ruadh Farm’s gorgeous Glass Barn Café and Shop is both breath-taking and packed with home produce including their homemade cheese, freshly baked goods, pork from their pigs and jams to name a few.

The Glass Barn Café itself was recycled from disused buildings to be made into a greenhouse. Now, it hosts tourists that come to visit the island.

With respect to sustainability, they produce all their electricity and heat by using a range of renewable energy sources – which supplies their dairy, holiday cottages, personal houses and The Island Bakery.

They are primarily known for the cheese, being the last remaining traditional farmhouse cheese from the Hebridean Islands. Luckily, they offer delivery on their online shop so it can be sampled nationwide.

The best farm shops in Wales

26. Oakchurch (Herefordshire)

Oakchurch is a family owned and run business with over 90 suppliers.

While starting as a ‘pick your own’ they have grown to include an onsite butchers, deli counter, greengrocers showcasing local food and drink producers. They also have a garden and plant centre which has over 10,000 local plants. They also have fashion and homeware shops alongside a restaurant that is run by a neighbouring family.

27. Square Farm Shop (Gwent)

Square Farm Shop is a proud member of the Welsh Organic Scheme and the Farm Assured Welsh Livestock Scheme, meaning that they are environmentally conscious.

They actively restore their landscape including 400 metres of new hedgerows amongst other projects.

With respect to the shop, Square Farm Shop provides meats and organic vegetables that are produced on their farm. They also sell other local produce, including cupboard supplies and ice cream. They also have an expansive online shop.

28. Rhug Estate Organic Farm (Denbighshire)

Rhug Estate covers 12,500 acres with 6,700 acres of in-hand organic farm at the heart of the land.

Their farm is Soil Association certified organic, and is a sustainable and responsible business, using green energy with minimum waste.

The livestock are on a 100% organic diet and are free-range. Rhug Estate offers doorstep deliveries in addition to their in person shop. There are over 3,000 products in their shop, including their own skincare collection.

From Welsh alcohol, to an onsite butchers, deli and fresh produce, there is an impressive selection to choose from.

The best farm shops in Northern Ireland

29. Ballylagan Organic Farm (Ballyclare)

Ballylagan’s Organic Farm shop is the sole outlet for their home grown produce including seasonal vegetables, fruits in addition to eggs and meats.

They also provide dairy products, cupboard supplies and frozen foods, as well as a household selection of cleaning products. Their aim is to supply everything needed in a weekday shop. Onsite, they also have a tea room and four guest rooms to stay in.

30. Helen’s Bay Organic Farm (Belfast)

Helen’s Bay Organic Farm has a stall at the St George’s market in Belfast otherwise offering seasonal vegetable deliveries across Northern Ireland. They also deliver fruits and eggs sourced from other local farms. They are certified organic by the IOA, using regenerative farming methods to maintain soil health.

31. Broughgammon (Ballycastle)

Primarily a producer of kid goat meatBroughgammon Farm hosts classes in their onsite butchery, alongside classes on handling wild game and foraging courses with Forage Ireland.

Onsite they have a farm café and a farm shop selling Northern Irish produce. Online, they offer meat boxes that can be delivered all over the UK.

The farm is third arable, third improved grazing and third rough hill. They believe in sustainable food sourcing (sourcing their male kid goats from the dairies), restoration and sustainable living (including green energy).

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