9 Reusable Makeup Remover Pads & Cotton Rounds That Clean Your Face & The Planet

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads Help You Go Zero Waste In Your Beauty Routine. Here Are Our Favorites.

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Ditch disposable cotton balls and make the winning (or should we say, ‘skinning’?) switch to reusable cotton rounds

They’re sustainable, durable, budget-friendly and they do a much better job at cleaning your skin than those fraying single-use versions. 

Not to mention—reusable facial rounds made from organic cotton or bamboo are also free from harmful pesticides, fertilizers, chemical finishes, or plastic. 

At the end of a long day, what would you rather wipe your face on? 

Our Picks For The Best Reusable Cotton Rounds

Just like our dressing and leggings, we like facial rounds with pockets, and Plantish Future makes just that made of organic cotton and more unusual organic bamboo and charcoal rounds which are luxuriously soft. 

ZWS Essentials brings color to the table (and face) with their collection of GOTS-certified organic cotton rounds in a fabulous array of prints and colorways. 

oteKLOTH’s facial rounds are fully traceable from seed to stitch. The organic cotton is sourced from co-op farms in the US and India and they’re hand-stitched in New Mexico. 

47% of makeup wearers regularly use single-use face wipes and rounds—the majority of which are riddled with plastic and are non-biodegradable. 

While disposable cotton balls and wipes may seem convenient, reusable versions are better for your skin and the planet. 

They’re softer and less abrasive plus they lift all makeup and skincare residue rather than smearing it around your face. They don’t start to shred after one or two wipes and they’re far more cost-effective in the long run, too.

Read on to discover the best reusable makeup remover pads and swipe down to the bottom to find out how we chose them. 

1. EcoRoots

Reusable Cotton Rounds by EcoRoots
Images by EcoRoots

Price Range | $11 | Shop EcoRoots

Materials | Compostable organic cotton and bamboo with recyclable polyester thread 

What We Love | EcoRoots is an ethical online marketplace helping you go green with all kinds of zero waste and sustainable swaps, including super-soft makeup pads which can be paired with their clean beauty products.

EcoRoots’ Reusable Cotton Rounds 

EcoRoots’ set of ten reusable facial rounds is super soft and versatile. 

Thick and absorbent, you can use them to apply your favorite skincare or gently wipe it off. Once used, simply pop them in the wash. They don’t come pre-washed so expect some initial shrinkage. 

They’re made from organic cotton and bamboo, and the recycled polyester thread is easy to pull off with a seam stripper so you can compost the rest.

EcoRoots’ Sustainability 

Certifications | GOTS

Sourcing & Supply Chain | The marketplace only sells vegan and cruelty-free products which are free from animal testing. 

Thoughtful Packaging | All packaging is plastic-free, reusable or recyclable as part of the brand’s mission to be low-waste. 

Pay It Forward | EcoRoots donates a portion of every sale to environmental causes likeOcean Conservancy.

2. Plantish Future

Reusable Cotton Rounds by Plantish Future
Images by pebble magazine

Price Range | $6–$19 | Shop Plantish Future

Materials | Organic cotton, bamboo, and charcoal

What We Love | Plantish Future is on a mission to make sustainable living easy and accessible for all, with plastic-free essentials at an affordable price point. 

Plantish Future’s Reusable Bamboo & Cotton Rounds 

Practical, sustainable and affordable, Plantish Future offers sets of four to 16. Choose from organic cotton or organic bamboo and charcoal (not the kind that will rub off on your face)—or why not have a set of both? 

The bamboo and charcoal pads are perfect for detoxifying and removing makeup while the cotton pads are ideal for applying toner or cleanser.

Both sets have a pocket to snuggly fit your fingers, which we love about the set we own, as it keeps our fingers clean and gives us more control over the pad.

If you’re wondering how to wash reusable cotton rounds, hand wash them after each use and put them in the washing machine once a week with your normal laundry in the included  GOTS-certified organic cotton mesh laundry bag.

Lie flat to dry.

Plantish Future’s Sustainability 

Certifications | GOTS

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Plantish Future is a first-generation Canadian, BIPOC, queer and women-owned small business. 

Thoughtful Packaging | Products are wrapped in zero to minimal biodegradable packaging which is plastic-free.  

Pay It Forward | Plantish Future supports environmental and community-based organizations including the Global Conservation Force and the Vancouver Black Library. 

3. SuperBee

Reusable Cotton Rounds by SuperBee
Images by SuperBee

Price Range | $8–$18 | Shop SuperBee

Materials | The rounds are made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton

What We Love | SuperBee is a Thailand-based social enterprise and Certified B Corp which empowers local communities through training and above-average fair wages.

SuperBee’s Organic Reusable Cotton Rounds 

Another great reason to switch to reusable? 

Fun colors! 

SuperBee adds a splash of personality to your skincare routine, without sacrificing skin safety to do so.

Choose from sets of three or six pads featuring a soft patterned side and a gentle flannel side for tough-to-shift makeup. Patterns come in cherry, meadow and more. 

They can be added to your normal laundry load and once they’re a little too old, you can put them in your home compost bin. 

SuperBee’s Sustainability 

Certifications | GOTS, B Corp

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | The female-founded social enterprise promotes women’s empowerment in rural areas and an ethical working environment. They pay 20% above the Fair Trade minimum wage. 

Thoughtful Packaging | Packaging is plastic-free and compostable. 

Pay It Forward | The social enterprise works with a number of local and global charity partners such as the Yellow Collective, Clean Ocean Project, and Fight Hunger. 

4. ZWS Essentials

Reusable Cotton Rounds by ZWS Essentials
Images by pebble magazine

Price Range | $20 | Shop ZWS Essentials

Materials | OEKO-TEX and GOTS-certified organic cotton and low-impact, natural dyes

What We Love | ZWS Essentials is the in-house brand of ZeroWasteStore.com, a marketplace offering only products that are compostable, biodegradable, or reusable.

ZWS Essentials’ Reusable Eye Makeup Remover Pads

If you’re someone who prefers two-ply instead of one for better absorbency, say hello to ZWS Essentials’ set of 20 reusable facial rounds—although to call them ‘rounds’ is slightly inaccurate. 

They’re round-cornered squares which makes them useful for reaching difficult areas around the eyes. 

After testing them ourselves, we think they’re some of the best cotton rounds out there, thanks to the softness and generous size, so you don’t run out of room when removing organic makeup.

ZWS Essentials’ Sustainability 

Certifications | GOTS, Climate Neutral, OEKO-TEX

Carbon | ZeroWasteStore.com is certified Climate Neutral and they offset unavoidable emissions (such as shipping) by donating to certified carbon offsetting schemes. 

Thoughtful Packaging | All packaging is 100% plastic-free and made from biodegradable materials like compostable shipping labels, post-consumer boxes and cornstarch packing peanuts. 

Pay It Forward | They donate to environmental charities and initiatives through 1% for the Planet. They’re also a Rainforest Trust Conservation Circle member. 

5. oteKLOTH

Reusable Cotton Rounds by oteKLOTH
Images by oteKLOTH

Price Range | $22–$34 | Shop oteKLOTH

Materials | Organic cotton French terry and velour cloth

What We Love | New Mexico-based oteKLOTH has stitched out a niche selling with rounds that are from dyes, bleach or chemical finishes, so once worn out, they can safely return to the Earth when composted. 

oteKLOTH’s Reusable Cotton Rounds 

‘Ote’ is short for ‘Of the Earth’ and oteKLOTH’s reusable organic cotton rounds certainly are.

They’re made from pure 100% organic cotton which has been grown by small farms in the US and India, milled in the US and stitched in New Mexico.

Each set includes four 4” x 4” cotton rounds. One side is velour and the other is French terry material so you can swap them over depending on use. 

The brand also makes reusable makeup remover cloths and zero waste menstrual pads (winged and wingless). 

oteKLOTH’s Sustainability 

Certifications | GOTS

Sourcing & Supply Chain | oteKLOTH sources organic cotton from co-op farms in India and the USA and their products are sewn by hand in New Mexico. Their products are traceable from seed to stitch. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | oteKLOTH is a mom-founded small business in New Mexico. The founder sews her reusable products by hand and works with local producers. 

Thoughtful Packaging | Products are packed in plastic-free packaging and shipping materials, including a biodegradable cardboard sleeve. 

6. Life Vista

Reusable Cotton Rounds by Life Vista
Images by Life Vista

Price Range | $13–$140 | Shop Life Vista

Materials | Organic bamboo velvet material and an organic cotton mesh laundry bag

What We Love | Life Vista helps you swap throwaway personal care products and kitchen essentials with affordable alternatives that are 100% chemical-free and biodegradable. 

Life Vista’s Reusable Cotton Rounds 

Life Vista’s organic and reusable bamboo makeup remover pads give you a luxurious and sustainable edge to your skincare routine.

Just one of these reusable rounds saves up to 1,000 disposable versions from landfill. 

Each round features three layers of velvety soft fabric that allows you to massage in your favourite cleanser or toner. 

Life Vista’s Sustainability 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Life Vista is a small business founded in the US by a Colombian-born female founder. 

Thoughtful Packaging | The facial rounds come in a cardboard box plus the packaging is plastic-free and recyclable. 

Pay It Forward | Life Vista plants a tree with One Tree Planted for every product bought. 

7. Marley’s Monsters

Reusable Cotton Rounds by Marley's Monsters
Images by Marley’s Monsters

Price Range | $12–$45 | Shop Marley’s Monsters

Materials | 100% organic cotton flannel

What We Love | Oregon-based Marley’s Monsters gets crafty to tackle the problem of disposables. They hand sew all their products, including their famous UNpaper® Towels.

Marley’s Monsters’ Reusable Cotton Rounds 

Jazz up your beauty routine with reusable eye makeup remover pads from Marley’s Monsters. They come in a set of 10 or 20 in either white, block colors in rainbow or neutral or funky mismatched patterns.

The facial rounds feature two layers of organic cotton flannel with sewn edges to stop fraying. Their absorbency increases after the first few washes, making them easier to use over time. 

Some sets come with a mesh laundry bag so you can keep all soiled facial rounds together in the wash. 

Marley’s Monsters’ Sustainability 

Certifications | GOTS

Thoughtful Packaging | All their shipping materials are plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable. 
Pay It Forward | They donate their textile waste to recycling nonprofits.

8. Juturna Studios

Reusable Cotton Rounds by Juturna Studios
Images by Juturna Studios

Price Range | $9–$39 | Shop Juturna Studios

Materials | GOTS-certified organic cotton, organic bamboo, organic hemp and unbleached threads

What We Love | Juturna Studios’ mission is to inspire people to live their best and healthiest lives by joining the minimal waste movement by using their minimalist-chic products.

Juturna Studios’ Reusable Makeup Remover Wipes & Rounds

Soft, durable and safe for sensitive skin, the three-layer pads by Juturna Studios are easy to grip and feature organic cotton thread around the edges for long-lasting hold. 

The facial rounds come in a set of 6, 10 or 20 with a laundry bag included. 

The brand also sells slightly larger rounded-edge hemp pads and full sized wipes.

Juturna Studios’ Sustainability 

Certifications | GOTS, Fair Trade

Sourcing & Supply Chain | The brand collaborates with small sustainable businesses and artists to create their products, mostly made using fair trade cotton.

Thoughtful Packaging | Orders are sent in the smallest box possible to minimize excess waste. They reuse as much packaging as possible from their suppliers and all packaging can be reused, composted or recycled.

Pay It Forward | They help support the minimal waste movement through volunteering and beach cleanups. 

9. DIY Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Reusable Cotton Rounds by MaxCab and kanchanachitkhamma
Images by MaxCab and kanchanachitkhamma

While purchasing reusable makeup remover pads from a sustainable beauty brand is certainly easier, you could be thrifty and even more zero waste if you make your own. 

Since you’ll want to use them daily on your face, we recommend absorbent and soft natural materials like organic cotton or bamboo.

To make DIY reusable cotton rounds, you’ll need: 

  • Organic cotton or bamboo fabric— an old T-shirt or pillowcase will do 
  • Pair of sharp or fabric scissors 
  • Cookie cutter or cardboard circle in your preferred size
  • Needle or sewing machine 
  • Organic cotton thread 

Follow these step-by-step instructions and learn how to make reusable cotton rounds: 

  1. Lie your fabric out on a flat surface and place the cookie cutter in the corner, leaving enough room for the entire cookie cutter to fit. 
  2. Press down firmly so that the cookie cutter leaves an indentation 
  3. Cut along the indentation with your scissors. Don’t worry if it’s not a perfect circle
  4. If you don’t want to sew, you could leave it there. Put them in a laundry bag and wash them on a delicate setting to prevent fraying 
  5. For thicker pads, put them on top of each other in layers of two or three and stitch around the edges

Our Considerations For Choosing The Best Reusable Facial Rounds

How do we know if the best makeup remover pads are sustainable? 

The beauty and personal care industry is rife with greenwashing. To help us separate the clean facial rounds from the dirty, we’ve created a set of criteria that takes a holistic view of the brand’s business.  


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OEKO-TEX, B Corporation (B Corp), Climate Neutral, Fair Trade


In the age of climate change, it’s no longer enough for brands to ignore their carbon emissions. While offsetting is a start, we prefer to see brands take active steps to minimize their overall footprint. 

This can be adopting renewable energy, using local suppliers to limit emissions in transportation or ensuring their products are zero waste so they don’t end up in landfill. 

Sourcing & Supply Chain: 

We believe you can’t have sustainability without ethics. Brands should have a traceable supply chain at every stage of their products. They should work closely with their suppliers to ensure workers are treated well and paid a fair wage. 

Third-party accreditations like GOTS and Fair Trade help to certify that their supply chain is truly ethical which gives them an added trust factor. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: 

Sustainability should be accessible to all. We like to see brands offer inclusive price points where possible and incorporate inclusive marketing in their campaigns. 

We love promoting minority and women-owned businesses. 

Thoughtful Packaging

We don’t want to see single-use plastic in packaging.

Instead, we want biodegradable or compostable materials like unbleached cardboard or recycled paper mailers. They can also use reusable packaging including glass jars or tin containers. At the very least, packaging should be recyclable. 

Pay It Forward: 

It’s good to see brands that are financially able to take an active interest in their community, environment and causes they care about. 

Closing Thoughts On The Best Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

So, what’s so bad about disposable cotton rounds? Aren’t they just made from biodegradable cotton? 

Sadly not. 

A lot of single-use rounds are threaded with plastic which takes hundreds of years to break down in landfills or sewage systems, which, over time, causes environmental havoc and blocks the sewage system.  

Disposable pad’s effect on waterways doesn’t just stop there. It takes up to 20,000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of cotton—which is then used once and thrown away.

Reusable makeup remover pads don’t just save water and valuable resources from going to waste, they save you money over time.

We could all stand to save a little money on skincare, so please keep these cotton rounds going full circle by sharing this article.