11 No Fuss Vegan And All Natural Deodorants That Really Work

Want to find a natural deodorant that really works? Don’t sweat it. Here are 11 unisex options we love that look after your pits and the planet.

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Deodorants are a tricky conundrum. On the one hand, a lot of them contain harmful chemicals that are bad for your body and the environment. On the other, feeling fresh is important.

So, whether you’re keen to make the switch or want to update your current go-to, we’ve put together a list of natural deodorants that are vegan and free of nasties to keep you smelling good and feeling clean. Best of all., they’re all designed to work for everyone’s skin – whether you’ve previously been a Lynx guy or a roll on girl.

These deodorants contain no toxic parabens or aluminium.

They rely on real, organic ingredients and use items like baking soda, coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils to reduce moisture, keep your pits smooth and fight off odour-causing bacteria.

They’re not only better for your health, but they’re sustainably sourced and cruelty-free, so they’re good for the planet, too.

So, what’s the big deal about deodorant?

If you’ve ever looked at the label of your mainstream deodorant, you might notice that the majority of its ingredients are questionable, if not totally unrecognisable.

Some may even be harmful chemicals. Chances are, if you wouldn’t eat it or can’t pronounce it, you might want to skip putting it on your skin.

Underarms are incredibly absorbent, made up of lymph nodes, sweat glands and hormone receptors.

Applying anything directly to them is a surefire way for your body to soak up every bit.

Some of the harsh chemicals found in antiperspirants have been linked to hormone imbalance, Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, allergic reactions…we could go on.

If you see the words: paraben, aluminium, triclosan, phthalate, or fragrance on your deodorant label, it’s time to toss it – as it could be seriously affecting your wellbeing.

But that doesn’t mean you have to risk being less-than-fresh.

11 Vegan And All Natural Deodorants That Really Work

1. Awake Organics

Awake Organics is all about reducing its impact on the environment. It sources local glass containers and incentivises customers to recycle, offering discounts on future purchases for every glass container returned to them.

The company also sources local ingredients, is certified cruelty-free and is always looking for ways to be even better… for you and the planet.

Its multi-award-winning, aluminium and paraben-free, natural deodorant absorbs wetness with British kaolin and arrowroot and is scented with lavender and lemongrass essential oils.

2. The Natural Deodorant Company

We know that everyone is different and some of us need a little more personalisation when it comes to skin products.

The Natural Deodorant Company is the first to offer options, providing three separate formulas based on skin-type and lifestyle: the Clean, Gentle, and Active Deodorant Balms.

Each creamy balm moisturises with coconut oil and shea butter, but vary in magnesium, sodium bicarbonate and white clay, based on how much protection you’re looking for.

3. Cacao Pow Deo Bar

If the phrase “the fewer ingredients, the better” resonates with you, so will the Cacao Pow Deo Bar.

Just three simple ingredients make up this powerful little formula: cacao butter, bicarbonate of soda and zinc oxide.

It’s a solid natural deodorant, that is perfectly packaged in a little glass jar.

Return the glass jar and you’ll get money off your next order.

4. Earth Conscious

Earth Conscious’ team started their deodorant testing by making sure all their ingredients are safe enough to eat and they constantly revisit the formula to ensure there isn’t something they could be doing better.

They refuse to add any ingredients that they aren’t 100% certain about and are incredibly transparent about what they use, why they use it, and what they have chosen to leave out. Earth Conscious gives you two options.

There’s a natural, plastic free deodorant in a stick, packaged in a biodegradable cardboard applicator or the same formula comes in a metal, recyclable tin.

New for 2021 is a zero waste packaging free ‘bare’ bar option, which comes in lemon and rosemary or grapefruit and lemon scents.

5. Lush

If you’re looking for something totally different, Lush offers a powder deodorant in addition to their bars, taking advantage of the powerful essence of herbs.

Best-seller The Greeench uses a combination of thyme, rosemary, and tea tree with magnesium and sodium bicarbonate to deodorise and tackle wetness.

And if you need something even stronger, The Guv’ner blends sage, lavender, and patchouli with lycopodium base and charcoal (which also happens to combat white marks).

6. Wild

Wild is on a mission to transform the throwaway culture of everyday bathroom products.

It’s sleek and stylish-looking deodorant applicators are reusable and made from durable aluminium and recycled plastic. The zero-plastic deodorant refill is natural and compostable.

Every skincare product in Wild’s range is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, dermatologically tested and free from artificial fragrances, parabens, sulphates and aluminium.

True to form, its deodorant is gentle on skin with maximum sweat security.

Better still? A percentage of every deodorant sold is donated to the climate charity ‘On a Mission’ to support reforestation projects.

7. Legra

Legra is all about creating sustainable, non-toxic alternatives that don’t compromise on quality for everyday products. Its natural deodorant is made from a plant-powered formula that’s long-lasting and effective.

If you have sensitive skin then Legra might just be for you as it avoids ingredients like baking soda and bicarbonate of soda which can sometimes be abrasive.

Each deodorant is plastic-free and comes in a pushup cardboard tube that’s easily recyclable.

They promise all-day protection from odour and sweat and lasts for up to three months.

8. Nuud

Want a natural deodorant that does the job with minimal fuss? Meet Nuud.

This brand has taken odour protection further by creating a vegan ‘anti-odorant’ that lasts for three-seven days even when sports and showers are involved.

This magic formula consists of just 10 all-natural ingredients, including coconut oil, castor oil, zinc oxide and mineral clay.

Nuud also uses silver for its natural antibacterial qualities which inhibit the smell of sweat. Micro-particles are used instead of nano-particles as they can’t clog pores or penetrate the skin.

What’s more, each bioplastic tube is made from sugarcane and comes in a biodegradable cardboard box.

9. Fussy

A staggering 3.2 billion single-use plastic deodorants are thrown away every year so new brand on the block, Fussy is determined to turn the tide with its zero-waste refillable deodorants.

Each natural deodorant comes with compostable refills that can be slotted into its case and used on the go.

If that wasn’t enough, Fussy has partnered with empower.eco so that each deodorant sold funds the collection of 1kg of ocean-bound plastic.

Fussy’s deodorants come in a selection of five scents (including one unscented if you’re avoiding fragrance).

Each one is vegan, cruelty-free and contains odour-eating probiotics to keep you smelling fresh for over 24 hours.

10. Wavy Deo

With a background in personal training and kickboxing, Wavy Deo knows the struggle of finding a natural deodorant that keeps up with an active lifestyle.

Its deodorants specialise in high-performance using gentle ingredients so you can work out with confidence.

Wavy Deo comes in a range of four beautifully scented deodorants: Neroli Breeze, Mojito, Spiced Wood and Lotus Bomb.

Each one is, of course, cruelty-free, vegan, natural and plastic-free.

11. Re:treat Complementary Therapies & Apothecary

Re:treat’s range of natural deodorants are handmade in Scotland using organic, vegan and natural ingredients.

Each one comes in a tin to make it completely plastic-free and recyclable. The brand is also planning to make a refillable service available soon.

The Natural Deodorant contains a powerful plant-based formula, using coconut oil, arrowroot, bicarbonate of soda and a blend of essential oils.

You can choose between Lavender & Tea Tree and Patchouli & Geranium.