How To Make A Solar Infused Herbal Oil

Want to make a solar infused herbal oil to add to your homemade skincare? Natalie Mady from Hackney Herbal shows us how easy it is.

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Hackney Herbal has shared some incredibly soothing recipes with us, including this one for making your own solar infused herbal oil, which can form the basis of your clean beauty skincare at home.

What is a solar infused herbal oil?

Give your DIY skincare or beauty recipes an extra boost by infusing your oils with dried herbs. By putting them on a sunny windowsill, the herbs will infuse the oil with their healing and soothing properties. The oil can then be used as a base for everything from body oil to bath oil, your DIY oil options are endless.

(Solar infused oils aren’t safe to eat btw, only use on your skin, in the bath etc).

It’s up to you which herbs you mix together but some herbs that work well a solar infused oil are: Comfrey, Lavendar, Chamomile, Rose and Calendula.

If you are planning to use herbs you are growing at home, you will need to thoroughly dry these out before you start infusing your oil, to avoid any mould or spoilage (see below).

You can also buy dried herbs for use in your infused oil.

How to dry foraged herbs

  • The best time to harvest herbs is in the morning on a dry day before they lose their volatile oils.
  • Never harvest more than a third of the plant.
  • Leave your herbs to dry in a cool, dark place (out of direct sunlight) for 3-10 days, depending on the humidity.

Taken from Hackney Herbal’s Herbal Journal: Summer Solstice Edition (ebook, £8) Available at

How To Make A Solar Infused Herbal Oil

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30 grams dried herbs
200 mls oil (such as light coconut, sunflower, sweet almond or apricot kernel)


  1. Place your dried herbs in a clean glass jar and then cover with oil (such as light coconut, sunflower, sweet almond or apricot kernel).
  2. Leave on a sunny windowsill for roughly 4 weeks to infuse; giving it a little shake every few days.
  3. After 4 weeks, strain out the herbs and pour into a clean bottle.
  4. Once your infused oil is ready and you’ve strained your herbs or flowers, you can then rub the flowers or leaves directly on the skin as they will still be covered in nourishing, replenishing oily goodness! You could also add them to a bath.
  5. Use your infused oil within 6 months; by applying it directly to the skin or in homemade cosmetics and skincare.