Easy Used Coffee Grounds Body Scrub Recipe

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Easy Used Coffee Grounds Body Scrub Recipe

1 Servings
Prep time: 10 mins
Cook time: 5 mins

DIY beauty recipes are having a moment, which we love. Try this super simple and effective used coffee body scrub.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 30 Mar 2022

Raid your kitchens and repurpose waste ingredients for this super simple exfoliating coffee ground body scrub recipe from Hackney Herbal.

Coffee is full of antioxidants and has an excellent exfoliating action when applied to the skin.

Natalie Mady, founder of Hackney Herbal, shares her exfoliating used coffee ground body scrub recipe with us.

"You can recycle your spent coffee grounds in a scrub simply by rubbing it in circular motions to the skin, before rinsing it off in the bath or shower.

But adding herbs and essential oils can elevate your scrub and turn it a luxurious body treatment. If desired, the scrub can be made without coffee too, using sea salts, epsom salts and sugar," she explains.

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"For this scrub, I’ve paired rosemary, sage and mandarin essential oils with sprigs of fresh rosemary and mandarin zest.

Rosemary stimulates blood flow and circulation, sage is purifying and cleansing while mandarin is uplifting and enlivening to the body and mind.

You can choose different essential oils and fresh herbs to suit your mood or desired effect."

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DIY Beauty: Used Coffee Grounds Body Scrub Recipe

3 barista scoops of coffee

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1 cup of used coffee grounds

1 cup of sea salt, epsom salt or brown sugar

5ml carrier oil (feel free to use less or more - I like my scrub quite dry)

Up to 10 drops (in total) rosemary, mandarin & sage essential oils

Optional squirt of honey

Optional sprigs of rosemary

Optional grated mandarin or orange zest

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