Skin Deep: 13 Awesome Organic And Vegan Skincare Brands

Dive into natural beauty with our favourite organic and vegan skincare buys.

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The skin we’re in is pretty important, right?

It’s our biggest organ and yet we don’t treat it with the same respect we do our bellies.

60% of everything you lather on can be absorbed and mainstream beauty brands don’t always have your skin’s best interests at heart.

We’ve rounded up our favourite organic, plant-based and sustainable skincare brands – for both guys and girls – from Australia to Canada.

For the best in natural and nurturing, luxurious and affordable, hit the slideshow below.

13 Awesome Organic And Vegan Skincare Brands


Pai has been designed specifically for sensitive skin. That means extra care is taken to only include the highest quality plant based ingredients and no nasties. Its Cameilla and Rose Hydrating Cleanser has cleaned up on the green awards circuit and feels more like a luxury treat than a routine jobby. Cameilla is packed full of Omega 8 and Vitamin E for those that didn’t know and has been Japanese women’s clear skin weapon for centuries. The company has a transparent manufacturing process and is certified by pretty much every organic label going so you’re in safe (sensitive) hands.


Embrace the turmeric wave. The trendy yellow spice isn’t just good for your insides but also packs a powerful punch in favour of your skin. It is anti-everything – antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral meaning it can help with clogged pores, redness and even facial hair growth. New beauty brand Yllo have it all neatly packaged into a cool face scrub powder (that won’t turn your face yellow) and they’re donating 10% of profits to projects backed by who are working to end child marriage.

United and Free

Plant based skincare brand United and Freehail from Canada and their seven strong skin and haircare line up is one of a new breed of brands who don’t distinguish between male and female skincare. They work with a seventh generation alchemist to make sure everything smells gender neutral (now that’s commitment), the ingredients are all natural and even the packaging is recyclable. If you’re more a no-nonsense, get clean and move on kind of person, then United and Free’s bottles are your new shower stalwarts.

Organic Nation

If you’re after eco-luxury then look no further. Organic Nation tick just about every eco, vegan, ethical and organic box you could wish for and them some. It works with perfumers to find the right scents, promises a sustainable process from soil to skin (S2S) and combines the latest scientific theories on skincare with the best ingredients in nature. Oh and the founders have been at this malarky for over 25 years. They call it ‘green chemistry’, we call it a miracle. Try the Vanillamint Body Moisturiser with aloe and superberries for enviable Aussie-soft skin that’s hydrated and protected from UV rays. Bonza.


Seascape’s range of organic (and affordable) skincare has picked up multiple awards over the last couple of years (especially for its kids and babies range). Based in Jersey all of its ingredients come from the island, often from long running family businesses. It uses pure sea salt and plenty of essential oils to soothe and smoothe and all of its packaging is recyclable or sourced from carbon neutral suppliers. The brand’s award-winning Sea Salt Body Scrub uses eucalyptus, lime, jasmine and beeswax to get your skin so silky soft you might even do away with the moisturiser.

The Soap Co

British based The Soap Co combines luxury ethical skincare with positive social impact. The brand hires disabled or disadvantaged people and aims to create 60 new jobs each year. As for the products, the traditionally crafted soaps are made with sustainable palm and coconut oil mixed with local water from their Lake District manufacturing base. Minimal packaging and sophisticated scents mean these are a step above your usual bathroom cleansers.

The Beauty Chef

Organic skincare made from ingredients that are good enough to eat sounds too good to be true but cult Australian brand The Beauty Chef  creates products that have both naturopaths and nutritionists nodding in approval. Beauty editors all over the world have been flocking to this recipe based inner and outer skincare line that uses natural fermenting to make bio-active potions to achieve glowing healthy skin. The Probiotic Skin Refiner breaks down dead skin, stimulates collagen and boosts skin’s immunity. And best of all? You can pronounce everything that’s in it.

Kinvara Skincare

Irish brand, Kinvara Skincare , is a marvel. This low key, low maintenance brand set out to conjure up sustainable and organic plant based skincare that does no harm to you or the planet. Each product works in multiple ways meaning you don’t have to spend a fortune to sort out your skin. Everything is made by hand in small batches, with some ingredients grown locally. The Free From Awards nominated Active Rosehip Day Cream is a stand out – it’s jam-packed with essential plant oils, vitamins, lemon, lavender and natural hyaluronic acid which helps to plump up skin.

Noto Botanics

When a beauty company calls its own industry ‘toxic’ then you know it’s taking a different path. Noto Botanics want to reshape beauty products around doing good (for you and the planet). It’s about a transparent process, individual beauty and generally shaking things up a bit. Good job their plant based products also kick ass then isn’t it? Think minimal and multi-use with the various oils aimed at anyone who wants to feel good, no matter what their gender. Try the Rooted Oil for hair and scent – a woody, argan oil-laced earthy affair that includes bergamot and cardamom.

Lulu & Boo

Ex-make up artist Claire Edmonds created Lulu & Boo as a holistic skincare range after she had problems with sensitive skin. Her award-winning affordable line includes everything from rich and creamy body lotions to healing ointments for chapped skin. Certified by the Vegan Society and the Soil Association, all of the ingredients are traceable and organically produced, meaning there’s nothing in this charming collection that can upset sensitive skin.

Josh Rosebrook

A favourite with the LA A-listers, Josh Rosebrook ’s line of organic plant-based skin and haircare is another example of a brand ditching the need to create separate lines for men and women. Having created a single product for his own use, top hairdresser Rosebrook ended up creating a small but powerful collection. It focuses on 100% organic or wild-crafted plants, herbs and oils that help heal skin, hair and body naturally. His unisex Styling Cream includes ginseng, burdock and sage (and many others) for strong hair growth as well as flexible style.


Cult US sustainable beauty brand Cult US sustainable beauty brand Mun is right on the money when it comes to minimal, Scandi-look skincare. But it’s not a case of style over substance, their range of pure healing botanicals are sourced from various ethical co-ops (especially in Morocco) that replace used plants, fund education programmes and create jobs for Berber women. Back to the bottle and the toners and serums are packed with antioxidants, argan oil and vitamins that will calm, soothe and restore stressed skin.

Edible Beauty

Australia really does know its way round organic and plant based skincare. Edible Beauty from the inside out, it uses wildcrafted Australian plants and herbs, organically grown and the highest grade and even uses dark violet glass to make its products last longer. Its & Gold Rush eye balm uses edible gold to reduce puffiness and dark circles (an old Japanese Geisha trick) as well as blueberry oil, cucumber and passionflower – all antioxidant botanicals which hydrate and soothe.

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