7 Best Bath Salts For At Home Pampering

Bath salts are a natural and affordable way to upgrade bathtimes. Here's what you need to know and seven of our favourites.

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Bathing is a self-care ritual that purifies the mind and body.

Nothing quite says ‘me time’ than a long soak in the bathtub with a candle. Adding bath salts take bathing to the next level.

Long enjoyed as an easy and affordable way to improve mental and physical wellbeing, they have been used to treat everything from stress to aches and pains.

So, what are bath salts?

They’re commonly made from magnesium sulphate (Epsom salt), sea salt and sometimes Himalayan pink salt.

They can be easily dissolved in warm water which makes them a simple and natural way to enhance your bathing routine.

Most bath salts contain added essential oils and fragrances to deepen your sensory experience.

Natural bath salts are eco-friendly and can be used as part of a sustainable lifestyle.

What are bath salts good for?

Bath salts make an excellent addition to your self-care routine because they have a number of benefits for your body and mental wellbeing, such as:

  • Soaking in a salt solution hydrates and detoxifies your skin.
  • The magnesium component of Epsom salt acts as a deep muscle relaxant that helps you destress and promotes sleep.
  • Magnesium also supports healthy bones and nervous system.
  • Himalayan pink salt helps calm your mind and has antimicrobial properties that can treat acne and other skin complaints like psoriasis and eczema.
  • Sea salt is known to treat rheumatic diseases and is good for your skin, muscles and mental wellbeing.
  • Many bath salts contain aromatherapy oils with calming, mood-boosting and rejuvenating properties.

Bathe with bath salts for a good night’s sleep, after a workout or simply as part of a self-care afternoon.

How do you make bath salts?

They’re easy to make at home because they can be as simple or as fancy as you like.

Add a few handfuls of sea salt, Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt or magnesium flakes to your bath.

Or, you can dress up your concoction with essential oils such as lavender, rose and lemon.

For even more indulgence, add some dried petals to the mix. Complete with a natural candle.

If you would prefer to leave your pampering to the experts, here are eight luxurious and all-natural bath salts that have been carefully made to suit your needs.

7 Best Bath Salts For At Home Pampering

1. Best magnesium bath salts: Conscious House London

Female-founded Scintilla create natural and sustainable skincare and home fragrances by hand from ingredients sourced by trusted suppliers.

They believe self-care should harmonise with the planet, not be against it.

Their Unwind Mini Bath Salts are beautifully packaged and plastic-free. It’s 100% natural with ingredients designed to soften dry skin and soothe eczema and psoriasis.

It also contains magnesium to boost mood and offer deep relaxation.

Paired with dried lavender flowers, this bath set makes for an excellent evening of eco-friendly pampering.

Even better? 10% of profits are donated to charity.

View on Scintilla.

2. Best hydrating bath salts: Kalabash Bodycare

Kalabash Bodycare sell award-winning Caribbean inspired soap, bath and body care.

Each product is palm oil-free, handmade using natural ingredients and presented in stylish, sustainable packaging.

We can’t get enough of their soothing mineral bath soak collection.

Choose from a selection of three utterly delightful mineral-rich bath salts made with Dead Sea crystals, Epsom salts and aromatherapy grade pure essentials oils.

For an extra bit of pampering, each one contains coconut oil to hydrate and moisturise the skin.

Go for sensual Ylang Ylang & Geranium, soothing Lavender or revitalising Lemongrass.

View on Kalabash Bodycare.

3. Best bath salts for sleep: MOA

MOA’s award-winning Dreamy Mineral Soak bath salts offer the perfect at-home retreat that will help you unwind just before bed.

The mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt and sea salt create a restorative concoction that hydrates skin and awakens your circulation.

Lavender and cardamom essential oils promote relaxation whilst lemon peel brightens skin and pine oil soothes blemishes.

MOA’s bath salts are vegan and cruelty-free.

Made mindfully in England, they’re 100% natural and packaging is made from recycled board and printed with vegetable inks.

View on MOA.

4. Best relaxing bath salts: Conchus

Conchus create beautifully handmade bath and body care products for those who are conscious of their impact on the planet (get the pun?).

Their Merry Bath Salt Soak is sure to cheer you up with its promise of a relaxing, restorative and replenishing bath.

These bath salts contain 21 different minerals that nourish the body and send the day’s stresses packing.

With delicious notes of evergreen, citrus, almond oil and orange peel you’ll feel like you’ve created your very own spa.

Conchus bath salts are palm oil-free, vegan-friendly and the packaging is plastic-free.

Start with a jar and replenish it with a fully biodegradable refill pouch that you can pop straight in the green waste.

View on Conchus.

5. Best luxury bath salts: anatomē

London-based anatomē give bathtimes an added sprinkle of luxury with their collection of bath salts.

Their brand new Balance and Restore Himalaya Bath Salts are packed with organic botanicals such as star anise, hibiscus, calendula and blue cornflower petals that uplift the mind after a busy day.

The blend of natural salts helps to soothe stressed-out skin and aid relaxation and sleep.

anatomē are committed to sustainability. They use biodegradable and recyclable packaging where possible, support organic farming and ensure supply chains are traceable.

View on anatomē.

6. Best detox bath salts: Eco Bath

Eco Bath have got you covered for all your sustainable bathtime needs from natural Epsom salts to organic cotton bathrobes.

Their philosophy is rooted in quality and care for the planet. True to form, they only use ethically sourced ingredients and ensure every stage of the supply chain is cruelty-free.

Eco Bath has an extensive and affordable range of bath salts to suit your mood and self-care needs.

A popular one is The Detox which promises full-body relaxation coupled with invigorating notes of grapefruit.

View on Eco Bath.

7. Best muscle soak bath salts: Verdant Alchemy

Soak off the stresses of everyday life with Verdant Alchemy’s all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly bath salts.

Each concoction is handcrafted in their London workshop and certified COSMOS natural by the Social Association.

Packaged in beautifully labelled jars and pouches, these bath salts are designed to restore your body and wellbeing.

You have a range of six combinations to choose from that are guaranteed to hit the spot.

High in magnesium and aromatherapy, these bath salts promise to nourish your mind, body and soul.

View on Verdant Alchemy.

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