Ditch The Disposables: 9 Swaps To Create A Plastic Free Bathroom

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Ditch The Disposables: 9 Swaps To Create A Plastic Free Bathroom


Want to get rid of plastic this year? Your bathroom is an easy place to start going plastic free.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 21 Jan 2021

It’s time to think beyond plastic.

With scary statistics on the horizon - like there being more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050, it’s time to take a look around and think post-plastic. And it’s actually a lovely place to be.

There are beautiful, functional and sustainable alternatives for almost everything you reach for on a daily basis in your bathroom.

Come with us as we take a whirl through the toiletries everyone uses all the time and discover how to ditch the plastic in your bathroom.

Ditch The Disposables The Soap Co


We’ve all got used to liquid soap but really it’s unnecessary and mostly full of stuff that you can’t pronounce. Swap it for this season’s coolest bathroom accessory - the wool wrapped soap. Social enterprise, The Soap Co. have this number - it’s made from cocoa butter and olive oil, wrapped in Herdwick wool from the Lake District as an exfoliant. It comes smelling of bergamot and mint, works a treat and it’s called a pebble.


Superfood clean beauty gurus Rawgaia’s moisturiser not only rocks but it also comes in a glass jar. The MSM Organic Beauty Cream is award-winning, cold pressed, vegan, cruelty free and packed full of frankincense and myrrh (if it was good enough for the Three Kings…).

Bamboo toothbrushes from Mable - ethical and non plastic


Bamboo and wooden toothbrushes are a lot more common than they used to be. We love Mable, simply for its beautiful design. Mable is made from sustainably grown bamboo, it’s biodegradable and for every one bought ones goes to a kid in need.

Ecofriendly and vegan metal shaving razor company


These gleaming beauties are almost impossible to recycle. The US alone throws away over two billion of them a year. Mutiny Shaving have created a zero emission company, that's eco-friendly and vegan. Their shaving boxes include a 3 piece double edged safety razor and replacement blades, a synthetic bristled, wooden handled shaving brush, handmade, natural shaving soap and an aluminium styptic pencil to stem any nicks whilst shaving. Make your own clean beauty shaving cream here.

Use a soapnut bar as a sustainable alternative to shampoo


We’ve got a feature on different ways to ditch shampoo for natural ingredients but Living Naturally has an organic, vegan friendly soapnut bar that is perfect for hair and it's palm oil free. Soapnuts have been used for centuries as they soften skin and hair and have a mild anti-bacterial and anti-microbial function.

Ditch The Disposables Moa Green balm

All round balm

Organic beauty brand MOA’s Green Balm is a hands down miracle product that has a multitude of uses. From make up remover to calming down insect bites or soothing scratches, it’s a natural, vegetarian friendly, cruelty-free balm in a glass jar that uses yarrow as the superstar ingredient. It’s even good for chapped lips.

Ditch The Disposables Awake organics


Awake Organicsuse British clay, arrowroot and sodium bicarbonate to keep you whiff free with four organic essential oils working hard to soothe the skin and there's no aluminium. Better yet, this lovely deodorant cream comes in a glass jar.


Georganics is becoming a bit of a cult brand when it comes to organic oral care. We love the incredible oil pulling mouthwash that combines Instagram's favourite things - coconut oil and activated charcoal, but puts them to good use. The natural ingredients literally pull toxins from your mouth. Each item comes in glass and biodegradable packaging and is handmade in Sussex.

Plastic free make up remover pads

Make up remover pads

Ditch the cotton wool (which comes in plastic) for reusable, washable cotton make up remover pads. We found these in a zero waste shop or you can buy them online here

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