Our Favorite 9 Plastic-Free Water Bottles That Quench Your Thirst

These Non-Toxic Water Bottle Brands Make Ditching Single-Use Plastic A No-Brainer

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Staying hydrated is important—but so is reducing our plastic footprint.

Thankfully, the best plastic-free water bottles provide a practical, planet-friendly, and easy on the wallet without sacrificing your hydration needs.

Choosing a non-plastic water bottle is overall one of the easiest ways to fight plastic pollution and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. 

The challenging part?

Finding the best reusable water bottle for you, but we’re here to help.

A Quick Sip Of The Best Non-Plastic Water Bottles

So what is the healthiest water bottle to use?

  • For a trusty hydration sidekick, no matter the adventure, Hydro Flask has a range of stainless steel BPA-free water bottles in a diverse set of colors and sizes—and a wealth of carbon reduction goals to match.
  • Want more space in your kitchen cabinets? Klean Kanteen has a multi-use non-plastic bottle depending on the lid you pair it with. 
  • The original reusable insulation bottle, each purchase from S’well also helps those around the world get access to safe drinking water.

Globally, we go through one million plastic water bottles a minute (so that’s three million more added to the ever-growing pile before you’ve finished reading this).

While reusable water bottles are the answer, we ultimately prefer to go plastic-free. 

It’s thought that a chemical used in manufacturing these longer-lasting plastic bottles, Bisphenol A (BPA), can leach into our food and drink, and can harm our hormone production.

So, ditch plastic for good and choose from one of the best non-toxic water bottle brands instead. Keep reading to discover our favorites, and chug your way to the bottom to discover how we chose them. 

Our Curated List Of plastic-free Water Bottles For Healthy Hydration On The Go

1. Hydro Flask

Plastic-Free Water Bottles - Images by Hydro Flask
Images by Hydro Flask

Price Range | $30–$125 | Shop Hydro Flask

Materials | Each plastic-free water bottle body is made from pro-grade stainless steel and features a powder coat and TempShield™ insulation. These are paired with BPA-free plastic water bottle lids and straws.

What We Love | Hydro Flask believes meaningful outdoor adventures should be accessible for all. From their Parks for All nonprofit to their ‘Let’s Go’ education series, they want to help you experience nature to the fullest.

Hydro Flask’s Plastic Free Water Bottles

Hydro Flask is your on-the-go sidekick for eating and drinking. They have tumblers, coffee cups, food jars, and, of course, reusable water bottles, all made with the same sturdy stainless steel. 

But is Hydro Flask plastic-free?

Almost. Their lids and integrated straws are still made with BPA-free flexible plastic. Plus, each part is separately replaceable so if one gets damaged, you don’t need to unnecessarily replace both.

If you find yourself running dry when out and about, Hydro Flask has got you covered with a wide range of sizes, including the O128oz Oasis non-plastic gallon water bottle. That’s more than enough to keep you hydrated for the day!

The 40oz Lightweight Wide Mouth Trail Series is a handy companion for all your outdoor adventures. It’s narrow enough to slot inside a side pocket of your backpack, the wide mouth makes it easy to drink from, and it has a handle for easy carry. 

We’ve been drinking from Hydro Flask for years and have put our bottles through the ringer. After countless drops and dents, the only way we’ve found to destroy one was backing over it with a truck.

Hydro Flask’s Sustainability

Carbon Goals & Achievements | By 2030, Hydro Flask plans to reduce carbon emissions in direct operations by 46.2%. They’re working with partners to reduce the carbon footprint of their supply chain by 42%.  

Supply Chain | Helen of Troy, the company that owns Hydro Flask, has recently switched their supply chain from China to the Western Hemisphere. They also have a Supplier Code of Conduct in place. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | They ensure an inclusive workplace with inclusive hiring programs, unconscious bias training, and investing in their employees. 

Pay It Forward | The brand has donated more than $3.1 million in support of parks worldwide through their Parks for All nonprofit. 

2. Klean Kanteen

Plastic-Free Water Bottles - Images by Klean Kanteen
Images by Klean Kanteen

Price Range | $18–$65 | Shop Klean Kanteen

Materials | All plastic-free bottles are made withstainless steel, certified 90% post-consumer recycled 18/8 stainless steel. Their Classic Bamboo Cap features just bamboo and stainless steel, but other lid options are made of BPA-free plastic.

What We Love | Klean Kanteen’s bottles are made for life. Their circular design approach means durable materials and versatile functions, so you only need to buy once, and it will last a long time. 

Klean Kanteen’s Non Toxic Water Bottles

Who said you can’t have a water bottle without plastic but with personality?

Klean Kanteen adds playful colors and patterns to its range of reusable water bottles. Say hello to daisy prints, geometric designs, and bright block colors that will certainly stand out. 

If that isn’t enough, you can design your own custom bottle, and mix and match different caps to change the function of your bottle. 

The cherry on top is that you can mix and match different caps to change the function of your bottle. 

Going cycling? 

Take the sports cap to make it a non-plastic bike water bottle. 

Have children? 

The sippy cap is perfect for turning it into a plastic-free kids’ water bottle. 

Our go-to is the TK Wide Water Bottle, with an easy sipping cap. Its double-wall design makes it durable and insulation. If we fill it with ice water, it keeps it cold all day.

The powder coat gives it a durable, chip-resistant finish, and comes in a choice of bright colors. 

Klean Kanteen’s Sustainability

Carbon Goals & Achievements | Klean Kanteen has been Carbon Neutral Certified since 2019. They measure their footprint annually, reduce where they can, and offset unavoidable emissions in verified schemes.

Supply Chain | The brand is a Certified B Corp, which ensures transparency and accountability in every action they take. All global suppliers they work with are held to the ETI Base Code and ILO Standards. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Klean Kanteen is a family-owned business that fosters a culture of collaboration. They also offer a student discount on their products.

Pay It Forward | A member of 1% for the Planet, so far, they’ve donated $3.6 million in social and environmental projects. 

3. Jungle Culture

Plastic-Free Water Bottles - Images by Jungle Culture
Images by Jungle Culture

Price Range | £25 | Shop Jungle Culture

Materials | Jungle Culture’s 100% no plastic water bottle is made of professional grade 304 stainless steel with BPA-free silicone below the lid and easy-grip paint. It comes in recycled kraft paper box packaging.

What We Love | On a mission to tackle plastic pollution, Jungle Culture provides all the solutions you need to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle. From personal care products to on-the-go goods, they guarantee zero plastic.

Jungle Culture’s Non Plastic Water Bottles

Jungle Culture has two reusable water bottles to choose from. Available in Matte Effect Black or Matte Effect White, the two-tone style bottles are made using professional grade 304 stainless steel and hold up to 22oz. 

Not only are these water bottles non-plastic, but they’re also designed to last. They’re rust-resistant, leakproof, and come with a lifetime warranty. 

Plus, their matte paint coating makes them easy to grip and, therefore, easy to drink from. 

Speaking of drinks, these non-plastic water bottles are double-walled and vacuum insulated to keep liquids hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. 

Jungle Culture also sells a bamboo cleaning bottle brush to help you keep your reusable water bottle as good as new for longer. 

Jungle Culture’s Sustainability

Supply Chain | Ethical sourcing is key to Jungle Culture’s brand ethos. They work with small farms, workshops, and transparent factories that empower local communities around the world. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | The brand uplifts marginalized rural communities by working closely with small suppliers. 

Pay It Forward | They are a member of 1% for the Planet, which means they donate 1% of total profits to environmental causes. 

4. S’well

Plastic-Free Water Bottles - Images by S’well
Images by S’well

Price Range | $35–$55 | Shop S’well

Materials | If you want your lid AND water bottle plastic-free, S’well offers a high-grade 18/18 stainless steel bottle, no plastic involved.

What We Love | The OG 17oz, high-performance stainless steel reusable water bottle looks good as much as it does good. The brand works with a number of charitable initiatives to make safe and sanitary drinking water accessible for all. 

S’well’s Plastic-Free Water Bottles

S’well founder Sarah Kauss pioneered the first stainless steel water bottle as the original “hydration accessory” long before reusable water bottles went mainstream. 

Since then, the brand has expanded to cover travel mugs, ice cream chillers, salad bowls, and cocktail shakers. Even your four-legged friend is catered for with a dedicated S’well pet bowl. 

Back to bottles, you can’t go wrong with the Original, a triple-insulated, non-toxic stainless steel water bottle that keeps drinks hot for 18 hours and cold for 36 hours. It has an extensive range of colors, too. 

We love the Teakwood and Azurite Marble. Other plastic-free water bottle ranges include Travelers and Roamers, which make hydration on the go easy and compact.

S’well’s Sustainability

Supply Chain | The brand implements best practices across its supply chain in China. 

Pay It Forward | All S’well bottles purchased means a donation to Water.org to help provide access to clean, safe drinking water around the world. 

5. Purifyou

Plastic-Free Water Bottles - Images by Purifyou
Images by Purifyou

Price Range | $25–$100 | Shop Purifyou

Materials | The brand’s bottles are made from borosilicate glass. Each non-toxic glass water bottle features a bamboo lid and platinum silicone sleeves with a silicone straw.

What We Love | Purifyou gives back through every glass bottle sold by supporting local artisans in Morocco and building water wells in Afghanistan, Kenya, and Uganda.

Purifyou’s Glass Water Bottles

Purifyou is a family-owned business championing eco-friendly kitchen essentials, handcrafted accessories, and reusable water bottles designed to make zero-waste living easier. 

Compared to other non-plastic water jugs on the market, their elegant Glass Water Tumbler is a refreshing new way to hydrate. 

The borosilicate glass bottle is super safe and durable, and the fetching food-grade silicone sleeve adds durability and easy grip. It also has time and volume markings to help you keep track of your hydration progress throughout the day. 

The plastic-free water bottle comes in four sizes, from 32oz to 40oz, and there’s a wide range of colors to choose from. 

We love that the mouth opening is wide enough for ice and fruit but narrow enough to drink from without spills. If you’re looking for a non-toxic water bottle with a straw (that’s not plastic, either!), this one’s for you.

Purifyou’s Sustainability

Supply Chain | Their water bottles are manufactured in China. We would like to see more transparency in their supply chain and will be reaching out to inquire. 

Pay It Forward | The brand donates a portion of profits to charities building wells in communities without access to safe drinking water. 

6. Greens Steel

Plastic-Free Water Bottles - Images by Greens Steel
Images by Greens Steel

Price Range | $19–$20 | Shop Greens Steel

Materials | All bottles are made from 8/18 stainless steel. Their tumblers have a shatterproof Tritan plastic lid.

What We Love | Greens Steel’s mission is to help rid the world of single-use plastic bottles by providing an affordable, reusable alternative. From bestselling, ergonomic tumblers to children’s water bottles, each product is made to last and has a lifetime warranty.

Greens Steel’s Reusable Plastic Free Water Bottles

Greens Steel’s small but mighty range of drinkware has got you covered for all your on-the-go and outdoor adventures at an affordable price point. 

Come here for reusable travel cups, stainless steel tumblers, and kids’ plastic-free water bottles in fun colors. 

One of the brand’s hero products is the reusable stainless steel double-insulated coffee tumbler, otherwise referred to as the BEAST. Choose from four sizes starting from 10oz to 40oz and 19 different colors. The larger sizes also come with cleaning brushes and straws. A splash-proof lid is included for easy drinking. 

The brand’s Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle is ideal if you’re looking for something…well…bottled-shaped. 

One of the best BPA-free water bottles, choose from 12oz, 17oz, or 25 oz and three sleek colors. It has double-wall vacuum insulation and comes with a carabiner for added portability.

Greens Steel’s Sustainability

Supply Chain | All Greens Steel’s drinkware is manufactured in China. The brand works closely with the suppliers to ensure they meet their strict code of conduct, but we’re not sure if any certifications apply. 

Pay It Forward | They donate to environmental and social charitable causes globally. 

7. Welly

Plastic-Free Water Bottles - Images by Welly
Images by Welly

Price Range | $30–$60 | Shop Welly

Materials | Welly’s bottles are made from premium 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and sustainably harvested bamboo. There’s a small amount of BPA-free plastic and silicone under the cap.

What We Love | On a mission to empower the world with safe drinking water, Welly has partnered with charity: water to improve the lives of women and children. 

Welly’s BPA Free Water Bottles

Welly quenches our thirst for single-use plastic-free water bottles that look pretty, too. The brand has added bamboo to its range of stainless steel bottles for an eye-catching look that is sure to reel in compliments. 

You can’t go wrong with the Bamboo Traveler triple-walled, vacuum-insulated water bottle, which keeps liquid drinks hot for up to 14 hours and cold for up to 24. 

It has a removable infuser, with which you can brew tea, or add fruit to for tasty fruit-infused water. It also fits most standard cupholders. For some extra personalization, you can add an engraving to it. 

If clean and safe drinking water is a concern, Welly also has a Traveler with built-in UV-C technology that eliminates 99.64% of E.coli and 99.71% of Salmonella bacteria so you can have safe, purified drinking water anywhere. 

Welly’s Sustainability

Supply Chain | They have a close relationship with their manufacturers in China to ensure their bottles are responsibly made. 

Pay It Forward | The brand donates over 1% of sales to charity: water projects working to make safe drinking water accessible for all. 

8. Que

Plastic-Free Water Bottles - Images by Que
Images by Que

Price Range | $25–$33 | Shop Que

Materials | Que’s insulated bottle range is made from 18/8 stainless steel with an inner ceramic coating and a bamboo cap. The collapsible bottle is made from 100% food-grade silicone and features a stainless steel cap. 

Are silicone water bottles safe? Yes, as long as they’re food-grade, which ensures they’re among the best BPA-free water bottles without lead or phthalates.

What We Love | Que brings design and innovation to reusable water bottles without plastic, making them the smart and stylish choice in the fight against plastic pollution.

Que’s Non Toxic Water Bottles

Que (pronounced ‘cue’) has created a reusable, non-BPA water bottle that has been recognized for its ingenious design by the Smithsonian, the MoMA, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, to name a few. 

The Collapsible Bottle makes bulky bottles a thing of the past as it can be compressed and expanded depending on how much water you want to carry. This lightweight travel bottle is made from shatterproof silicone and has a leakproof cap, so you can stash it away in your bag with confidence. 

If temperature control is higher on your list of priorities than space-saving design, Que has an Insulated Bottle with a ceramic interior that will keep liquids hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. 

Que’s Sustainability

Supply Chain | All their reusable water bottles are manufactured in responsible factories in China. The factories are audited annually to ensure ethical compliance, but we’ll be reaching out to see if they have certifications to back up these claims. 

Pay It Forward | Que proudly supports a number of environmental charities, including Grand Canyon Trust, Rainforest Trust, Coral Reef Alliance, and Groundwork Richmond.

9. Origin

Plastic-Free Water Bottles - Images by Origin
Images by Origin

Price Range | $15–$26 | Shop Origin

Materials | With each Origin water bottle, no plastic is involved. They’re made from medical-grade borosilicate glass and feature a leakproof bamboo lid with a food-grade silicone ring and food-grade silicone sleeve. 

What We Love | Origin partners with proven partners rooted in sustainable development to support communities living in extreme poverty. They help tackle some of the most pressing health and environmental needs, including fighting disease, providing hygiene solutions, and donating educational resources to schools. 

Origin’s Non Plastic Water Bottles

The hero of Origin’s eco-friendly water bottle collection is medical-grade borosilicate glass (think Pyrex). 

The sturdy, thermal-resistant, and drop-resistant bottles have versatile silicone sleeves and bamboo lids. You can find a narrow or wide mouth opening to suit your style and preference. 

For you plastic-free tea bag lovers, you can brew your favorite hot drink in the Origin Fruit and Tea Infuser with a Neoprene Sleeve and Double Mesh Filter. It’s BPA, BPS, PVC, and lead-free.

Origin also produces one of the best BPA-free water bottles for kids. The bottle itself is the brand’s signature borosilicate glass with a BPA-free plastic handle and lid to protect it from drops and falls. It comes with adorable protective bunny ears, too. 

Origin’s Sustainability

Supply Chain | No supply chain information is supplied, and we would like to see more transparency. 

Pay It Forward | Origin donates 2% of the revenue to social impact causes supporting communities through water, education, and health access. 

How Did We Choose The Best Plastic-Free Water Bottle Brands?

Single-use plastic bottles are one of the main culprits behind plastic pollution. Switching to a reusable bottle is one of the easiest ways to be more sustainable. But with so many reusable bottles out there, you might wonder which ones are truly eco-friendly.

For us, it’s the bottles that are 100% plastic-free for several reasons:

  1. They don’t run the risk of BPA and phthalate chemical contamination. Even a plastic BPA-free water bottle isn’t necessarily safe since some BPA alternatives are actually more toxic than BPA.
  2. There’s no chance of plastic polluting the environment after the bottle reaches the end of its lifecycle.
  3. There’s less of a demand for virgin oil resources in the manufacturing process.

To help us narrow down the most eco-friendly water bottles even further, we’ve created a set of criteria that brands should meet. 

We know sustainability is a work in progress, and brands won’t tick every box, but they should at least be taking positive steps forward. 


B Corporation (B Corp), 1% for the Planet, Climate Neutral, International Labor Organization (ILO), Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI)

Fabrics & Materials: 

What is an alternative to plastic water bottles?

Those that are, well, from plastic, duh! So what are they made of? 

Non-toxic stainless steel water bottles are the most common. 

The best metal bottles are 18/18 stainless steel (also known as Grade 304 stainless steel), a composition of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. It might also be composed of up to 0.8% carbon and at least 50% iron.

Stainless steel is safe to drink from as it’s non-toxic and naturally corrosion-resistant. It’s 100% recyclable too. 

Another popular alternative is borosilicate glass, which is tough and resistant to thermal shock. It’s also non-toxic and safe to drink from, but isn’t quite as durable as stainless steel. While it will withstand drops, it won’t withstand severe ones.

Some water bottle brands use small amounts of shatterproof BPA-free plastic in the lids, while others prefer food-grade silicone and renewable bamboo. 

Carbon Goals & Achievements:

We would like more brands to be transparent about their carbon footprint and their plans to improve. 

In terms of the carbon footprint of the materials used in plastic-free water bottles, borosilicate glass wins sustainability points. It has a 50% lower carbon footprint in production than polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. 

Stainless steel is hugely labor-intensive, from mining to manufacturing. A single stainless steel bottle burns seven times as many fossil fuels as plastic bottled water. 

However, the more you use your bottle instead of single-use plastic, the carbon emissions saved from plastic production will soon even out. 

Supply Chain: 

Overall, we would like to see more brands being transparent about their supply chain. A plastic-free bottle does not equate to the ethical treatment of factory workers. 

It’s good to see that brands do factory visits and carry out third-party audits to ensure suppliers comply with ethical standards. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: 

We like to see brands that care about their communities. 

This could be making a conscious effort to increase diversity in their workforce, supporting marginalized groups in their local community, or promoting inclusivity in their products. 

Pay It Forward: 

Giving back isn’t essential to being a sustainable brand, as we know it can be costly. However, we’re pleased to see many brands supporting clean water initiatives around the world. 

Closing Thoughts On Non-Plastic Water Bottles

481.6 billion plastic water bottles are used yearly—and only 9% are recycled. 

With the possibility of more plastic than fish in the ocean (by weight) in 2050, it’s time we put the lid on plastic bottles for good (and recycle them responsibly). 

The alternative? 

Plastic-free water bottles that can be reused on repeat. They’re healthier for you, better for the planet, and keep drinks refreshing for longer. 

Oh, and they save you money with each use. We’ll toast to that!

Has this round-up slaked your thirst for plastic-free water bottles? 

Don’t forget to share it with plastic bottle-loving friend, so you can toast the end of polluting water bottles forever.