Activist Investing: How To Buy Shares In A Company To Create Change

Want to create change with your money? Here’s how to get involved with activist investing with Tulipshare.

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Investing can be a great way to make your money work for you and grow wealth.

However, we feel that there’s an unfortunate lack of transparency and awareness about what your money is really supporting.

This can make it difficult to invest in line with your values.

But what if you could combine causes you believe in with activism and investing? That’s exactly what Tulipshare does.

This stock trading platform campaigns for change in some of the biggest companies in the world – all through investing.

Through Tulipshare, you can become an activist investor in campaigns you believe in for as little as £1.

Here’s how to buy shares to affect change in a company with Tulipshare.

How to buy shares in a company and use them for change

For many people, buying shares is not often associated with progressive change. However, Tulipshare does investing a little differently.

Tulipshare’’s activist investing ethos helps those committed to progressive change to invest in company stocks and leverage shareholder rights to make their voices heard.

But how exactly do you buy shares and use them for change?

What is activist investing?

First things first, let’s go a little deeper into what activist investing is.

Activist investing is a type of ethical investment where money is invested into publicly traded companies to influence how the companies are run.

Activist investing is nothing new.

But Tulipshare makes activist investing more accessible to retail investors, allowing you and other like-minded investors to buy shares in the companies targeted in ESG-focused campaigns on Tulipshare’s platform.

By doing this, Tulipshare can unify individual voices into a collective movement around a common goal, giving us a seat at the table to advocate for meaningful changes to company policy.

You can also read a little bit more in-depth about activist investing here..

How do you buy shares?

Tulipshare strives to make buying shares on their platform as straightforward as possible, ensuring investors can get onboard with the campaigns they are passionate about.

Investing on the Tulipshare platform starts by signing up with a secure email and password whilst agreeing to their terms and conditions.

Then you’re asked to provide some personal information to allow Tulipshare to conduct their onboarding and due diligence checks, as required by regulators.

After providing the information, you’ll be shown the Tulipshare dashboard.

This will be your hub for all things activist investing, presenting you with Tulipshare’s latest campaigns, news and any extra help you might need.

Once you’ve completed your registration, you can start uploading funds, converting them to USD, and start investing your money into Tulipshare’s live campaigns.

You can also keep track of campaign updates by subscribing to their email newsletter, following them on one of their social media accounts or checking their website for news.

It really is as simple as that.

What impact can you have?

When buying shares individually, your impact as an activist can be limited, but when you buy shares on Tulipshare they are able to amplify our collective voice to campaign for change.

Here are just a few examples of the campaigns Tulipshare has been running so far:


Every year the world throws away around 53 million tonnes of electronic waste.

One of Tulipshare’s longest-running campaigns is to push Apple to adopt a fair and accessible Right to Repair policy that allows for and encourages customers to keep their devices and repair them.

With over $40,000 invested in Tulipshare’s Apple campaign, Tulipshare now has enough shares to submit a shareholder proposal next year.

Meanwhile, Apple has recently released their first ever Self Service Repair Program, but Tulipshare has identified gaps within the new program that still need to be addressed.

Tulipshare is currently in conversations with Apple’s IR team and plan to continue to engage and press for further improvements to its repair service.

Amazon and Apple are just two activist investment campaigns Tulipshare runs


There have been continuing reports of Amazon warehouse workers being subjugated to unsafe working conditions.

Tulipshare’s activist investment campaign is attempting to ensure safe and fair working conditions for Amazon warehouse workers.

With over $10,000 invested and over 2,600 people interested, Tulipshare is well on the way to advocating for Amazon warehouse workers on your behalf.

How to affect change in causes you care about

Remember – if you have a new campaign idea for a cause you’re particularly passionate about, don’t hesitate to shoot a suggestion Tulipshare’s way.

Whether it’s improving the state of our oceans or improving the treatment of employees in certain corporations, Tulipshare would love to hear about any new ideas you have in mind.

Ultimately, redefining how people invest their money is what Tulipshare is all about. If you’re looking to make a meaningful impact on the world and push towards progressive change, sign up with Tulipshare today.

Right now Tulipshare is offering a promo where if you complete your registration and top up your wallet, you can earn £10 to invest in a campaign of your choice! [note: terms and conditions apply]

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