How To Find Local Farmers, Growers & Fishers To Buy From Direct

New database, Farms To Feed Us, looks to connect small scale suppliers direct to shoppers, so you can order fresh veg, meat, fish and fruit direct to your door. No supermarket required.

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If you’re looking to help support and buy from more local growers, farmers, producers and fishers, this new website is one to favourite.

Farms To Feed Us is a new, lo-fi database of farms, growers and other food suppliers all over the UK, which aims to help create a more sustainable food system, with simpler supply chains that can survive global upheavel.

Reacting to widespread concern over food shortages and an unprecedented moment of crisis for small food producers, many of whom lost all of their trade after the restaurant industry shut down overnight, this volunteer-run resource already lists over 200 businesses from Britain’s country’s nimble and resilient food and farming network.

Image Photography | Scott Grummett

Farms To Feed Us includes meat boxes, veg boxes, freshly caught fish and much more, all of which can be delivered to people’s doors or to local hubs where you can collect it safely. It circumnavigates our unthinking reliance on supermarkets and online shopping and connects people directly to those involved in catching, growing or making our food.

It’s not just good for you too, but helps to shore up the network of small scale farmers and suppliers who have also been hit hard by this crisis.

Many of the listed suppliers on Farms To Feed Us would have normally supplied the restaurant and hospitality industry but have had to pivot to find new customers in the last month.

Image Photography | Scott Grummett

Founder, Cathy St Germans, who is a regenerative agriculture organiser commented: “Farms to Feed Us was born in response to initiatives I was seeing locally and nationally from farmers having to turn their supply chains around overnight. I have put together a small team of volunteers to create a database of new delivery and mail order initiatives, which have come about because of the crisis.

The database is easily accessible by the elderly and those who do not use social media, so we can all play our part in strengthening the food chain which is flowing from our fields and farms, and support our farmers and fishers through this terrible time.”