13 Buy It For Life Products That Last Forever In Your Home

Save Money & The Planet With These Products That Last A Lifetime

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Living a more sustainable life doesn’t mean giving up shopping.

Slow consumerism just means that when you buy, you buy it for life (or just about), opting for durable products and brands that offer lifetime repairs or guarantees.

Invest In The Future With These Top Buys For Life

Keep clutter out of your kitchen with the Our Place Always Pan 2.0. With 10 cooking functions in one, it’s space-saving, durable and non-toxic. 

Sustainable Tomorrow’s Zen Bamboo Electric Toothbrush saves hundreds of disposable plastic toothbrushes from ending up in landfill. Buy it once and replace the 95% compostable heads. 

Buys for life often come with a higher upfront cost as you’re paying for their durability and lifetime guarantees. But it’s worth it if you don’t need to buy replacements—which means we also need to ensure we properly look after what we buy. A durable product is only as good as the care you give it. 

Read on to find some of our favorites to keep stocked in your kitchen, bedroom, closet and beyond—and scroll to the bottom to learn about how we chose them.

1. Our Place Always Pan

Buy It For Life by Our Place
Images by pebble magazine

Our Place’s Buy It For Life Cookware 

Price| $120–$180 | Shop Our Place

Our Place makes buy it for life pots and pans that are designed to withstand all your cooking adventures whether you’re hosting a dinner party or taking care of weeknight meals for the kids. 

If you’re short on cabinet space or don’t want to spend on multiple pans and oven dishes, their Always Pan 2.0 is a kitchen hero.

This mighty saucepan has become our absolute favorite cooking tool, thanks to its 10 functions in one pan. You can use it to roast a chicken, fry an egg as well as sauté, sear, bake, braise and serve. It also comes with an integrated spatula rest on the handle and stainless steel steamer basket for steaming and straining. Our kitchen is tiny so we appreciate its modular multi-design purpose. 

It’s free from toxic chemicals, including PFAS, lead and cadmium and made from 100% certified post-consumer recycled aluminum.

2. Caraway Food Storage Containers

Buy It For Life by Caraway
Images by pebble magazine

Caraway’s Long-Lasting Food Storage 

Price Range | $35–$245 | Shop Caraway

Caraway has made dodgy-smelling plastic tubs a thing of the past with their long-lasting food storage containers—available individually or a whole 14-piece set. 

Instead of plastic or metal, Caraway uses non-toxic, PFAS and heavy metal-free ceramic-coated glass with Air Release Technology to keep your leftovers safely sealed. They’re microwave, oven and freezer-safe for easy food prep and storage. BPA-free dot dash inserts turn the containers into bento box-style lunch boxes on the go. 

We own a set and love how they come with handy organizer slots for the pantry, and easily stack on top of each other to save space in the fridge.

3. Klean Kanteen Insulated Water Bottle

Buy It For Life by Klean Kanteen
Images by pebble magazine

Klean Kanteen’s Buy It For Life Water Bottle 

Price Range | $30–$65 | Shop Klean Kanteen

Certified B Corp Klean Kanteen helps you put a lid on disposable plastic bottles with their reusable and durable metal water bottles available in a range of sizes, widths and colors. 

If you truly buy for life, one bottle could save you thousands of plastic water bottles—or 150 a year.

The TKWide Insulated Water Bottle is designed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for longer. The 32 oz bottle is chip-resistant and made from sturdy post-consumer recycled 18/8 BPA-free stainless steel backed with the brand’s Strong as Steel Lifetime Limited Warranty. 

We love the interchangeable cap options which allow us to choose from built-in straw twist caps, loop caps, and chug caps depending on our use that day. This multi-purpose design saves a ton of space in our cabinets, and means we only need one base bottle for everything.

4. PlushBeds Hybrid Latex Mattress

Buy It For Life by PlushBeds
Images by pebble magazine

PlushBeds’ Buy It For Life Mattress

Price Range| $1,199–$3,698 | Shop PlushBeds

PlushBeds makes eco-friendly bedding that’s free from toxic chemicals and dangerous flame retardants.

Not to mention that their mattresses come with a lifetime warranty which includes full-cost repair coverage for any manufacturing defects within the first 10 years, though there is a small handling fee within 15 years or a reduction in price if you need a replacement.

The Hybrid Latex Mattress sitting in our own bedroom features natural latex and GOTS-certified wool and cotton. We’ve been sleeping on it since last summer, and love the temperature regulation and medium firmness, which gives us a cool and supported night’s sleep, no matter the season.

5. Saatva Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter

Buy It For Life by Saatva
Images by pebble magazine

Saatva’s Buy Once Bedding 

Price Range| $205–$315 | Shop Saatva

Good quality bedding can last you a lifetime of restful sleep, which you can get since Saatva’s bedding is made in a Fair Trade-certified factory in India. 

Their Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter is an all-season favorite of ours, made with hypoallergenic cotton with a breathable lyocell filler to regulate temperature both in the hot summer months and cold Rocky Mountain winters where we live.

It comes with a one-year limited warranty, and you can keep it looking fresh for years to come if you treat it like a duvet and protect it with a cover.

6. Leaf Razor

Buy It For Life by Leaf Razor
Images by pebble magazine

Leaf Razor’s Buy Once Shaving Kits 

Price Range | $55–$128 | Shop Leaf Razor

Sick of snagging delicate skin on disposable razors?

Leaf has got your head, body, legs and underarms covered with the only razor you’ll ever need. The Leaf Razor is an all-metal triple-blade razor which follows the contours of your body with its unique pivoting head that mimics a modern razor—with all the sustainability of old fashioned safety razors. 

The razor comes with a lifetime warranty and you’ll only need to purchase the blade refills which are a fraction of the cost of other competitors. It includes 10 blades to start you off. 

It’s plastic-free, Climate Neutral certified, and trust us when we say, delivers an incredibly smooth, close shave.

7. Greatfill Cleaning Products

Buy It For Life by Greatfill
Images by pebble magazine

Greatfill’s Forever Cleaning Bottles 

Price Range| $8–$55 | Shop Greatfill

Imagine how many plastic cleaning bottles you could prevent from going to landfill with one forever bottle to rule them all. We’re grateful for Greatfill’s cleaning refills which allow us to have just that. 

Their Forever Bottles are made from near-indestructible high-grade stainless steel and are designed to last a lifetime, no matter how rigorous your spring cleaning gets. You also have the option to personalize it with your own text to make it a trusty housework companion that’s truly yours. 

We started our Greatfill journey with the Multi-Purpose Cleaner Starter Kit—which comes with a refill and Forever Bottle included—so we can easily scrub and clean any surface in the house with a formula that’s non-toxic, plant-based, and biodegradable. Because we don’t want our buy it for life products to come with a lifetime of environmental persistence.

8. Sustainable Tomorrow Zen Bamboo Electric Toothbrush

Buy It For Life by Sustainable Tomorrow
Images by pebble magazine

Sustainable Tomorrow’s Long-Lasting Dental Care 

Price Range | $17–$80 | Shop Sustainable Tomorrow

Time to brush up on what your dental care is doing to the planet. Around a billion toothbrushes are thrown away in the US annually and most of them are plastic. While it isn’t recommended to hold onto your toothbrush for a lifetime, Sustainable Tomorrow has come up with the next best option.

A Zen Bamboo Electric Toothbrush with bamboo replacement heads featuring soft bristles made from caster bean oil. 

The FSC-certified bamboo handle feels super ergonomic and lasts indefinitely, while the heads are recyclable and compostable. They’re plastic-free, BPA-free, organic, non-toxic, AND have a soft bristle design that’s perfect for our sensitive, recession-prone gums—which we were told by our dentist that brushing too hard was exacerbating. No more with this brush!

9. Oakywood Wireless Charging Pad

Buy It For Life by Oakywood
Images by pebble magazine

Oakywood’s Durable Charging Pads 

Price Range | $70–$110 | Shop Oakywood

Instead of flimsy old wires, plastic plugs and wondering where your phone charger has gone, Oakywood puts Mother Nature in charge for a change with their sleek wireless charging pads compatible with all brands of wireless capable phones, as well as AirPods and Apple Watches. 

The Geometric Charging Pad is carved out of sustainably sourced walnut or oak wood which have been selected for their durability and damage resistance. Each pad is finished with ecological wax oil to protect the wood further and features a stainless steel wire outlet which is naturally resistant to corrosion. 

Plus, it looks absolutely divine on our desk!

10. MasayaCo Nazarel Desk

Buy It For Life by Masaya Co
Images by Masaya Co

Masaya Co’s Buy It For Life Furniture 

Price Range | $795 | Shop Masaya Co

MayasaCo helps you do away with flimsy flatpack desks with the Nazarel Desk. It’s made from sustainably sourced hardwood which has been harvested from their reforestation project in Nicaragua. Each desk is handmade to order using artisan techniques and available in three formaldehyde-free wood finishes.

The desk has a one-year warranty but it’s suitable for commercial and hospitality use so you can bet it can withstand work days in your study as long as you keep it indoors.

11. Paravel Aviator Carry-On Luggage

Buy It For Life by Paravel
Images by pebble magazine

Paravel’s Buy It For Life Luggage 

Price Range| $395–$600 | Shop Paravel

Paravel’s Aviator luggage range comes with a 10-year warranty—which says a lot about the brand’s confidence in their manufacturing process, especially given the way luggage is typically tossed around by airport staff!

We’ve personally tested the Aviator Carry-On, which is TSA-approved and fits in most standard airlines’ overhead compartments. It features a recycled polycarbonate outer shell with a scuff-hiding texture to keep your essentials safe and secure. Its 360° double spinner carbon steel bearing wheels balance the weight, even when dashing to the gate. 

We’re so happy this is something we should only need to buy once, because it makes packing an absolute pleasure. We especially love its space-saving compartments inside, which have a slight padding in the middle section to keep bulky items away from delicates.

As the world’s first carbon-neutral carry-on, Paravel has also estimated and offset the emissions of your first trip. 

12. Nisolo Simone Convertible Shopper

Buy It For Life by Nisolo
Images by pebble magazine

Nisolo’s Buy It Once Bags 

Price Range | $136 | Shop Nisolo

Certified B Corp Nisolo makes it easy to ditch plastic bags, flimsy totes or even endless handbags with the Simone Convertible Shopper, an ethical leather tote that’s been dubbed “the perfect bag”.

Its size, shape and versatility mean you can take it anywhere and it won’t be out of place. Use the sturdy handles to carry it or sling it over your shoulder with the hands-free crossbody strap. 

We like how it fits all of our essentials for the day without being too large so as to encourage us toting around more than we need.It has one interior pocket to store keys or sunglasses, but not too many pockets so that you forget where you put something.

13. Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket

Buy It For Life by Taylor Stitch
Images by pebble magazine

Taylor Stitch’s Buy It For Life Clothing 

Price Range | $188–$218 | Shop Taylor Stitch

It’s tricky to find clothing that will last a lifetime. Even the most well-made garments eventually start to wear and tear over time, but you can still get close enough—especially if you make a conscious effort to make clothes last longer. And sometimes the worn-around-the-edges look adds more style. 

Taylor Stitch is a menswear clothing brand that’s well-versed in the art of well-constructed garments. Their Long Haul Jackets are inspired by the denim jackets worn by long haul truck drivers in the US and we can confirm that they are burly. The denim itself is thick and extremely durable and the seams are practically bomb-proof. We wear ours all the time and it still looks as new as the day we got it.

Adding a more tailored fit with responsibly sourced materials, their jackets bring the iconic design into the modern age without compromising on durability.

Our Considerations For Choosing The Best Buy It For Life Brands

Durability isn’t the only mark of a sustainable brand. We’ve created a set of criteria to take a holistic look at the brand’s business to decide whether or not to entrust our money in these things that last forever. 


B Corporation, (B Corp) Climate Neutral, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Carbon Goals & Achievement: 

Some products are hugely labor-intensive to manufacture. For example, a stainless steel bottle burns seven times more fossil fuels than a plastic bottle. 

The beauty of a lifetime is that the more you use your stainless steel bottle, you’ll soon surpass the carbon emissions saved in plastic production. 

Brands that take it a step further by compensating for the carbon footprint of their products get extra sustainability points from us. 

Fabric & Materials: 

High-quality fabrics and materials are essential for durable products but they should also be sustainably sourced and non-toxic. 

Materials should be BPA-free, PFAS-free, plastic-free and free from heavy metals as we would rather live without a lifetime of exposure to harmful chemicals. 

Closing Thoughts On Products That Last A Lifetime

Choosing brands with a ‘buy it for life’ philosophy might mean a higher upfront cost but it will save you money in the long run when it lasts you a lifetime. Sure a cheap imitation might only cost $10, but when you need to purchase replacements on a continuous loop, that low upfront cost adds up.

But like anything, a product’s ability to withstand the test of time depends on how you care for it. The most sustainable option is taking good care of all the items you already own, repairing where necessary and only throwing them out as a last resort. 

If they’re unlikely to last a single minute more, it might be worth investing in this list of products that last forever—and encouraging others to do the same by passing this article alone.