The Best Dairy Free, Vegan and Plastic Free Easter Eggs

Looking for dairy free Easter eggs or want to order delicious Easter eggs without plastic? We've got it cracked.

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Did you know there are 80 million Easter eggs sold each year in the UK?

That’s a lot of cardboard to recycle, plastic to dump or milk to use up.

This Easter there are more plastic free, vegan or dairy free chocolate options than ever, especially if you don’t want to give into the big brands’ which come bundled up in plastic.

We’ve got it covered between dairy free and vegan Easter eggs, then ones that are ethically produced or are plastic free.

The Best Dairy Free, Vegan and Plastic Free Easter Eggs

1. Booja Booja

Everyone’s favourite vegan truffle brand goes big on dairy free Easter eggs each year, producing beautiful hand-painted wooden eggs you can reuse. And of course they’re stuffed with Booja Booja’s oh-so-delicious dairy truffles.

This year choose between large and small eggs, filled with Almond Salted Caramel, Hazelnut Crunch or Fine De Champagne.

And hide them well when they do arrive, because everyone is going to want to eat these!

From £10.49. View on Ethical Superstore.

2. Happi

We tried Happi for the first time last month and boy, it’s a winner. Creamy, thick milk chocolate that’s made from oat milk so it’s vegan.

Say hello to their dairy free, plastic free Easter eggs (again made with oat milk) which comes in three delicious flavours: Orange, Salted Caramel and Plain Milk. They are also free from all allergens.

£9.99 each. View on Happi.

Love oat milk? How To Make Oat Milk At Home


3. Doisy & Dam

We’ve worked a lot with Doisy & Dam this year and have been impressed at their commitent to dark, ethically sourced chocolate that happens to be vegan and palm oil free.

So imagine our delight when Easter eggs were added to the range!

Their Easter Chocolate Bundle contains two packs of mini chocolate good eggs, one box of melty dark chocolate truffles and brand new salted caramel truffles.

All ethically sourced and vegan certified too!

£16.00. View on Doisy & Dam.


4. Mummy Meagz

Cult vegan chocolate favourite Mummy Meagz is bringing back her Chuckie Egg – the dairy free creme egg, which has been a sell out in previous years.

Dive into a dark Belgian chocolate shell to reveal a smooth white fondant centre, complete with golden yolk.

Each 40g egg comes nestled in Mummy Meagz’ signature blue foil, making them perfect for creating your own vegan Easter Egg hunt.

As well as buying them individually, you can also buy them by the dozen, half dozen or even in bundles of 48.

Plus there’s a range of vegan Easter eggs from Mummy Meagz as well which includes the plant based Smoove Move Easter Egg.

Sumptuously smooth dark chocolate blended with delicious vegan mylk chocolate, crafted into an egg

From £12.99 for 6 Chuckie Eggs or £6.99 per Easter egg.

5. Chococo

Want to go big on Easter? Dorset’s leading chocolatier, Chococo, has a range of hand crafted Giant Easer Eggs, all of which are presented in 100% plastic-free packaging that is either recyclable or compostable.

Get stuck into giant versions of their four annual best sellers; milk and dark chocolate eggs studded with giant chunks of crunchy honeycombe, a mottled dinosaur egg studded with mini dinosaurs and ammonites, and a milk chocolate egg filled with award-winning Dorset Sea Salt Caramels.



6. Tony’s Chocoloney

Tony’s Chocoloney are ramping up their ethical, plastic free chocolate goodness for Easter. If you’re a Tony’s fan, you’re gonna love these.

There’s a bar/Easter egg combo that comes in milk lemon meringue flavour with Fairtrade chocolate and free range eggs (good for ordering online so it won’t break).

Or order a dozen chocolate eggs which come in unequal numbers of flavours to represent the inequality of the slave trade in the chocolate industry.

£3.98 / £4.49 each.


7. HiP Chocolate

HiP stands for Happiness in Plants and is the second dairy free, oat milk chocolate Easter egg option we’ve got this year.

The Salted Caramel Oat Milk egg is a creamy milk chocolate and perfect for anyone who prefers milk over dark but wants to be dairy free. It comes in a recylable cardboard tube, and we think looks pretty snazzy.

HiP is the brainchild of James Cadbury (founder of Love Cocoa – see below and the great-great-great grandson of Mr Cadbury).

From £12.50


8. Love Cocoa

James Cadbury is a busy man – he launched Love Cocoa a few years ago as an artian, ethically sourced, plastic free chocolate brand and we’ve been fans of the silky chocolate and interesting flavours since day one.

This Giant Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Egg is vegan and comes packed with vegan chocolate truffles (also organic and Fairtrade) so there’s literally no guilt.

Well that’s what we’re telling ourselves.

Great if you want to go all out and surprise someone this year!

From £35


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