Converse and Beyond Retro launch upcycled denim sneaker

Circular fashion gets another couple of converts as Beyond Retro and Converse team up to create Chuck 70s out of upcycled denim.

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It’s not just who you know to create a fashion collaboration, it’s what those people can help you with.

In this case, Converse has teamed up with cult vintage and secondhand retailer, Beyond Retro, to create an upcycled sneaker that uses recycled and old denim to form the upper part of the classic Converse shoe.

Say hello to the Converse Renew Denim Chuck 70: crafted by upcycling denim, with at least one pair of jeans creates one pair of sneakers.

Image Say hello to the Converse Renew Denim Chuck 70

While the UK buys 70 million new pairs of jeans a year, Beyond Retro sorts over one million pairs a month to re-sell and upcycle on through other partners.

Converse partnered with them because these secondhand superstars have become the people to go to for their sourcing and grading of used denim – helping to save endless pairs from rotting in landfill and being reused instead.

Beyond Retro want this to mark the start of upcycling partnerships with other brands to help make sustainable options to recycle, upcycle and reuse easier.

Steven Bethell, Creative Director of Beyond Retro said “With this project, we’ve proved the potential of true innovation within “new” manufacturing. The chance to work with brands is a massive opportunity, as we are providing the high street customer with a more environmentally sound alternative at a huge scale. We hope to continue this work by using our knowledge and access to second hand materials to create more product
designs that challenge our ideas of used materials.”

The future is circular people.

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