DIY Beauty

Make your own natural skincare with these DIY beauty ideas plus all you need to know to make your skincare routine zero waste.

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What is DIY Beauty?

DIY Beauty is all about the natural look, that helps make the most of glowing skin and reduces the impact of mainstream beauty products and their packaging on the environment.

Did you know that each year the beauty industry get through 120 billion items of plastic packaging?

It has a huge effect on our environment and many people looking for minimal skincare routines and products are turning to making their own skincare and beauty items.

Homemade skincare

For decades we’ve used fancy products bought in posh packaging and filled our cupboards with more and more ‘essentials’.

But more of us are now more interested in natural beauty or minimal skincare and approaching our skincare routines with more of a zero waste philosophy, that’s kinder to the planet (and often our skin too).

Making your own skincare from plants, kitchen staples and essential oils is fun, increasingly easy and a fantastic way to live more sustainably at home.

Homemade skincare and making your own beauty products have a lot of benefits for you and for the planet:

  • Control what goes onto your skin and in your products
  • Personalise each product to suit your skin type and lifestyle
  • Create products in small batches so the ingredients are fresh
  • Cut down on air miles and transport emissions by using foraged ingredients
  • Reduce the need for single us packaging and plastic
  • Reduce your food waste by using kitchen leftovers in masks, lotions and scrubs

How to make your beauty and skincare routine zero waste

You can also make your skincare routine more plant-friendly by looking at everything you use to see if you can make it resuable or reduce the need for it.

  • Swap single use wetwipes for a reusable muslin cloth
  • Swap cotton wool rounds for reusable organic cotton rounds to remove make up
  • Swap cotton buds for a reusable Kwip bud or bamboo ear buds
  • Swap a plastic sponge for a biodegradable loofah
  • Swap disposable razors for a stainless steel safety razor which lasts forever and the blades can be recycled

We are working on bringing you more DIY beauty recipes and homemade skincare ideas (as well as the best vegan, organic and plastic free skincare products) to help you make more products at home.