7 Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers For Sustainable Fun

These Eco Christmas Crackers Add Festive Cheer Without Harming The Planet

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Christmas dinner isn’t the same without a cracker beside your plate filled with hats, silly jokes, and treats.

If you’re considering having a more sustainable Christmas this year, you can still add crackers to the Christmas table without worrying about the impact, thanks to these reusable and eco-friendly Christmas crackers.

Pull On Our Top Eco Christmas Crackers This Festive Season

Heirlooms in the making, Kate Sproston Designs embroiders reusable Christmas crackers that are a joy to bring out each year. Fill them with your own treats and gifts. 

For a Christmas cracker that gives back as well as pops, RSPB saves wildlife with their recyclable, plastic-free and Fairtrade crackers. 

Get your creative juices flowing and be zero waste with TMG ZeroWaste’s DIY sustainable Christmas cracker kits. You assemble the cracker and they provide the eco gifts. Simple. 

Read on for more of the best eco-friendly Christmas crackers that pop with festive cheer, from reusable to plastic-free crackers with ethical gifts.

1. Kate Sproston Design

Eco-friendly Christmas Crackers 2023 by Kate Sproston Design
Images by Kate Sproston Design

Price Range | £17 | Shop Kate Sproston Design

Materials | The brand behind some of the best Etsy reusable Christmas crackers, Kate Sprotson Designs make festive favours out of natural linen or cotton depending on the style you choose. 

What We Love | Kate Sprotson Design’s fabric Christmas crackers are designed to last. You can also request personalised embroidery to make them extra special.

Kate Sproston Design’s Reusable Xmas Crackers

How do you make Christmas crackers environmentally friendly? Make them infinitely reusable!

Handmade in the UK,  eco-friendly Christmas crackers by Kate Sproston Designs have a durable cardboard tube made from recycled materials and are covered in 100% ivory cotton or natural linen.

The patterns are minimalist but festive, with Scandi Christmas motifs, woodland designs, and options for monogrammed versions. 

They’re all reusable and designed to last. They also arrive empty, allowing you to get creative with the trinkets and gifts you leave inside.

The Woodland Reusable Christmas Crackers add a rustic charm to the dinner table. They come in a pack of six, and they’re made from natural linen. 

Kate Sproston Design’s Sustainability 

Thoughtful Packaging | All crackers come in fully recyclable cardboard packaging. 

2. TMG ZeroWaste

Eco-friendly Christmas Crackers 2023 by TMG ZeroWaste
Images by TMG ZeroWaste

Price Range | £4–£15 | Shop TMG ZeroWaste

Materials | A plastic-free and zero waste living champion, all TMG ZeroWaste’s crackers are made from kraft paper.

What We Love | These eco-friendly crackers are designed to get your creative juices flowing. We love the idea of decorating them with our own zero-waste trimmings over a plate of mince pies. 

TMG ZeroWaste’s Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers UK

Eco-friendly, plastic-free shop TMG Zero Waste invites you to get creative with their selection of  DIY Christmas cracker kits.

Kits come with easy-to-assemble crackers made from white or brown kraft paper with cracker snaps and jute string. 

You also get a set of plastic-free gifts to stash inside them, such as Christmas jokes on plantable seed paper, compostable paper hats, handmade soaps, essential oils, and organic cotton face wipes. 

Add a few extra decorations like dried orange slices or holly (not included) to make your sustainable Christmas crackers pop. 

TMG ZeroWaste’s Sustainability 

Sourcing & Supply Chain | TMG ZeroWaste partners with ethical and plastic-free suppliers for their gifts. All gifts are chosen in line with a zero waste lifestyle. 

Thoughtful Packaging | All packaging is plastic-free and fully recycled. 

3. Eco Magpie Studio

Eco-friendly Christmas Crackers 2023 by Eco Magpie Studio
Images by Eco Magpie Studio

Price Range | £25–£148 | Shop Eco Magpie Studio

Materials |  The brand uses upcycled paper and biodegradable wildflower seed paper across the cracker range.

What We Love | Eco Magpie makes unique themed Christmas crackers from upcycled materials. They can also turn crackers into eco-friendly party and wedding favours, proving they aren’t just for the Christmas table. 

Eco Magpie Studio’s Eco Xmas Crackers

If you’re looking for the best eco Christmas crackers on Etsy, these sweet little crackers by Eco Magpie are a good place to start.

The Etsy seller specialises in handcrafted crackers made from upcycled materials such as old maps, vintage William Morris books, and posters. They will certainly get the Christmas table talking. 

The printed Christmas crackers made from wildflower-seeded paper give you the chance to enjoy your crackers long after they’ve left the table. 

These Etsy eco Christmas crackers feature natural clay woodland decorations, paper crowns, jokes, and trivia questions. 

Eco Magpie Studio’s Sustainability 

Thoughtful Packaging | Eco Magpie uses eco-friendly and recyclable packaging. Their crackers are plastic-free and recyclable. 

4. Ms Claus Workshop Co

Images by MATE the Label

Price Range | £3–£22.80 | Shop Ms Claus Workshop Co

Materials | The crackers are made from recycled paper and are plastic-free. The metal charm is reusable.

What We Love | Ms Claus makes stylish and sustainable Christmas crackers with extra personalisation. The added wildflower seeds allow you to enjoy them in summer too. 

Ms Claus Workshop Co’s Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers UK

Love Christmas but hate waste? 

Ms Claus is here to help with their collection of UK-made eco crackers for Christmas that are biodegradable and stuffed with low waste gifts. 

Choose from red, white, blue, beige, and black paper crackers depending on your Christmas table aesthetic. If you’re undecided, you can get a multicolour pack of five. 

Even four-legged friends are included with the DIY Christmas cracker for dogs

The sustainable Christmas crackers come in a set from one to eight. They feature pretty twine, metal charm decorations, and a tag you can personalise with a message. 

Each cracker is filled with wildflower seed packets and jokes with the option to add vegan sweets and chocolates. 

Ms Claus Workshop Co’s Sustainability 

Sourcing & Supply Chain | Ms Claus Workshop Co sources ethical and sustainable gifts from eco-friendly suppliers in the UK. 

Thoughtful Packaging | All packaging and Christmas crackers are recyclable. 

5. The Little Green Cracker Company

Eco-friendly Christmas Crackers 2023 by The Little Green Cracker Company
Images by The Little Green Cracker Company

Price Range | £35–£45 | Shop The Little Green Cracker Company

Materials | The brand’s handmade crackers are made from recyclable cards with TENCEL™ or raffia ribbons. 

What We Love | Luxury eco-friendly Christmas crackers with useful gifts are exactly what the Little Green Cracker Company is all about. The brand has partnered with ethical gift suppliers to create crackers, which are a joy to open on Christmas Day. 

The Little Green Cracker Company’s Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers

These eco-friendly crackers are made from 100% recycled cardstock and come in three different styles.

They are a smart and elegant alternative to a standard unsustainable version using a traditional cracker design with intricate patterns.

What’s more, the ribbons are made from TENCEL™ or raffia, so they’re completely recyclable and biodegradable. 

The premium box of six Li’l Eco Christmas Crackers has a beautiful green pinecone design with raffia ribbons, so they’re 100% plastic-free. 

These luxury Christmas crackers contain gifts that are tailored to an adult audience. 

Ethical products include The Wee Coffee Company, a packet of wildflower seeds from Just Bee Honey, handmade soaps by Natural Spa, and more. 

The Little Green Cracker Company’s Sustainability 

Thoughtful Packaging | All packaging is recyclable, reusable, and plastic-free. 

Pay It Forward | The brand donates to local charities in Devon, including Plastic Free North Devon and The Wave Project. 

6. Keep This Cracker

Eco-friendly Christmas Crackers 2023 by Keep This Cracker
Images by Keep This Cracker

Price Range | £3–£25 | Shop Keep This Cracker

Materials | The brand uses FSC-certified paper and recycled satin ribbons. They’re printed with vegetable and water-based inks. 

What We Love | These DIY pullable reusable Christmas crackers are pet-friendly and eco-friendly. They can also be used as a reusable gift-wrapping alternative. 

Keep This Cracker’s Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers UK

Here’s an environmentally-friendly Christmas cracker that is not only reusable but also pet-friendly. These crackers come flat-packed, so you can fill them with your own goodies and fold them into shape when ready.

These fill-your-own eco crackers use ecosnap, which is a silent snap when crackers are pulled, keeping your pet calm. They’re also recyclable.

There are various patterns, including a ‘Red Berries’ design, which comes in a pack of six and adds some festive cheer to the Christmas table. 

Keep This Cracker’s Sustainability 

Carbon | Etsy offsets all carbon emissions from delivery and packaging to reach net zero emissions by 2030. 

Thoughtful Packaging | All reusable crackers come in flat-packed plastic-free card wallets, which are recyclable or can be used as storage. 

7. RSPB Crackers

Eco-friendly Christmas Crackers 2023 by RSPB Crackers
Images by RSPB Crackers

Price Range | £12–£34 | Shop RSPB Crackers

Materials | All RSPB’s plastic-free Christmas crackers are made from sustainably sourced paper. 

What We Love | Robins are an iconic Christmas symbol in the UK. Now, you can help protect them and other wildlife by buying eco-friendly crackers online that give back to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. 

RSPB’s Sustainable Christmas Crackers UK

RSPB’s eco-friendly Christmas crackers are made from recycled wrapping paper with festive prints and designs. The entire cracker and its packaging are recyclable, from the box to the gift inside.

The Christmas chorus recycled crackers are made from vibrant red sustainably sourced paper with gold birds and musical motifs that embody the festive season. 

Inside, each cracker contains a Fairtrade and palm oil-free chocolate robin from Cocoa Loco’s ethical chocolate range. 

They’re perfect family crackers that give you a little extra enjoyment knowing they’re ethical and fully recyclable.

RSPB’s Sustainability 

Carbon | RSPB transports their Christmas crackers by sea freight and road to minimise their carbon footprint.

Sourcing & Supply Chain | An independently audited factory in China makes all RSPB’s Crackers using responsible and ethical methods.

Thoughtful Packaging | Every box and piece of packaging is plastic-free and fully recyclable. 

Pay It Forward | 90% of net income from the RSPB shop goes towards conservation, public education, and advocacy in the UK and across the globe. 

Closing Thoughts On Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers

Are Christmas crackers eco-friendly?

Your standard Christmas cracker has a bigger impact than just a loud noise at the dinner table. Every year, 40 million Christmas crackers are thrown away.

To put that into perspective, that’s 1,220 Mount Everests stacked on top of each other.

A lot of Christmas crackers come with excess packaging that can’t always be recycled. That’s on top of non-recyclable ribbons, microplastic glitter elements, and plastic toys wrapped in, yes, plastic.

Speaking of toys, who remembers what happens to them after the Big Day? 

Most novelty toys from cheap crackers are downright useless and destined for landfill after a brief stint at the dinner table.

If you’re wondering, “What can I use instead of crackers at Christmas?”, you could always opt for eco-friendly alternatives to Christmas crackers, but who can deny their fun? So we’d recommend sustainable recyclable crackers like the ones on this list. 

And for even more brownie points with Father Christmas, the best Christmas crackers are the ones you can reuse every year (much like reusable gifts). They’re zero waste, save you money, and could even become treasured heirlooms one day.

Have a loved one who is keen on waste-free celebrations this year? 

Pass on this list so you can both stay off the naughty list.