Do you consider yourself an ethical shopper?

If you do, you're part of a growing crowd. Almost half of us reckon we're shopping ethically according to a new survey.

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The power of a brand with a purpose that’s beyond just profit has never been clearer

A very heartening 63% of people said that they were more likely to shop from eco-friendly brands, with 43% actually considering themselves as ethical shoppers, according to online clothing retailer Clothes2Order, who recently conducted a survey to find out more about the UK’s views on ethical consumerism.

The survey found that more and more of us are now becoming more aware of the impact we are having, and starting to make small changes in the way we live, in order to reduce our waste and our impacts.

There is a lot of pressure on brands to make sure their ethical practices are in check when it comes to manufacturing as well as the care of their workers, however it is up to us – the consumers – to be aware of which brands are doing right.

The good news is that’s there’s more ways than ever before to check out brands’ track record on the environment and other social responsibilities. Aside from signing up to our LUST LIST to get a weekly dose of better brands, take a look at Compare Ethics who compare and confirm what ethical brands are doing.

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Clothes2Order’s survey also highlighted that more consumers are now conducting their own research into a brand’s ethical and eco policies before making a purchase, half of the people surveyed in fact.

And in further good news, there’s evidence that not adopting a sustainable approach is starting to affect profit margins. 44% of the people surveyed said they boycotted or avoided a brand based on its ethics.

With more people expecting that brands’ values should match their own, there are huge opportunities for companies of all sizes with authentic sustainable credentials to come forward and start flying the flag for a kinder, supportive more conscious consumerism. Don’t forget, the power is in your pocket.

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