Everyday Activism: pebble readers In Action

pebble readers share how they're starting to change the world. This is Everyday Activism in action.

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Want to find out what our readers think and have been inspired to do after reading pebble, or coming to one of our events?

Everyday Activism In Action: What pebble Readers Have Been Inspired To Do

Have you been inspired to make a change – big or small – after reading pebble, or after visiting one of our events?

Has our free digital community, Ripples, given you the confidence to change something, sign a petition or take action in another way?

  • Have you used a zero waste shop for the first time?
  • Have you written to your MP?
  • Have you started or shared a petition?
  • Have you changed how your business operates?

We want to shout about our fabulous eco-minded community’s achievements over the next few months, so please do share your stories, tell us what has inspired you or what you like about pebble’s content or events.

We want to hear from you…tell us about what you’ve done below!