6 Easy Ways to Shop More Sustainably

Shop smarter and look after the planet with our 6 easy ways to make online shopping more sustainable.

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Shopping, particularly online, can be a minefield for unethical and unsustainable products, and opaque companies that aren’t guaranteed to have a positive impact.

Luckily, pebble’s expert team know just the brands that are striving to make shopping sustainably simpler, meaning less hassle for you and a win for the planet.

At pebble, all of our products are independently recommended by our editors. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission which goes to help run our publication.

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6 Easy Ways to Shop More Sustainably

1. Best For Ethical Browsing: The Beagle Button

Let The Beagle Button sniff out the good from the bad when shopping online. The Beagle Button is a free browser extension that lets you shop as usual but alerts you instantly if there’s a more sustainable item available!

You can personalise the tool by choose from a range of ideals, e.g. Plastic Free, Low Co2, Vegan or Organic – to match your personal ethos, and then Beagle does all the research so you don’t have to.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Easy to use | customisable | convenient | plants trees for every download | promotes brands who give to charities

Cons: Not available on Safari | relatively new so cannot find alternatives for everything | still in beta

2. Beautifully Kind: Counter Culture

The online beauty shopCounter Culture, is on a mission to make shopping for sustainable and ethical beauty products easier.

Each of the brands onsite have to adhere to their sustainable principles, and are displayed with onsite badges which show their positive impact.

Counter Culture has an impressive range of products, from Skincare and Haircare to Wellbeing and Mother & Baby, there will be something for everyone making the switch to sustainable beauty so much easier.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: easy to navigate | transparent | wide range of products | all adhere to sustainable principles

Cons: can’t sort by badge | no mention of charity work (however the team are looking into schemes that support UK Blue Carbon Schemes, recycling schemes and female founders)

3. Sustainably Chic: Vincent Rose London

Browse stunning jewellery with a clear conscience at Vincent Rose London, an online platform for sustainable and ethical jewellery.

With a range of fashionable jewellery collections, from innovative and intricate statement pieces to refined staples.

Vincent Rose London has partnered with Treenation, to help make their own positive impact by planting trees.

Most of the ethical jewellery brands are independent and made in the UK, and adhere to at least two of the platform’s sustainable fundamentals, so it’s never been easier to find new and ethical jewellery brands.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Easy to navigate | plants trees | some handmade jewellery | platform for independent makers

Cons: Cannot search by brand ethos

4. Gifts that Give: Social Supermarket

With over 100 impact led partners from across the UK, browse Social Supermarket’s gift hampers which range from food and drink to clothing. Shopping is made easier knowing that every brand has to meet their high quality standards and are clearly labelled with the key brand impacts. Businesses are assessed on their environmental and social impact through Good Market, so you can shop knowing that the products give more than they take.

Pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Can search via ethics | partnered with multiple eco-positive organisations | easy to navigate | all brands are eco-positive | transparent | donations with each products

Cons: Only available in the UK

5. Shop Eco-Positive: GoEthical

Buy and sell with purpose on GoEthical, a mobile app available on both apple and android. GoEthical has created an online community committed to making better, more sustainable everyday choices. This platform provides users with unique and ethical curations, or preloved treasures – giving customers peace of mind with respect to sustainability. All the products from established businesses align with the app’s eco-values (eco-friendly, vegan, plastic-free etc.), and also gives a platform for independent, British Artisans.

Pebble’s verdict:

Pros: All products adhere to their ethos | platform for independent businesses and individuals | Partnered with multiple eco-positive organisations

Cons: Only accessible on mobile devices | no mention of carbon offsetting

6. Planet-Friendly Finds: Bother

Navigating supermarket aisles can be daunting when on a quest to find sustainable products. Bother is about making the shopping experience less of a bother. Their online platform makes sifting through products with ease, sorting by lifestyle and ethos. Browse their bundles for an entire set of eco cleaning products, or explore new and ethical foods for the kitchen. From laundry to pets, Bother is home to all the products needed in day-to-day life .

Pebble’s verdict

Pros: plants one tree per order | can sort by ethos | B Corp | certified zero net carbon | both mobile app and website | clearly labelled

Cons: Sells non-eco products

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