Wax On Wax Off: If You Care Unbleached Wax Paper Review

Do you use waxed paper? Want to know how it can help you be more sustainable? pebble's expert team review If You Care's Unbleached Wax Paper.

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Here at pebble we love discovering brands that go the extra mile to be green.

If You Care can be found across the UK at zero waste shops and online ethical stores and they’re 100% committed to reducing their products carbon footprint while offering bakers and foodies the best quality baking and food prep essentials, without the eco-anxiety or the plastic.

Our expert team tried at If You Care’s Unbleached Waxed Paper – and this is what we thought.

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What is wax paper?

Wax paper is paper used in food preparation, cooking and baking that is non-stick and doesn’t get soggy. Most wax papers use a soybean or paraffin wax coating, but these are generally not sustainable. Paraffin is a petroleum based by-product.

What can you use wax paper for?

Wax paper is moisture-resistant and non-stick in non-high heat situations so it’s great for lining pans and trays where you’re not putting things in the oven. Making fudge for example or a fridge bake.

Wax paper is also great for wrapping foods and makes a fabulous plastic-free alternative to clingfilm or single use plastic containers, for on-the-go or picnic food.

Is wax paper the same as baking paper?

No. Wax paper is not the same as baking paper.

Wax paper shouldn’t be used in high heat situations like an oven or grill as it doesn’t contain the same silicone coating that allows baking paper to be in the oven and remain non-stick.

Wax paper has a thin layer of wax (clue’s in the name) which will melt at high temperatures and can catch fire.

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Is wax paper sustainable?

Sustainable wax paper, like this one from If You Care, is sustainable for a few reasons.

If You Care’s Unbleached Waxed Paper uses 100% natural carnauba wax, which is a plant-based, renewable agricultural source.

Carnauba wax comes from the carnauba palm, and is also hypoallergenic and is often used in skincare and make up products. It’s also a vegan wax.

If You Care’s Unbleached Waxed Paper is also made from 100% FSC unbleached paper and is compostable.

It’s also chlorine-free and GM free, so it’s ideal for wrapping foods without affecting flavour.

Like the rest of If You Care’s products, the wax paper is designed to have the least environmental impact and the lightest carbon footprint possible.

If You Care’s packaging is also always made from unbleached cardboard and vegetable inks and dyes.

pebble’s team reviewed If You Care’s Unbleached Waxed Paper

Each of If You Care’s Unbleached Waxed Paper roll is made in Finland and contains no bleach, there’s no animal testing and no GM or chlorine in the wax.

“I used the Unbleached Waxed Paper to rest some chocolate and buckwheat cookies (the best combo ever) on while they were getting ready to bake and the paper tears easily (and in a straight line), and doesn’t feel too greasy or slippery to use.

I like knowing that the paper is compostable and isn’t going to leach chemicals into the waterways when I’m done with it,” says Georgina Wilson-Powell, pebble’s founder.

“I also really value If You Care’s approach to running a responsible business with a smaller carbon impact, than trying to pile them high and sell them cheap.

I’ve started using the paper to line reusable snack tins and wrap up sandwiches now that we’re back working away from home on some days. It’s surprising how useful it is, once you start to use it and not reach for anything plastic.

If You Care Unbleached Waxed Paper costs from £5.25 for 23 metres.

Pros: Compostable | Unbleached | Vegan friendly | Responsible company | Available from your local zero waste shop

Cons: More expensive that other wax papers | No If You Care store in the UK

Who are If You Care?

Since 1990, American brand, If You Care, have launched some of the most eco-friendly baking and cooking products into the market, with a focus on reducing the entire lifecycle of the product, focusing on unbleached and recyclable materials.

Their ethos is that ‘if possible, nothing should remain after the product has been used and properly disposed of’.

Their packaging is made from unbleached recycled cardboard or paper which should be recycled again.

Plus, here at pebble we really value their commitment to underpinning every claim with certification and science. There’s no greenwashing here.

  • If You Care is committed to ethical sourcing.
  • If You Care bases its environmental claims on the best available science, and in accord with national and international standards and regulations.
  • If You Care backs its environmental claims with third party verification and certification by the leading national and international certifying bodies.

Where you can buy If You Care’s Unbleached Waxed Paper

If You Care is available at the following online stores and can also be found at many zero waste shopsfarm shops and health food stores across the UK.

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