You've Got Bottle: 7 Brands Who Turn Plastic Waste Into Posh Fashion

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You've Got Bottle: 7 Brands Who Turn Plastic Waste Into Posh Fashion


Forward thinking fashion brands are turning the waves of wasted plastic bottles into clothing, shoes and bags.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Fri 1 Jan 2021

Eight million metric tonnes of plastic is dumped into the ocean each year. There are a growing range of fashion brands who are using recycled plastic waste, ECONYL and other kinds of marine waste in their clothing.

7 Brands Who Turn Plastic Waste Into Posh Fashion

1. Liar the Label

Byron Bay based Liar the Label make sustainable swimwear that’s model ready. Cute crop tops and halter necks come in subtle shades and pretty patterns. The brand uses recycled polyester, which is made from single use ocean plastics, like bottles and fishing nets, and respun into reusable material.

woman on a beach in a white bikini

Aussie brand Liar the Label brings awesome prints to recycled fabrics

2. Riz

But it’s not just girl’s swimwear that’s at it.

Riz boardshorts in the UK are inspired by Saville Row but use a material that’s made from recycled ocean plastics. Here bright and colourful patterns are reclaimed for guys who want something more fun for the beach. The company has a social media campaign #bottlestoboardshorts where you can follow its firsthand attempts to use the bottles it collects off beaches in its shorts.

Read our interview with the self-styled tailors of sunshine here.

3. Rothy’s

Rothy’s look like another other flat shoe, there’s bright stripes, subtle shades of blue, a choice between pointed and rounded toe and they’re comfy to boot.

But Rothy’s go one better - each shoe is made by knitting recycled water bottle plastic. That’s right, this is a plastic knit that produces something comfier than a sneaker. Even the soles are made from recycled water bottles.

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A man sitting in Riz boardshorts

Riz is the thinking man's choice of swimwear

4. Hamilton Perkins

It’s not just swimwear that can be made out of plastic bottles, luxurious feeling bags can too. The people over at Hamilton Perkins make gorgeous weekender bags out of plastic bottles.

Their tubular bags come in a range of colours but no matter which one you buy, the company guarantees that people have been paid fairly all through the production process to bring you something authentic, recycled and long-lasting.

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woman holding a weekend bag over her shoulder by a boat

Grab a dose of East Coast style and help save the ocean

5. Ocean Zen

Brightly coloured girly swimwear brand Ocean Zen capture the magic and wonder of the oceans and are working hard to help save it as well.

Its bikinis are made from recycled bottles and fishing nets and are aimed at girls that are just drawn to the ocean. CEO Steph Gabriel is a marine biologist and saving the seas is her passion.

two women in neon bikinis on the beach

Don't sacrifice your beach chic with Ocean Zen

6. Timberland

Cult boot company Timberland has quietly been adding recycled plastic bottles to their shoes for years, using them to create soles. It's now also turning waste bottles collected in Hawaii into thread for its non-leather boots. So far 233 million bottles are now stepping out as part of Timberland’s shoes and boots. The brand wants to make sure 100% of its footwear contains recycled or organic material by 2020.

7. Howies

The clever people at outdoors brand Howies have found a way to use the plastic thread made from waste water bottles and mix it into denim, so you can now buy jeans that are made from waste plastic bottles. There are roughly six bottles in every pair.

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timberland high top boot

So far Timberland has recycled over 230 million plastic bottles

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