The Best Reusable Plastic Free Bottles To Take On Your Walk

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The Best Reusable Plastic Free Bottles To Take On Your Walk


Up your water bottle game this year with these new reusable and plastic free options.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 7 Jan 2021

We’ve never needed a reusable water bottle more than in 2021.

Not only do we need to be reducing single use plastic, but we’re moving to be outside more, away from cafes and shops and taking your own drinks is in fashion once again.

So whether you’re meeting friends or heading for a long walk along the beach, or in the park, pack a plastic free reusable bottle and start saving the planet.

Scroll down to see our favourite stainless steel, reusable water bottles this year.

blue reusable water bottle hanging from a tree

Why are plastic bottles bad?

The debate on single use plastics is over. We need to reduce our reliance on this scourge of the seas and plastic bottles are the biggest item of plastic waste washed up on the planet’s beaches.

The problem with plastic water bottles is that the plastic doesn’t biodegrade, so they break down slowly into microplastics which end up in our food chains and in us, plus parts like the lids can choke animals and fish.

Very few of them are recycled and not enough of them are made from 100% recycled plastic, meaning more and more virgin plastic - made from oil - is used every year.

Every year the amount of oil needed for plastic water bottles is 17 million barrels in the US alone.

The scale of the problem is partly the issue. In the UK, we get through 7.7 billion plastic water bottles a year and most of these are not recycled.

Despite the global outrage around single use plastic, the bottled water market was worth a whopping £247.2bn in 2019.

Most of these come from the huge global soda brands who despite some acknowledgment of the problem are not willing to change quick enough or go far enough to stop producing plastic bottles.

Be informed with these facts about plastic bottles’ impact on the environment

  • 1 million plastic water bottles are sold every minute around the world
  • A plastic water bottle can take over 450 years to decompose
  • It takes 2000 times more energy to make a bottle of water than delivering tap water

I find understanding the scale of the problem, reinforces my resolve to do better and help others use less single use plastic.

1 million plastic water bottles are sold every minute around the world

The Best Reusable Plastic Free Bottles To Take On Your Walk

1. Ohelo

Plastic free, reusable water bottles are key for long walks, especially when everything is shut.

We’re proud to take an Ohelo bottle filled with water or tea on most of our walks from pebble HQ.

Each stainless steel bottle also uses lead free solder and is BPA, BPS and BPF free. Each bottle is 500 ml, keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks for 24. The laser etched design and bright colours make it stand out and the handle makes it easy to carry.

Ohelo water bottle on a fence at the beach

Are you taking your own drinks on walks these days?

2. Leiho

Leiho’s reusable water bottles are plastic free and made from the highest grade 304 stainless steel. Insulated to keep your drinks hot or cold for a decent amount of time, what we love about Leiho is each bottle you buy, buys boxed water for homeless people to help keep them hydrated on the streets.

Each bottle comes with two lids, one with and one without a handle.

Leiho want to make sure everyone knows that it’s cool to care, their lifestyle products help fund essentials for vulnerable communities.

blue reusable water bottle hanging from a tree

Leiho uses its profits to help buy essentials for vulnerable communities

3. Hitch

Want to take a cuppa with you on your walk? Hitch’s plastic free, reusable bottle is pretty clever in that it hides a coffee cup in it as well. No more reusable coffee cup AND bottle to carry around. Hitch has both a full size leak proof, plastic free water bottle and coffee cup integrated into one vessel.

Hitch was the most crowdfunded reusable bottle last year and has committed to being a carbon neutral certified by Climate Neutral via planting trees and reducing plastic in the ocean. Their crowdfunding campaign saw 23,627 trees planted and 2,362,700 bottles removed.

You can order it now on IndieGoGo.

Combine your reusable coffee cup and water bottle with Hitch

4. Nought

If you’re after something minimal and beautiful, Nought’s reusable, plastic free water bottles will take pride of place in your hand or in your kitchen.

The Nought bottles feature top grade stainless steel, a sleek design and a bamboo covered lid for simple elegance.

As with the other bottles, there’s an easy to carry handle, a commitment to keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, and it’s leak-proof. Stylish and sustainable, exactly what we’re all about.

Woman holding a white reusable water bottle

Go minimal with Nought's plastic free reusable bottle

5. Elephant Box

For £20 you can’t do much better than one of these insulated reusable bottles from Elephant Box.

The stainless steel wide mouth design makes it super easy to drink from - and clean. It has the same hot/cold capacity as the other bottles featured, comes in plastic free packaging and is made from food grade stainless steel which is 100% leakproof with a removable silicone seal.

We like the bold colours and simple design - and there's a 15 year guarantee.

Colourful reusable water bottles against a blue background

An Elephant Box bottle will see you through years of walks

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