French new wave: Which ethical fashion designers are making ripples in Paris?

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Fashion is the second most harmful industry to the environment but a new wave of designers in Paris are taking France’s fashion heritage and turning it on its head. From artisan makers who are helping to develop skills in less well off countries to fashion brands developing sharing solutions and opening our wardrobes to the world.

Alice Pritchard 29 March 2017

From swimwear to bags, African prints to organic cotton, these are some of the most exciting French ethical fashion brands out there. Discover them all at La Mensuelle, a one day fashion pop up we're co-hosting with ethical fashion platform, ETHIPOP at Maison Sage on Bvd St Martin,

Pop along on 9 April and pick up an exclusive recycled tote bag from pebble for free.

Thewaxproject Ethipop Pebble Magzine

French styling meets African prints at The Wax Project

The Wax Project

Fatou and Maïmouna, sisters from Senegal, wanted to contribute to the development of their country by creating The Wax Project. With the help of tailors in Thies, they’re increasing the city’s artisan skills by partnering with workshops to hand-make their bold African print skirts and tops. These ethnic inspired pieces mix modern cuts and prove you can do philanthropy with panache.

Hylla Penderie Ethipop Pebble Magazine

Hylla is the monthly subscription service you won't regret

Hylla Penderie

The sharing economy has arrived in style thanks to Hylla, a service which looks to slow down the damage fast fashion does, by offering a monthly subscription service of new clothes. It will send you four pieces for a month and then you send them back - no more shopper's guilt over wearing something once. It's economical, the clothes are cleaned and reused and you've got an endlessly changing wardrobe.

Dfiber Ethipop Pebble Magazine

Bend and stretch and feel good about wearing Dance Fiber

Dance Fiber

Dance Fiber create all natural, all responsibly sourced dance and yoga style activewear for people who care about even how their casual clothes are made. Some pieces are made from recycled materials but each piece is designed to last and be as comfortable as possible - no matter what moves you’re making.

La Refinery Ethipop Pebble Magazine

La Refinery is the place for second hand French chic

La Refinery

Making the clothes that already exist work harder, La Refinery is both a handpicked online vintage and second hand store and a facility where you can donate clothes. It also works with Le Carillon, who work with brands and shops to give homeless people the ability to order new clothes for free, giving a little bit of style and dignity back through fashion.

Lr Alapiscine By Lucie Sassiat Ethipop Pebble Magazine

Eco has never been so chic thanks to Les Récupérables

Lucie Sassiat

Les Récupérables 

Les Récupérables is an environmentally responsible ready-to-wear line, that takes part in the upcycling process to create unique fashion pieces. These ethical pieces are manufactured using linen or fabric scraps, chosen and collected by partner Ressourceries, and sewn together in a French workshop. Its latest EKLORE collection sets the tone for summer with its 150 unique pieces displaying nine bold couture designs.

Inaden   Ethipop Pebble Magazine

Ethiopian made Inaden has bags of style


Inaden is the kind of slow fashion we love. Beautiful leather bags are made in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It uses the gorgeous raw materials of Africa to create fairly paid jobs and stunning bags that will last for years. Each piece is made by hand, from well looked after cows and the brand now employs 20 artisans in the city.

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