Home Time: We're Loving These Ethical Online Homewares Stores

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Home Time: We're Loving These Ethical Online Homewares Stores


These top ethical online homewares stores are full of eco friendly items, from furniture to kitchenware.

They'll help you green up your home, making it more stylish and sustainable. Spend this time staying in making your home more comfy, cosy and conscious.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 20 Sep 2017

Ethical homewares do more than just decorate a room. Investing in some well made items by independent artisans is a fantastic way to support makers and keep traditional crafts techniques alive.

All these sustainable brands are connected to the artists behind their homewares, and strive to work with those who use the most ethical materials and manufacturing processes. This means you’ll be investing in lamp shades, cushions, tea trays and much more that are really unique and come with a story.

Unlike a lifeless highstreet ‘things’, characterful and ethical homewares will transform your space and make it individual to you. Feeling more connected to your possessions and their history will simple make your house a more wholesome, homely space to inhabit.

Lastly, owning pieces you really love will mean they last you a lifetime, and could even be passed on to your kids. This is a great antidote to waste and throwaway culture.

Since your lovely new living room will benefit everyone (and might be more on show thanks to our new love of video apps), get scrolling through this list of our favourite ethical online homewares stores.

11 Ethical Online Homewares Stores That Give Back

1. Aerende

The name of this ethical homewares brand’s means ‘care’ in Olde English, and not for nothing. Aerende is a place for ‘life improving homewares’, and it is not only your life it’ll brighten. All of its beautiful, ethical products are made in the UK, by people facing social challenges. So, when you shop you will be supporting makers who struggle to access and/or maintain conventional employment.

This non-profit organisation has become known for its useful and locally made pottery, its soap from social enterprise The Soap Co, its crafts from surplus Scottish wood and its embroidered items from Fine Cell Work, who teach prisoners how to sew and quilt.

These lovely ceramic candle holders are made by volunteers at Studio 306, an enterprise that supports adults recovering from mental health illnesses. Because each one is handmade, it will be totally unique and comes with its own character and a maker’s touch.

Aerende tea set

Aerende sells handmade homewares from British artisans who face social challenges

2. The Basket Room

They do make plenty of stunning, sustainable baskets, but The Basket Room is also an ethical homewares store that does much more than this too. It is living proof that every inch of your home can be brightened and beautified with something woven!

You’ll find fabulous wall baskets, dog beds, lamp shades, rugs and runners in this store and every piece comes with a story woven into it. These products are handmade by artists from the African collectives The Basket Room works with. Each basket will have accompanied its creator on their daily tasks, from home to field to farm.

So, when you invest in one, you’ll be helping provide the maker with a precious second income and enabling them to keep up their other jobs and responsibilities.

Basket weaving is a highly skillful, ancient craft that takes years to perfect and is passed on from generation to generation.

How good would this Natural Woven Floor Mat look in your kitchen?

table on floor mat

The Basket Room sells everything from baskets to dog bedsall made by African artists

3. Leila Vibert Stokes

Pebble prefers warm and colourful to cool and cold any day, and the brilliant and bold interiors that Leila Vibert Stokes makes possible will give your space a bit more spice. These joyful, ethical homewares are demonstrating that sustainable design does not have to be beige and can absolutely be warm, fun and wild.

The contemporary cushions, prints and notebooks, will provide your home with a little heat and heart. This brand uses only sustainable fabrics that are digitally printed in small batches in the UK and they only work with companies that pay a living wage.

Every design is inspired by the natural world, as well as protective of it.

Check out this Double leaf Gold Monstera Cushion. It’s handmade in the UK from 100% linen fabric and digitally printed in small batches in the UK for minimum waste. The inside does consist of Responsible Duck down, but if you want to veganize it, just buy the cover!

Chair and table in front of blue wall

Infuse your home with colour from Leila Vibert Stokes

4. Wearth London

This ethical homewares department supports British makers and has an extensive range of contemporary, eco-friendly fixtures and furnishings. Wearth London partners with over 150 independent UK brands who make ethical products, which range from zero waste essentials to jewellery made from recycled silver.

It can be difficult to find vegan homewares, but if you like to keep animal cruelty out of your house, Wearth are the ones to watch. None of their products are tested on animals and all are vegan-friendly.

This ethical marketplace also helps you to shop according to your principles, by having visual value tags on every item. The tag shows the key characteristics of the piece, like whether it is plastic-free, made from recycled materials, triggers a social contribution etc.

Pegboards are a really cool way to declutter your home. The bathroom pegboard also comes in natural, white, green, grey and orange. It's handcrafted in London, UK using sustainably sourced wood.

A blue wooden peg board on a white wall

Wearth London has a huge range of ethical homewares all made by British brands

5. Ethical.Market

Welcome to a virtual mansion of ethically made homewares that is Ethical.Market. This online store is out to disrupt the never-ending cycle of high-street shopping and show you how products are really made.

Transparency and traced manufacturing are fundamental requirements for every brand featured on, and curated by, Ethical.Market. It believes that only through clarity and openness can the preconception that ethical looks boring be discarded.

As the largest ethical market in the UK, this space offers everything from clothes to vegan cushion covers, to stationery (including some very cute cards).

The Milk Bottle Vase by Helen Rebecca Ceramics is a delicate landscape-printed vase based on a vintage milk bottle. Each vase is unique, comes signed and is decorated with lead-free glazes.

Ethical.Market ethical gifts and sustainable homewares

Ethical.Market has the largest collection of ethical homewares from all sorts of makers and artists

6. BuyMeOnce

Do you find yourself constantly replacing T-shirts and saucepans? It’s not only more expensive in the long run, but unethical as well. Mass consumption has shortened the lifespan of our products, and BuyMeOnce has an ethical bone to pick with it.

The name is fairly self explanatory! This platform presents ethical products that have been curated and rigorously tested for their durability and longevity. This is how they live up to their philosophy of buying less, buying better and making this the status quo.

There are over 1,000 products on this site, from pens to umbrellas, which you should only have to buy once.

A well equipped kitchen is essential for a comfortable home. Why not make your evening cooking ritual more special with this beautiful, ethical Aus-Ion Seamless Satin Wok? It’s by Solidteknics, which makes all its kitchenware from seamless iron. These products are extra durable so you'll never be in danger of rivets and broken handles.

stainless steel wok on a gas hob

Get cookware and homewares that will last forever at BuyMeOnce

7. Lusophile

It can be hard trying to find the perfect ethical homewares present when you’re shopping online and there are so many stores to choose from. Why not pick from a country instead?

Lusophile rounds up the best artisan and eco-friendly products from Portugal and wraps them up in a delicious looking website. Emily Hedges, Lusophile's founder, realised there were hundreds of tiny Portuguese businesses that embody slow, sustainable values but weren't reaching a wider audience.

From rugs to clothes to accessories and even cookbooks you can channel some Portuguese chic and support eco-friendly brands through this ethical space.

We love these eco-friendly egg cups which combine Portugal's clever use of cork and its ceramics expertise to keep your dippy eggs the perfect temperature.

Lusophile ecofriendly Portuguese cork egg cups

Lusophile showcases the best of Portugal's sustainable crafts, design and homewares

8. La Juniper

Celebration of homes, gift giving and conscientious consumerism are the foundation blocks of La Juniper. Their collection of ethical homewares ranges from textiles to kitchenwares to soft furnishings and storage.

Provenance plays a huge role in the collation of these products. La Juniper sources belongings that are not only functional and beautiful, but have a fully traceable and sustainable story behind them. They support artisans from all over the world, as well as British designers.

You can use sections of their site that are designated specifically to bees, Fairtrade, recycled and recyclable products to shop your ethics and make the most conscious purchases.

This fab make up bag is made using organic cotton by a British artisan.

Linen make up bag - one of 10 ethical gifts for Mother's Day

La Juniper supports ethical British craftspeople and sustainable brands

9. Chalk And Moss

You'll want to bookmark Chalk And Moss today - it focuses on sustainable homewares and gifts from homewares to home fragrances, with a special emphasis on plastic free and reusable items and neutral and minimal tones. From Scandi inspired waffle towels to stunning vertical planting systems, everything looks good enough to grace your Instagram. What weaves it all together is a love of nature and biophilic design.

For smaller purchases, Chalk And Moss has a fabulous line of canvas food bags and foraging bags from Bric (one of our most lusted after items).

Bath Towels At Chalk & Moss

Chalk And Moss will soon be your go to for sustainable present ideas

10. Boho Homes

Come into the online ethical homewares store that showcases the work of Indian artisans and crafts people. Boho Homes works with makers and social enterprises who use sustainable materials to create amazing, bespoke products.

This ethical brand is dedicated to the concept of bringing the ethical into everyone's everyday, by making sure every item they sell is supporting an artisan and their craft. They work with small scale and Fairtrade artists to achieve this.

This brand embraces and looks out for colour and design when curating its ethical space. It also goes for pieces made of offcuts, sustainable wood, recycled paper and leftover material where possible.

Find tableware, like trays and coasters, alongside home decor, like tissue boxes and tealight holders, on this site. Check out their bright, enamelled round mango wood trays. They're great for serving cakes, pizza or mezze platters.

Boho homes coconut bowls

Pick up some Indian inspired homewares from Boho Homes.

11. Kalinko

Ethical homewares store, Kalinko, focuses on stunning handmade homewares from Burma, direct from the country's artisans to your home. We love the bright patterns and colours of Kalinko's table runners, woven baskets plus its stunning rattan furniture (how can you not swoon over the rattan dog bed?), that can be used inside and out in the garden. Bring a taste of exotic into the everyday - and it's ethically sourced to boot.

Inya Bowl Small Mint Green on Pink Side On LR Sq

Bring a bright tone into your home from Kalinko

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