13 Organic Beauty Products You Can Trust

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13 Organic Beauty Products You Can Trust


This Organic Beauty Week we're looking at our favourite certified organic beauty and skincare products. You'll love these.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Tue 8 Sept 2020

Did you know the organic and natural beauty product market has grown 23% in the last year?

That's a lot more people searching for organic skincare and choosing to support organic in their beauty regimes.

Plus the other stats from the Soil Association 2020 Organic Market Report are encouraging.

  • 87% of brands customers feel passionate about supporting environmental initiatives
  • 64% of consumers are now looking for products with recyclable packaging
  • 56% of people said they looked for logos because it allowed them to support the causes they care about.

However, mostly the organic and clean beauty markets aren't regulated - there's no global certification for what constitutes organic beauty or skincare, so as long as there is more than 1% organic ingredients, a product can be labelled organic.

The Soil Association is trying to combat that by being the organic beauty label you can trust, so we decided to round up some of our favourite - certified - organic skincare brands.

dropping essential oils into your hands

We talk a lot on pebble about sustainable skincare and beauty - from plastic free packaging to vegan friendly choices but organic can underpin all of that.

This is what organic beauty means:

  • Sustainably sourced ingredients
  • No controversial chemicals or pesticides
  • No animal testing
  • No synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances
  • Protects wildlife and biodiversity
  • Minimal packaging with a focus on it being recycled

13 Organic Beauty Products You Can Trust

1. Fushi

Organic skincare, beauty and vitamins brand, Fushi, have been quietly doing their thing for years now. They use organic cold pressed oils and ground herbs to create their ranges in their London workshop.

They give back through Tree Aid and go to impressive lengths to create plastic free packaging as much as possible.

Its vitamins and health supplements are some of the best quality and affordable on the market.

For this shampoo, Fushi use argan oil, camellia oil and biodynamically grown Amalaki to rejuvenate lacklustre lockdown hair and helps hair strength.

Bottle of Fushi organic shampoo on wooden surface

Fushi covers skincare, haircare and health with its vitamin supplements

2. BAO

Everyone needs a good restorative face cream and BAO's Recovery Face Cream is perfect for sensitive skin. It uses organic chamomile water to soothe and calm stressed skin. It comes in a completely plastic free pot.

BAO is a certified organic, natural and registered vegan skincare brand and was set up by founder Beth to soothe her own skin. Each cream is handmade in Dorset and features a mix of floral waters, plant oils and nut butters.

Plastic Free Skincare: Gorgeous Brands Who Nail It

BAO is handmade in Dorset in small batches

3. Lamazuna

Lamazuna, a leading French zero waste cosmetics brand has launched in the UK with a range of organic, plastic free haircare and skincare.

Over the years Lamazuna’s range of ethical and zero waste products have helped save over 46 million items of plastic from being sent to landfill, including over 34 million cleansing wipes and over 1 million bottles of shampoo.

This organic solid conditioner has a subtle vanilla scent and will last for ages. It's made of 100% natural ingredients, of which just under half are organic and there's no plastic obviously.

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yellow box of organic zero waste shampoo

Have you heard of Lamazuna?

4. Susie Mermaid

Luxury organic skincare brand Susie Mermaid has quite the number of celeb followers. And it's not hard to see why, this is about gorgeously rich ingredients and spoiling your skin for a post holiday style glow.

The indulgent range uses antioxidants, minerals, nutrients and essential fatty acids to restore and hydrate and there are no parabens, petrochemicals or SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) in sight.

We're loving the rich Sea Goddess Marine Retreat Bath Oil, which mixes spirulina and mood boosting rosemary and thyme for a proper spa experience at home.

Bottle of organic bath oil in glass.

Spoil yourself at home with Susie Mermaid

5. Neal's Yard Remedies

One of the stalwarts of the sustainable skincare scene, there's not much Neal's Yard Remedies don't know about organic beauty.

These guys have campaigned for organic beauty standards for years, have seriously impressive transparent and ethical sourcing. They were the world’s first health and beauty company to be awarded 100/100 for ethics by the Ethical Company Organisation.

Their new Wild Rose range is divine.

The hand cream is made using sustainably sourced organic wild rosehip oil and organic geranium and patchouli oils for super soft hands.

Treat your digits to a soothing oranic Wild Rose hand cream

6. MOA

One of our longstanding favourite organic skincare brands on pebble is MOA. Aside from doing the best bath salts around, their commitment to organic is impressive.

Inspired by ancient folklore of herbalism, British hedgerow ingredients like yarrow feature large in MOA's range. It's grown on an organic farm in Somerset. Their new product is a Silver Rain Mystical Toner, which uses antibacterial colloidal silver, yarrow and thyme to calm irritated, blemish prone skin.

Bottle of MOA organic toner on a wooden surface

MOA's mystical toner contains organic yarrow grown in Somerset

7. Soap Folk

One of our favourite soap brands, Soap Folk, have been committed to organic skincare since they started. This organic soap is handmade in the Stroud Valley, and comes in beautiful FSC certified paper packaging, with no plastic in sight. Nothing is wasted, soap offcuts can be bought at a reduced waste and as much is repurposed as possible.

The Milk & Honey soap uses organic honey and coconut milk to create something soothing and suitable for sensitive hands but rich and long-lasting. It's made with 87% organic ingredients, which is everything except the water!

Organic paper wrapped hard soap

Soap Folk's soaps look good enough to display

8. Rhug Estate

It's not often a country estate makes its on skincare, but then Rhug Estate isn't your standard country estate. Owned by Lord Newborough and based in North Wales, their 'wild beauty' collection features locally sourced, organic ingredients, and is inspired by the stunning Welsh landscape.

Each product features organic plant oils sourced from the estate plus foraged ingredents like nettle and hawthorn, so if you're looking for something sustainable and British, this shows you what you can do.

The Purifying Cleansing Lotion with Dandelion uses organic olive oil and foraged hawthorn as well as dandelion and comes in a recyclable glass bottle.

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Glass bottle of cleanser from Rhug Estate

Luxury organic skincare from a stunning Welsh country estate

9. Lovegrove Essentials

Award-winning, natural and organic skincare brand, Lovegrove Essentials, cares deeply that your sustainable beauty routine doubles as self-care and their super packed products aim to restore, revive and calm the senses.

Handmade in small batches in the UK, Lovegrove go above and beyond to make sure their sourcing is as ethical as possible and use as many organic ingredients as they can.

Their Mini Essentials Kit is a good way to discover them, with a mini cleansing balm, moisturiser, healing touch serum and toning mist plus a muslin cloth. For the quality of ingredients and level of care involved, this is really reasonably priced organic skincare.

glass pot of lovegrove essentials healing balm

Treat yourself to some selfcare skincare from Lovegrove Essentials

10. Nourish London

Vegan friendly, organic skincare brand Nourish London have crept onto our radar this Organic September.

While they look minimalist, they're all about the science, focusing on the bio-actives to give you the best skincare routine possible, using organic ingredients. Each product is developed by Dr Pauline Hili, a renowned expert in organic skincare with over 30 years experience in harnessing the potent power of natural ingredients.

The Antioxidant Peptide Mist is 91% organic and uses antioxidant turmeric, probiotic minerals and anti-ageing peptides, to reinforce the skin's natural defences against harmful environmental damage such as pollution.

Bottle of nourish london organic mist

Nourish London create fabulous organic skincare for fantastic results

11. Therapi

Say hello to organic honey skincare thanks to Therapi, who have 99% certified organic ingredients across their range.

It uses beeswax, honey and propolis because of their anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant qualities plus organic honey is rich in vitamins and minerals and helps our skin retain moisture.

This Propolis+ Ultra Radiance Cream is all about plumping, radiance and restoring natural beauty, it's a brilliant pick me up after a hard week, using rose and rosehip as well as honey.

glass pot of organic moisturiser on wooden table

Have you tried honey in your skincare routine

12. Haoma

Who said deodorant couldn't be organic? We're loving Hamoa's dedication to organic beauty with these bright, breezy deodorant spritzes. This British brand uses certified organic essential oils including Juniper, Grapefruit, Lavender and Tea Tree to keep you pong free.

Haoma are also certified vegan friendly, it uses violet glass to retain the potency of their blends and each product is made by hand in small batches. There's real care and attention here to the ingredients, fighting greenwashing and delivering fantastic organic beauty that works.

5 no fuss all natural deodorants that really work

Swap to an organic deodorant that contains no artificial chemicals

13. Yes Yes Yes

You can have organic versions of everything, even lube! YES OB is an organic plant oil based personal lubricant (no blushing, we've all seen it before) from The YES YES Company.

It's made with rich, organic plant butters (shea and coconut) and emolliant oils (sunflower and sweet almond), so it glides on silkily but there are no synthetic chemicals. It doubles up as a massage oil (but obviously isn't a spermicide, let's be sensible).

Yes Yes Yes have a larger organic intimacy range so if you're worried about what goes into your personal hygiene care, then this is the brand for you.

tube of organic lube on wooden background

Say yes to Yes Yes Yes

What do you think? Are we missing your favourite organic beauty brand? Let us know in the comments below.

And remember the best comment every month, wins a tree in our pebble forest, that you can named, 'plant' and track.

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