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Deck the halls: Ethical Christmas decorations you'll love for years

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Deck the halls: Ethical Christmas decorations you'll love for years


If you're anything like me, you don't go out and buy a whole new themed set of Christmas decorations every year, but love adding to your collection every year, bit by bit, piece by piece.

If you're looking to move away from plastic decorations or mass made tack, we've rounded up some of our favourite, fair trade, ethically made, natural Christmas decorations. May they bring you many years of love every December.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Mon 5 Nov 2018

Christmas tree glass bauble

Glass bauble, £12.95 for four

Who doesn't love a traditional glass bauble that twinkles in the fairy lights? Swap the new plastic ones for these gorgeous balls. They're ethically made in India from recycled glass, that's crushed down and remade. Each one is a little different and comes with a recycled fabric tie.

Traidcraft Christmas Candles Decoration

Christmas candles, from £8

It's not Christmas without a few candles. These traditional patterned ethically made beauties are from Traidcraft made from recycled wax by expert candlemakers in an old cowshed in Swaziland. Each one has been handmade with love - so let it shine this season.

Votes For Women Eco Christmas Decorations

Suffragette tree decoration, £12

Feminism comes to the festive season with these awesome Votes For Women tree decorations from the Museum of London. Handmade by fair trade artisans, these women deserve a place on your (ethical) Christmas tree.

Traidcraft Cow Bell Festive Bells tree decorations

Cowbell garland, £12

Commit to a plastic free Christmas and turn to something else to wrap around your tree. Traidcraft's string of mini cowbells have been made ethically using recycled iron (instead of sending it to landfill). Fairly paid Indian artisans then fashion them into garlands with an all-natural, eco-friendly, sustainably sourced jute cord.

London Smiths Eco Christmas Decorations

Porcelain wreath, £18

Change up your wreath game this year with a handmade unglazed porcelain number from artisan store, The London Smith. Designed with small holes, you can thread leaves and flowers through them and they hang from brass thread. It will be a fantastic addition to your ethical home decor and you can reuse year after year.

House Of Juniper reindeer Tree Decs

Fair trade felt reindeer, £9.95

We've fallen in love with this cute fair trade felt reindeer. We're sure you'll be able to find room amongst your branches for him. Designed in the UK, handmade in artisans in Asia from natural fibres. Available at House of Juniper.

Christmas botanical napkins

Napkins, £25

Jazz up your Christmas table with these untreated cotton napkins from Chalk & Moss, which are printed with gorgeous botanical patterns. Each set of four can come in one of four colours - no naff Santas in sight.

Felt llama V&A tree dec

Llama tree decoration, £9.50

Don't fancy an angel this year on top of your tree? Give the festive season a South American feel with this scarf-loving llama from the V&A. Made from ethically sourced wool, it's handmade by Nepalese artisans.

Natural Spa Factory Tree Decoration

Massage candle, £16

When is a tree decoration not a tree decoration? How about when it's secretly a massage candle? Who said Christmas couldn't be also be about giving yourself (or your loved one) a treat? Choose from Natural Spa Factory's fig or cacao flower candle in a reusable tin, melt the oil and pour over skin for a delicious massage.

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