Deck The Halls: Ethical Christmas Decorations You'll Love For Years

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Deck The Halls: Ethical Christmas Decorations You'll Love For Years


On the hunt for ethical Christmas decorations? Check out pebble's guide to the best sustainable and plastic free festive decor you'll love for years to come.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Tue 21 Sept 2021

Christmas is such a fun excuse to get creative with decorations.

If you're anything like us at pebble, you don't go out and buy a whole new themed set of festive decorations every year but instead love adding to your collection bit by bit, piece by piece.

If you're looking to move away from plastic decorations or mass made tack, we've rounded up some of our favourite ethical Christmas decorations that are fair trade and eco-friendly.

Another thing? They're all under £30.

May they bring you many years of love every December.

Four painted baubles

Large Fairtrade baubles, £19.95 for four

Who doesn't love a traditional glass bauble that twinkles in the fairy lights? Swap the new plastic ones for these gorgeous balls from Artisan Homeware. They’re Fairtrade certified and ethically handmade and hand painted by artisans in Kashmir, using traditional decorative techniques. You’ll be wanting to treasure them forever.

Colourful bamboo stars

Christmas stars, from £7.50

Is it even Christmas without a star decoration? Handmade by a group of skilled artisans in Thailand, these colourful decorations from acorn & will are made from bamboo and natural dyes. Choose from a range of intricate patterns including starbursts, octagrams and diamonds in colours to suit your Christmas theme. You can hang them on the tree or add them to festive displays around your home.

Votes For Women Eco Christmas Decorations

Suffragette tree decoration, £12

Feminism comes to the festive season with these awesome Votes For Women tree decorations from the Museum of London. Handmade by fair trade artisans, these women deserve a place on your (ethical) Christmas tree.

Star and bell garland, £5

Commit to an eco-friendly Christmas and turn to something else instead of tinsel to wrap around your tree. Funky Chunky Furniture’s string of stars with bells have been handcrafted by artisans in India. The jute strings are decorated with metal trees and the bells are made from brass. Each sustainable Christmas garland is finished with beads to add a colourful festive flourish.

Dried red flowers from Little Ant

Ruby Roo dried flowers, £20

Want flowers that stick around the whole Christmas season and can be used every year? Up your festive flower arrangements this year with Little Ant's Ruby Roo number. Lasting up to 400 times longer than fresh bouquets, these dried flowers are sustainably sourced and plastic free. They will be a fantastic addition to your eco Christmas decorations and if you're careful, you can reuse them year after year.

Three reindeer with scarves

Fairtrade felt reindeer, £7 each

We've fallen in love with these cute Fairtrade felt reindeer. We're sure you'll be able to find room amongst the Christmas tree branches for them. Handmade in Nepal, the reindeers are made from biodegradable sheep’s wool using felting methods that have been passed down through generations. For every item sold, a donation is made to Child Rescue Nepal. Available from Funky Chunky Furniture.

Christmas botanical napkins

Napkins, £25

Jazz up your eco-friendly Christmas table decorations with these untreated cotton napkins from Chalk & Moss, which are printed with gorgeous botanical patterns. Each set of four can come in one of four colours - no naff Santas in sight. They will look great with your vegan Christmas dinner.

A blue and silver star wreath

Silver stars wreath, £18

Do something a little different with your Christmas wreath this year. This Blue & Silver Stars Wreath adds a touch of glam to your home and it’s plastic free. All the origami stars have been hand folded and mounted on a double silver hoop. It’s easy to hang up on an internal wall or door too. It doesn’t have to be a once a year decoration either. Hang it in your bedroom and enjoy it all year round. Available from the British Craft House.

Red tree hanging and white bauble

Tree hangings set, £19.95 for three

When is a tree decoration not a tree decoration? How about when it's a goodie bag waiting to be stuffed to the brim with all your favourite treats? These tree hangings from Green & Heath are sold in a set of three using a combination of the brand’s gorgeous luxury prints. The fabrics are printed on natural fibres and free from harmful chemicals. Each of these eco-friendly Christmas decorations has been handmade in the UK using locally sourced materials too.

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