Going zero waste? 5 online stores for plastic free alternatives - wherever you live

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So you want to ditch the plastic, shop more zero waste and generally feel better about the stuff you throw out? It's no longer the preserve of those in big cities, in close proximity to zero waste shops. These awesome online stores sell everything you need from plastic bags to pretty jars, plant based skincare to organic pulses. Let's get shopping.

Alice Pritchard 13 October 2018


That's right people, you can order everything you need in terms of plastic free cutlery, skincare, storage solutions and even food (in non plastic packages) online. You don't need to throw your hands up in despair of the lack of zero plastic options near you. We've partnered with one such shop, No Plastic Shop, to bring you this handy round up.

5 online stores for plastic free alternatives

No Plastic Shop

Don’t fret, if you’re not near a physical zero waste shop. No Plastic Shop is a one stop online shop for kitchen, bathroom and toiletry supplies that are all plastic free. 

Think popular hard bar shampoos and conditioners, beeswax wraps, make-up sponges, bamboo cutlery and biodegradable ear buds. Plus it has just added a new plastic free make-up line with gift boxes to come.

Yup, this store has all your daily essentials except these are plastic free, reusable, biodegradable and essentially don't add to the global plastic problem. 

"We all need to start reducing our plastic waste, if we want to preserve the oceans for future generations. There are so many wonderful products available that contain no plastic, especially basics such as soap and shampoos. Not only is swapping to zero plastic products better for the environment, it can also be better for your hair, skin and well being," says No Plastic Shop's owner Izzy Crouch.

Shipped via Royal Mail in zero waste packaging, they use locally recycled materials as much as possible.

Zero Waste Club

Zero Waste Club are on a mission to make plastic free goods available for everyone and will deliver your plastic free and organic food right to your door. They'll even take the packaging back off you and reuse it. For almost every item sold, a tree is planted to help keep the carbon footprint low.

Plastic Free Pantry

Whole foods and pantry staples is what Plastic Free Pantry is all about, it's the UK's first online plastic-free food delivery company. While it is based near Nottingham and run plastic free pop ups there, the store delivers all over the UK. There's no plastic packaging of course, they use paper and a plant-based film made from wood pulp which is home compostable.

Plastic Free Pantry Mango

Order your food shop from Plastic Free Pantry and rid yourself of plastic packaging


Focusing more on the zero waste lifestyle side of things is Worthwhyle, a pretty online shop dedicated to showcasing independent brands that don't use plastic, from bamboo toothbrushes to wooden pan scourers. Plus, free shipping.


Another pebble favourite, LowToxBox sells one off boxes packed full of plastic free essentials, whether you're looking to get started as a plastic free traveller, a mum or you want to ditch the single use from your lunch routine. Each product is researched thoroughly and tested before it gets added to a box. Brilliant if you want to help someone else go plastic free.

For our ultimate guide to the UK's zero waste food shops, click here.

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It's never been easier to go zero waste and shop plastic free. These stores are an online godsend. Check them out!

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