10 Plastic Free Online Shops You'll Love

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10 Plastic Free Online Shops You'll Love


Online zero-waste stores mean that stocking up for your weekly food, bath and beauty routines need not involve juggling jars and weighing walnuts. Or using plastic!

This article is sponsored by Discover No Plastic Shop

It does what it says - everything sold, from skincare and make up to stylish storage solutions, is plastic free. And they deliver wherever you are.

‘Going zero-waste’: the expression has exploded over the last few years. Yet, with a puny number of plastic-free alternatives in your local supermarket, and no zero-waste shop near you, does ditching the single-use seem daunting?

Having a plastic free pantry, bathroom and bedroom might not have to remain a fantasy, thanks to the growing availability of online plastic free goods and groceries.

Here's our top ten.

What is the problem with plastic?

  • Every single day, at least 8 million pieces of plastic enter our oceans.
  • Approximately 51 trillion microscopic pieces of plastic currently lie on our planet.
  • That’s 500 times the number of stars in our galaxy.
  • Collectively, these pieces weigh 269,000 tons.
  • That’s about the same as 1345 adult blue whales.

How permanent is plastic?

protestors with mock beached whale

Surfers Against Sewage is an amazing marine conservation society, who protect beaches waves and wildlife

How does plastic actually cause harm?

For wildlife, such as fish, dolphins, seabirds and seals it can be deadly. They easily and frequently become entangled in plastic or mistake it for food.

It doesn’t affect ME directly though does it?

These stats and facts were gathered together by environmental charity Surfers Against Sewage.

Enough of the grim stuff!

10 Plastic Free Online Shops You'll Love

3 glass jars of pasta on a white tablecloth

1. Zero Waste Club

Stylish and sustainable, this is a club you really do want to be a member of. Zero Waste Club stocks all your storeroom essentials, like organic:

  • Dried fruit, nuts and seeds
  • Spices and condiments
  • Grains, legumes and pasta

On top of this, they have some wonderful reusable bathroom and kitchen equipment to help you go zero-waste. We’re talking:

  • Bamboo toothbrushes
  • Mason jars
  • Sporks
  • Earbuds
Left: bamboo ear buds on a white background. Right: bamboo clothes peg on white building

Stock up bamboo alternatives to single use plastic essentials

Glass with a toothbrush, razor and straw

The Zero Waste Club have got you sorted for your eco-friendly kitchen and bathroom

2. Life Before Plastic

The game is in the name. This online shop is all about shopping without single-use plastic. They have over 50 independent UK brands with collections ranging from bathroom to babycare. Highlights include:

Get your hands on eco-friendly stainless steel razors, read the latest product reviews and find some new staples for the kitchen.

eco friendly reusable products on marble table

Buy all sorts of zero waste treats from Life Before Plastik

3. No Plastic Shop

If there’s no zero-waste stop on your block, try No Plastic Shop. Amongst so many other bathroom and toiletry supplies, you can find:

No Plastic Shop also offer a subscription service, to make your plastic free shopping even more mindless. By signing up, you can save time and money. A regular order will be delivered to you every one, two or three months at 15% off the marked price.

You don’t need to get het up about being a hypocrite either. All orders are sent out in zero-plastic packaging and locally recycled materials are used wherever possible.

loaf of bread in a bag

No Plastic Shop offers a subscription service

4. The Plastic Free Shop

Any eco essential you can think of can be purchased from the Plastic Free Shop. What’s great about this zero-waste website is that it’s easier to navigate than a physical supermarket. Thanks to their neat and nifty categories, you feel organised and in control of your plastic free purchases.

bag on counter next to loaf of bread

The Plastic Free Shop has categories to help you organise your plastic free purchases

5. Anything But Plastic

This new company are bringing a fresh eco energy to the zero-waste scene. Alongside the reusable staples (like shampoo and toothbrushes), their online plastic free shop stocks some bits and pieces you might not have thought of.

There are so many little caps, seals and clasps that can sneak into your bathroom, bedroom or cooking cabinets.

Anything But Plastic sell items like:

person standing at stool outside

Buy zero waste hair ties, sun cream and sponges from Anything But Plastic

6. Acala Online

Is it the beauty and wellness side of the zero-waste zeitgeist that’s your bugbear? Then Acala Online are your answer. Giving up your old go-to products, which work perfectly for your skin and style, can be one of the hardest parts of the plastic free path.

Acala’s online zero-waste supplies include:

And if these don’t suit you, they have a DIY beauty section that stocks the kit and concoctions required to craft your own personalised products.

Woman holding watermelon

Acala have zero waste parenthood covered too

Parents, they’ve got you covered too.

If you have a newborn then thinking about, let alone sourcing, a plastic free supply of baby products is just not top of your to do list. Luckily, Acala sell:

Their Zero To Landfill (ZTL) Loop Scheme is how Acala are working towards eliminating health and beauty related waste from landfills. As part of this programme, you can return your glass bottles to Acala, free of charge. This will radically reduce the resources used in the production of beauty bottles.

A man holding a tin of moisturiser up to the camera

Acala is your one stop shop for plastic free beauty products and skincare

7. Good Club

Good Club are the first ever online zero-waste food supermarket. Yes, you read that right.

They sell thousands of sustainable food stuffs and household supplies. To achieve this ethically, they are developing a closed loop system. This means they will eventually use custom designers, reusable product packaging and delivery boxes. So, each time you have a food delivery from them, your boxes and barrels will be recovered, cleaned and reused.

By cutting out middlemen and focussing on selling 3,000 staple items as opposed to fresh fruit and veg, the Good Club are making it possible for anyone to have a well-stocked ethical store cupboard.

This enterprise have enough on offer to help any customer move closer towards zero-waste.

This barely scratches the sustainable surface - there is a plethora of plastic free pleasure to be explored!

Reusable cans for good food club on a wooden worksurface

Order your non fresh good from Good Club and make use of their reusable packaging

8. Boobalou

Whilst Boobalou is a distributor of a wide range zero-waste essentials, they also craft a few of their own zero-waste products as well. Alongside the standard plastic free options, they have some unique items, including:

What makes this online store unique is that they are a proud member of 1% For The Planet. This means that they donate 1% of their revenue to protecting our oceans from plastic pollution.

Eco Living also partner with Eden Reforestation Projects, planting native trees to help stop climate change and reduce extreme poverty. For every product they sell, they get something green growing, so they are completely carbon neutral.

Because they are deeply committed to doing as little harm to the environment as possible, their products are vegan as well as being plastic free.

Collection of zero waste cleaning items on a white table

Head to Boobalou for a range of zero waste cleaning essentials, skincare and haircare

9. EarthBits

EarthBits was born out of a desire and mission to help reduce waste, pollution and plastic. They fully vets all their suppliers and products, most of which are local to them, and fully investigate the sustainability of each product such as:

  • Zero waste make up
  • String shopping bags
  • Plastic free skincare gift sets

All their packaging is plastic-free and completely recyclable, and they make sure that all the products are not just environmentally friendly, but they are also durable and high quality, to avoid unnecessary waste whenever possible.

They never sell products that they wouldn't be proud to use themselves, and in fact, most of their stocked products are eco-friendly alternative they personally use and love in their daily lives.

Zero waste make up rounds and string bags

EarthBits opened its doors online last year and is your one stop shop for plastic free essentials

10. Eco Sal

Eco Sal wants to make it easier for those who are just starting out on their eco-friendly journey. Veterans can also expect to find interesting new products to try too.

Eco Sal is palm oil free, plastic free and animal-friendly. The online shop is also a partner of JUST ONE Tree, a non-profit that plants at least one tree for every £1 donated.

Among other things on Eco Sal you can find:

Sally of Eco Sal is determined to tackle the current ‘throwaway’ culture that’s damaging the environment by working towards a more circular economy.

The idea behind it is that we use up as much of everything as we can before it gets recycled.

Eco-friendly bowels and kitchenware

Eco Sal makes it easy for those just starting out on their eco-friendly journey

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This article is sponsored by Discover No Plastic Shop

It does what it says - everything sold, from skincare and make up to stylish storage solutions, is plastic free. And they deliver wherever you are.

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